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Item #: SCP-2216

Object Class: Euclid

From: T. Xyank [gro.noitadnuoF|T.knayX#gro.noitadnuoF|T.knayX], Director, Temporal Research Division
To: O5-8 [███████]
Subject: SCP-2216 Documentation
Body: █████,

Forgive my contemporary for his failure to adequately document 2216. When he was transferred to temporal I thought more highly of him than perhaps he deserved and in doing so doomed his existence in our reality. The first pass taken at writing the documentation should have been more thoroughly vetted prior to its use as functional containment procedures and for that I bear full responsibility. I have personally authored the new containment procedures for 2216 and give my solemn promise that the fate of my former assistant will not befall another member of this division.



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2216 documentation is stored in a secure research suite (SRS) at Site-19. Access to SCP-2216 documentation is restricted to the lead researcher assigned to SCP-2216. The lead researcher is forbidden access to video media or any device capable of displaying such enforced by two (2) armed security personnel at all times.

Foundation AI SlumberingHourglass monitors all connected visual media prior to playback for instances of SCP-2216-1. When detected, SlumberingHourglass will download a copy of the file to a secure server (Each retained as SCP-2216-2-XXXX), then corrupt and remove the affected files (see Addendum 2216-SH-23.4.5 for Technical Specifications). If SlumberingHourglass fails to remove an instance of SCP-2216-2 prior to viewing, or in cases of non-connected video media, Mobile Task Force Iota-7 ("Mavericks") will be dispatched to the viewing location and administer aerosolized class-C amnestics to all individuals within a one (1) mile radius of the viewing site via aerial saturation. Non-connected instances of SCP-2216-2 are to be kept within SCP-2216's SRS at Site-19.

Due to SCP-2216-1's anomalous effects, visual testing of SCP-2216-2 is to be carried out exclusively by D-Class personnel. Subjects who have viewed an instance of SCP-2216-2, either knowingly or unknowingly, are to be contained in a windowless 5 meter by 5 meter humanoid containment unit (HCU) monitored by a CCTV audio/visual apparatus. Subjects must be restrained in such a manner to prevent their direct line of sight to any visual monitoring equipment. Lighting within is to be maintained constantly at two hundred fifty (250) lumens.


SCP-2216-1 is an entity or group of entities which presently exists in approximately ██% of video media. The entity uniformly appears in the background, to the side of the frame, or in other locations where its presence is generally not detected by the viewer. SCP-2216-1 will relocate itself upon viewing via the following methods of transmission:

  • Wired or wireless networks
  • Direct connection of digital storage devices
  • Dual VCR Recordings

SCP-2216-1 is assumed to possess other methods of transmission, being present in media under conditions in which the aforementioned criteria are unavailable. In approximately ██% of SCP-2216-1 transmissions, instances of the entity will be present on both the original medium and the copied medium.

SCP-2216-2 denotes the physical device which contains SCP-2216-1 instances. The first instance of SCP-2216-2 (SCP-2216-2-1) was discovered in the home of ██████ H███, a resident of ████████, New York on the 17th of August, 19██. See Document 2216-15C for further details regarding recovery. To date, ███ instances of SCP-2216-2 have been recovered.

When a subject views video media containing SCP-2216-1 and becomes consciously aware of the entity, SCP-2216-1's anomalous effects will manifest. In approximately ██% of subjects, psychosis, parataxis, catatonia, and [REDACTED] will occur, followed by expiration of the subject within the next ██ to ██ hours. Post-mortem examinations have revealed severe damage to the synaptic pathways within the subject's posterior parietal cortex. Subjects who experience these symptoms are not considered to be a vector for SCP-2216-3 events.

SCP-2216-3 is a dual-phase phenomenon which occurs in ██% of subjects approximately █ to ██ hours after becoming consciously aware of SCP-2216-1.

  • During the primary phase, subjects determined to have consciously identified SCP-2216-1 and not succumb to its anomalous effects (hereafter SCP-2216-3p [Prime]) will report sighting movement, or a figure in their peripheral vision. Upon directing their line of sight toward the entity, SCP-2216-3p subjects uniformly report its disappearance. Subjects report entity appearing under visual conditions with an obstructed horizontal field of view, such as hallways longer than 10 meters connected in a perpendicular alignment to a space allowing transversal past the viewable width of the hallway, internal windows or doors less than 1 meter wide (provided the ambient luminosity in the area beyond is less than 50 lumens), and forested areas. Attempts to capture the entity via video monitoring during procedure 851-Bellerophon have failed.
  • The sighting of this entity will trigger the secondary phase during which SCP-2216-3p subjects will instantly vanish upon passing out of the direct line of either direct visual or indirect video surveillance. Tracking devices (including those placed inside the subject) cease to function at this point. Analysis of SCP-2216-3 events reveals carbonization in the immediate vicinity of the subject's location, suggesting a substantial and immediate discharge of energy. Testing of these areas have suggested the presence of [REDACTED] (See Addendum 2216-YKE104).

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