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Item #: SCP-222-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-222-J cannot be contained with currently available levels of technology. Efforts are being made to devise a method of containment.

Description: SCP-222-J is an incredibly contagious biophysical memetic phenomenon, capable of infectious transmission between multiple victims over distances both long- and close-range. SCP-222-J can infect any vertebrate in the animal kingdom, but is more prevalent among higher life-forms, including felines, canines, equines, reptilians, and avians. SCP-222-J is most virulent in humans. SCP-222-J was only recently discovered by the Foundation, but further research has led to the fact that it has been known about since the early ██th century.

SCP-222-J takes the form of a sudden and extremely prolonged inhalation of air by the affected subject, after which is a shorter, harsher exhalation. Subjects may stretch their bodies or limbs during SCP-222-J's occurrence, stopping in their tracks as they are overcome by its effects. Subjects may even attempt to cover their mouth while SCP-222-J is taking place. Researchers theorize this is an instinctive behavior to prevent the subject's soul from escaping. Another leading theory states that SCP-222-J is evidence of demonic possession, and that the subject must be exorcised.

SCP-222-J can be transmitted through virtually any form of media, including long-distance audio, visual stimuli, and in-person interaction. Mass media shows high rates of transmission, with approximately ██% of exposed subjects infected within seconds. SCP-222-J is especially virulent in subjects with major sleep deprivation or boredom. One subject infected with SCP-222-J can infect any number of other subjects - research has not found an upper limit.

Researchers are working on several theories to explain SCP-222-J's memetic properties, as well as devising a way to contain or neutralize it. The most effective treatment at the moment is for the infected subject to drink 8 fluid ounces of any hot beverage infused with Psychoactive-Stimulant-C (a commonly-found substance derived from certain plants). A second test has shown that SCP-222-J may only be transmittable between subjects who are empathetic. D-class subjects with their frontal cortices completely removed did not exhibit signs of SCP-222-J infection after a full 24 hours of exposure. These D-class have been appointed as guards should SCP-222-J ever be successfully contained.

Any infected personnel are able to request maximum-strength amnestics, and it is highly recommended that they do so to avoid an outbreak. SCP-222-J could easily become a global pandemic in the wrong mouth.

Addendum: Recent research has concluded that SCP-222-J can not only be transmitted through visual stimuli, but through writing as well.

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