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A confirmed instance of SCP-2227-1 (documented on ██/██/20██)

Item #: SCP-2227

Object Class: Euclid (Pending Containment)

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is currently limited to suppressing public knowledge of SCP-2227. Any broadcasts related to the entities are to be intercepted, and witnesses are to be administered Class-B amnestics after demanifestation. Agents under the guise of NYPD officers are to be posted in areas where SCP-2227-1 instances are likely to manifest. They are to monitor and document all activities of an SCP-2227-1 instance until it demanifests. Personnel are to refrain from making direct contact with the instance.

Containment efforts are currently focused on SCP-2227-A, believed to be the cause of all instances of SCP-2227-1.

Containment Protocol 2227-14 is scheduled, with the following procedures:

An area in which an instance of SCP-2227-1 is currently occupying will be closed off to the public under the guise of maintenance. During the shutdown, MTF Mu-13 (“Ghostbusters”) will occupy the area. Lead personnel (dubbed "A Units") will be instructed to monitor SCP-2227-A via live video. The other personnel (dubbed "B Units") will refrain from making direct contact with SCP-2227-1 instances.

Personnel assigned to containment will be informed on the location of SCP-2227-A (currently the ████ Street █████ ██████ Station). Contact the Project Lead for further information.

The site of provisional containment will be temporarily closed to the public, under the guise of renovation. During the shutdown, MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") will occupy the area. SCP-2227-A will be monitored remotely by Lead personnel (dubbed "A Units"), while Secondary personnel will be present on site (dubbed "B Units"). SCP-2227-A will be contained within a Temporary Incorporeal Humanoid Chamber (TIHC). B Units will have additional TIHCs on site, in the event of SCP-2227-1 instances manifesting.

The A Units and B Units are to contain SCP-2227-A and SCP-2227-1, respectively, in separate TIHCs. All entities are to be sent to Site-132 for further containment and observation.

Additional personnel are to rescue the instances found within the subway tunnels, as documented by Mr. George █████████. Contact the Project Lead for further information.

Description: SCP-2227 is a collective group of incorporeal humanoid entities that manifest within the various subway stations of the New York Metropolitan area. Each instance (hereby designated SCP-2227-1) is of variable appearance, but most commonly wears disordered clothing and a black knapsack. They most likely manifest in stations with express service, the most common being the ████ Street █████ ██████ Station and ████ Street Station. An SCP-2227-1 instance will demanifest whenever a subject makes direct contact with it.

Each instance is identified by an entity following it (hereby designated SCP-2227-A). SCP-2227-A is a black humanoid figure with variable attire and is estimated to be 1.7 meters tall. This entity can only be viewed via recorded video of SCP-2227-1 instances. Further information on SCP-2227-A requires 2227/3 Security Clearance.

An SCP-2227-1 instance initially manifests near the turnstiles of a station. In 80 percent of manifestations, the entity will jump over the turnstile or enter through the emergency door to gain access to the station. After it has successfully entered the station, SCP-2227-1 will panhandle.

After an undetermined period of time, (the shortest recorded time after manifestation being 30 minutes, and the longest record time being 56 days) the instance will be likely to propel itself into the path of an oncoming train. Upon contact with the train, the SCP-2227-1 instance will demanifest. Further manifestations of the same instance will always be within the station. Instances appear unable to exit the station; doing so results in demanifestation from the station, followed by re-manifestation in a nearby station.

Discovery: Anomalous activity was documented during ██/██/20██, inside the ██████ Avenue Station. An African-American male was seen at the station in distress, wearing a white dress shirt, black pleated pants, and holding a briefcase. The man took out a piece of paper from the briefcase, later revealed to be an eviction notice. He stared at the paper for several seconds before he crumpled and discarded it onto the railway. The man then produced a photograph from his wallet, and proceeded to look at it for approximately 2 minutes. The man was sobbing during this time.

Shortly before a train boarded the station, the man became severely deformed due to his limbs simultaneously stretching outward. His body contorted and began to collapse inward before demanifesting. Shortly afterward, an incorporeal entity resembling the person materialized in the station. It demanifested after making contact with a witness.

Contents recovered from the discarded paper and briefcase revealed the man to be George █████████, who presumably resided at [REDACTED]. The tenants and landlord at the retrieved address did not recall the existence of Mr. █████████, despite a lease agreement under his name. Members at Mr.█████████'s previous area of employment yielded similar results.

In the weeks following the event, reports of similar incorporeal entities within subway stations manifested, leading to the current classification of SCP-2227.



Addendum 2227-E-03: The following are interviews of the aforementioned individuals (refer to Addendum 2227-E-02 for details), conducted by Junior Researcher Mark ████████.

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