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Item #: SCP-2204

Object Class: Keter (provisional)

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2204 is undertaken by the research team stationed in Oak Grove, Kentucky. Said team has managed to communicate the following:

  • Information of any kind regarding events transpiring in Oak Grove, even that which does not pertain to SCP-2204, is unreliable.
  • Containment of SCP-2204 is high-priority.
  • Containment of SCP-2204 is hazardous to personnel.
  • No meaningful research or containment of SCP-2204 is possible from outside of Oak Grove.
  • Personnel assigned to SCP-2204 should be qualified to work with infohazards and antimemetics, resistant to cognitohazards, and of a personable disposition.

For a list of funding and other resources requisitioned by the research team in Oak Grove, contact the budgeting office.

Description: Information regarding SCP-2204 is incapable of leaving the town of Oak Grove, Kentucky. SCP-2204's nature and properties are thus known only to the research team in Oak Grove, so long as said team members remain in Oak Grove.

A limited amount of indirect or very general information regarding SCP-2204 — that which is present in this document — has been communicated by the Oak Grove research team.

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