Cat People

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Item #: SCP-2213

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Should SCP-2213's cover begin to show any structural damage related to stress fracturing, the site director must oversee Operation Mu-4, unsealing the object and replacing the cover.

Operation Mu-4's details may only be accessed by Site-131's director. Class C amnestics must be administered to the site director and any personnel involved in the execution of Mu-4 following the conclusion of the operation.

Any SCP-2213-1 instances in Foundation custody are to be immediately terminated. Any future SCP-2213-1 instances are to be terminated through incineration immediately upon production (except as outlined in Operation Mu-4).

Description: SCP-2213 is a door which, if uncovered, will produce an individual (referred to as an SCP-2213-1 instance) at intervals approximately two minutes apart. Beyond this production, the doorway appears entirely mundane, being composed of oak wood.

A covering, which was installed shortly after discovery in 1964, has remained in place and prevents the production of SCP-2213-1 instances. While covered, SCP-2213 produces audible vibrations at the same regular intervals as production events, however the covering has proven capable of preventing production events entirely.

While superficially similar to humans, SCP-2213-1 instances lack the capacity for complex thought. SCP-2213-1 instances are completely hairless. Instances require little nutrition to survive (the longest contained subject's body continued functioning for seven months before succumbing to starvation), and are resistant to injury due to redundant internal organs.

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