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Exterior file footage still depicting ████ ██████████ upon accidental entrapment within SCP-2222 during unauthorised interaction. Current whereabouts of spacesuit remain unknown.

Item #: SCP-2222

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation operatives embedded within ████ (█████ ████████ █████ █████████████) have been relocated and situated upon Orbital Unit-09 under the guise of qualified station personnel. Personnel consists of four three (3) Foundation operatives preliminarily and extensively trained in aerospace engineering, extravehicular activity, confinement and experimentation/analysis for the sole purpose of SCP-2222's containment. Transmissions originating from ████ are to be intercepted and deterred by Foundation operatives trained in linguistics and vocal interpretations at Command-2.

Hermetic doors composing SCP-2222 are to remain sealed with the exception of testing and/or analysis purposes. No internal interaction is permitted within SCP-2222 during analysis; visual and/or auditory analysis is permitted from SCP-2222's exterior following manual opening. Testing requires the release of any number of Rattus rattus within SCP-2222, the supply of which is currently situated within the Unit laboratory. Emergent entities from within SCP-2222 are to be transferred to a suitable and sterile area in which further testing and analysis regarding resultant behavioural, physical and anomalous characteristics may be conducted prior to termination. Entities are to be terminated via the release of gaseous rodenticides.

Following Incident 2222-REF#209, any indications of fascination or obsession pertaining to SCP-2222 from Unit personnel are to be reported to Command-2, where temporary/permanent replacement of the personnel in question may be administrated. Complete personnel obsession pertaining to SCP-2222 is to result in the immediate isolation of Orbital Unit-09, where Armed Rapid Response Spatial Task Force-01 may be contacted. Additional emergency response forces are to be stationed at Command-2, who are to be dispatched in the event of a Unit personnel member becoming obsolete (refer to Exploration III for further details).

Description: SCP-2222 is an airlock composed of two (2) opaque hermetic plug doors and a cylindrical (3.6 m in diameter) chamber within ████ ████████-█ space station (designated Orbital Unit-09). Attempts to internally survey SCP-2222 during the closure of both hermetic doors such as placing interior surveillance devices, pressure sensors or radios within the chamber have failed due to apparent malfunction. As a result, no means of interior observation within SCP-2222 are possible, excluding reopening via electronic control. REVISION: ██/██/████ - Refer to Incident 2222REF#209 for further information.

Organisms entering SCP-2222 precipitate immediate anomalous effects. Upon entrance from Orbital Unit-09's interior, the inner hermetic door will seal and entrap the organism. SCP-2222 will remain sealed for approximately three (3) minutes prior to the door reopening and the organism re-emerging. Attempts to manually open either hermetic door during this period invariably fail. Entry to within SCP-2222 from Orbital Unit-09's spatial exterior is yet to be conducted.

Upon re-emergence, organisms exhibit complete organic and structural eversion. Organisms remain alive despite theoretically fatal alterations to their physical forms. Affected human subjects are capable of communication through vocalising individual words in reverse; as observed within Incident 2222-01, subjects appear physically incapable of vocalising individual words in standard intelligible format unless prompted to do so. As a result, immediate communication has proven impossible due to incomprehension. Despite this, reverse playback of recorded interviews have successfully determined the meaning of individual vocalisations. Individual vocalisations from sentient organisms such as Rattus rattus also exhibit this impairment.

Incident 2222-01: ██/██/████: Interview with the first affected Foundation subject following SCP-2222's initial acquisition (refer to Document-2222-667DL for further details). Subject is ████ ██████████, a former Level 4 operative with qualifications in engineering. Physical alterations were first noted following ████ ██████████'s interaction and accidental entrapment within SCP-2222 during interior analysis. Individual vocalisations from ████ ██████████ are reversed for the purpose of comprehension. It is to be of note that Dr. █████ was unable to comprehend ████ ██████████ during the interview. Original unaltered audial documentation may be found here:

Interviewed: ████ ██████████
Interviewer: Dr. █████

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: What happened in the airlock?

████ ██████████: Dazzling. Blinding. Hurt.

Dr. █████: Did you notice anything unusual?

████ ██████████: [Shakes head] Yes.

Dr. █████: Right. What turned you into this?

████ ██████████: Things. Came. Ripped. Stabbed. Laughed.

Dr. █████: Did you hear anything?

████ ██████████: Yes. Laughter. Said. Flawed. Deficient. Substandard. Weak.

Dr. █████: Do you remember who you are?

████ ██████████: Yes. ████.

Dr. █████: Can you say your name backwards for me?

████ ██████████: ████ [sic].

Dr. █████: Thanks. Did anything else anomalous happen?

████ ██████████: Yes. Took. Me. Sun. Fire. Hurt.

Dr. █████: Are you in pain?

████ ██████████: Hurt.

Dr. █████: Right. One last question before I put you out of your misery. Were there any entities within the airlock during your exposure?

████ ██████████: Yes. Said. Already. Unearthly. Extra- [Collapses due to apparent exhaustion]

Dr. █████: Oh, God- Uh, Okay, crew. Get him up. Take him to the lab for a final run-down before shooting him off.

Agent ████████: He's saying something, sir.

████ ██████████: Thank. Love. Space. [Enters unconsciousness]

<End Log>

████ ██████████ was promptly terminated prior to spatial release from a separate airlock. It is to be of note that ████ ██████████'s interaction with SCP-2222 was unauthorised.

Addendum 2222-01: ██/██/████: Directly five (5) minutes following Incident 2222-01. Posthumous analysis and dissection of ████ ██████████'s cadaver revealed intricate textual engravings on epidermal layers. Additionally, several lacerations and bruising on said layers indicated forced eversion originating from the genital area. Content of engravings are as follows:

taht saw nuf
retteb naht stnedor
on erom star
nam si tahw ew tnaw
ohw si txen?

Investigations regarding SCP-2222's anomalous effects are to be resumed by unit personnel. Reclassified as sapient on ██/██/███.

Addendum 2222-02: Following events documented in the aforementioned incident, Command-2 have submitted the formal request for Unit personnel to receive monthly examinations and counselling through telecommunication pertaining to psychological wellbeing.

Denied. Preliminary training should suffice. Should psychological issues become apparent and then persist, I will personally administrate the replacement of the personnel in question. - O5-█.

Incident 2222-REF#209: The following events occurred between the dates of ██/██/████ and ██/██/████ following successful interior surveillance within SCP-2222 after handheld digital cameras within the chamber exhibited non-malfunction. The preceding information thus warranted inclusion and exploration within SCP-2222, conducted by seven (7) D-Class personnel resituated upon Orbital Unit-09 with preliminary sedation administrated beforehand, alongside five (5) Level 4-5 Foundation operatives with the responsibility of Unit maintenance and safety, alongside communication with D-Class personnel. Current Unit personnel were granted temporary leave, with long-term signal failure occurring across all ████ so as to maintain the undetectability of the response force relocating the personnel. It is to be of note that D-Class personnel were unaware of SCP-2222's anomalous effects prior to their exposure to SCP-2222.

The following documents are restricted to Level 4 Personnel or higher. Unwarranted and/or unauthorised attempts to access these documents will initialise an Order-06 Amnestic administration designed to precipitate immediate demotion and/or removal from the Special Containment Procedures Foundation. Do not attempt to proceed with subordinate security clearance.

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