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Item #: SCP-2209

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2209-1 is housed in Secure Storage Unit B-89 at Site-151, with a power outlet modified to comply with SCP-2209-1's wiring system and power requirements. SCP-2209-1 is only to be connected to a power source during authorized testing. When testing is not underway, SCP-2209-2 is to be stored in a standard inanimate item containment locker in Secure Storage Unit B-89. Further testing of scenarios in "Ultra-Realism Mode" requires the authorization and presence of a researcher with minimum Level 3/2209 clearance.

Description: SCP-2209-1 is a hollow spherical object with a diameter of approximately 3.8 metres. The outer surface of SCP-2209-1 is composed of stainless steel and bears no textural irregularities, with the exception of a circular entry hatch, a single ventilation grate for the intake/output of air, and a socket connected to a large cluster of removable power and data cabling. A hand lever adjacent to the socket allows power to SCP-2209-1 to be alternated on and off. The hatch is opened and sealed by means of a timed pressure-release mechanism with an embedded handle. Large black print on one side of SCP-2209-1 reads "VRZ PRT-TYP 4512". The internal surface of SCP-2209-1 is composed of white HDPE plastic with an array of electrical lighting and evenly spaced, circular plates of a currently unidentified metal alloy.

SCP-2209-2 is a full-body suit composed of an inner layer of elastane and a thin outer layer of dark neoprene. Multiple metal nodes on the limbs, hands, chest, and spine of the suit are connected by a complex network of wiring. Fixed to the head of the suit is a large headset with a visor, which connects to a network of smaller, more closely-spaced cranial nodes.

When provided with an adequate power source, SCP-2209-1 is capable of recreating a number of complex, presumably predetermined virtual reality scenarios for the subject wearing SCP-2209-2. Test subjects have consistently attested to the total verisimilitude of said scenarios, experiencing sensations and physical effects that cannot be accurately replicated using current conventional technology (refer to Test Log). Upon being sealed within SCP-2209-1 and stepping onto a large central plate, the subject is prompted by an artificial androgynous voice1 to select a scenario. Following voice confirmation, the chosen virtual scenario will be recreated for the subject.

SCP-2209-1 and SCP-2209-2 were recovered from a suspected Prometheus Labs facility in ██████, South Africa on ██/02/2007, following a tip received from a Foundation agent operating in the area. A thorough search determined the facility to be abandoned, and failed to produce any links to Prometheus Labs Inc. However, recovered documentation contained multiple references to Simtec Virtual Solutions, an unlisted company.


Following Test 2209-024515-B (██/04/2007), it has been determined that SCP-2209-1 possesses limited sapience, and is capable of coherent interaction with subjects. Testing aimed at determining the full extent of SCP-2209-1's sapience is currently under consideration.

For further details, see Test Log 2209-024515.

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