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Sample #037: A 29 week old SCP-2195-1 (in formaldehyde solution)

Item #: SCP-2195

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Biological samples that are part of SCP-2195 are to be either preserved in formaldehyde solution, dried and stored in a vacuum container, or frozen, according to the method they were preserved with at the moment of discovery. Biological samples preserved through plastic infusion or stored in a solid synthetic resin block, as well as non-biological samples do not require any special containment procedures. Three low-level security vaults in Site 7 are designated for SCP-2195 storage.

Non-deactivated late-term SCP-2195-1 samples are to be handled by trained personnel as per standard Foundation guidelines for handling bulk primary explosive substances.

Research has shown that explosive materials contained within SCP-2195-1 degrade over time, therefore they are granted a storage period of 20 years and are to be incinerated afterwards.

Documents acquired as part of SCP-2195 are to be digitalized and uploaded into the SCP-2195 documentation database; original documents are archived.

Access to SCP-2195 documentation is restricted to personnel of 2-2195 clearance or higher.
Access to SCP-2195 samples is restricted to personnel of 3-2195 clearance or higher.
Experiments that involve reproduction of SCP-2195-1 require Ethics Committee approval.

Description: SCP-2195 is a collective designation for documental and material evidence, specifically collected by unidentified individuals, that is related to a large-scale government project which involves mass reproduction of SCP-2195-1 for military purposes, specifically targeting the drawbacks of said project. SCP-2195 includes biological samples preserved through various methods, demonstration and test articles, prototypes, and a variety of documents. The sum of documentation recovered was enough to fill 19 (nineteen) shipping containers at the moment of discovery.

Analysis of said evidence has shown that the project took place in political, historical and socio-cultural circumstances inconsistent with known reality, which suggests extradimensional or otherwise anomalous origin.

Although no fully formed SCP-2195-1 were discovered within SCP-2195, recovered materials provide enough information to give a complete description of their appearance. SCP-2195-1 are living, genetically altered human infants of indeterminate sex (SCP-2195-1 allosomes are identical, and contain genetic information from both X and Y chromosomes).

SCP-2195-1 body structure is radically different from that of normal infants; SCP-2195-1 are presumed to have the shape of an ellipsoid roughly 60 cm long and 50 cm in circumference, and mass of 9 to 9.5 kg. The physiology of tissues covering the front and back ends is identical to that of somewhat calloused human skin; the rest of the skin is sphacelated, metamorphised, parchment-like and fused with the underlying bone (no muscles and/or fat tissues are present). Ribs grow away from the whole length of the spine (55 to 56 pairs of ribs in total); the ribs are flattened and fused along their whole length, which creates a solid bone capsule with the pelvis and the skull fused immovably to its respective ends.

The skull is small, streamlined forwards and has radial symmetry. The only orifice facing outside is a large eye socket on the front end of the body, which contains an anatomically normal eye with a transparent protective membrane. No auditory apparatus is present, but the inner ear vestibular system is extremely developed.

The pelvic section also has radial symmetry and serves as an attachment point for four identical limbs facing upwards and downwards diagonally. These limbs are around 10 centimeters long and contain a single pointed bone, which is connected to the pelvis by a ball-and-socket joint, resembling the human hip joint or shoulder joint. Their freedom of movement is severely restricted by the joint's position within the body, as well as rigid tendons; nonetheless they are fitted with powerful muscles intended to turn the limb around its axis. An orifice with a sphincter is located between these limbs, which leads to a small dead-end cavity with richly innervated walls.

Inner organs are mostly either rudimentary or missing, which makes SCP-2195-1's life expectancy to be 10 to 15 minutes, unless sustained by an external life support system. Apart from the aforementioned sensory organs, central nervous system and muscles, only the circulatory system is developed, which includes major vessels, the heart and an organ that resembles a radically altered spleen; said organ has thick, myoglobin-rich walls that can accumulate a certain amount of oxygen and release it into the blood, and filters carbon dioxide out of the blood. There is also a small cluster of electrocytes, which is connected via nerves to the cardiac conducting system.

Aside from the front and back ends, the majority of SCP-2195-1 body is occupied by tissue that structurally resembles liver tissue with extreme adipose degeneration (vacuoles amount for 97% of its volume and even more than that in mass); instead of fat, the vacuoles contain a complex organic substance that has pronounced explosive properties.

Its exact parameters cannot be determined due to the irregularity of the remaining biological components' amount within tissues, as well as due to the the substance's own nature (supposedly, a mix of several compounds with similar properties in varying proportions). Approximate properties can be described as such:

  • Density: 1.8-1.9 g/cm3
  • Specific energy of explosion: 9.2 MJ/kg
  • Explosive strength (measured by Trauzl test): 670 cm3
  • Brisance (measured by Kast test): 8 mm
  • Detonation velocity: 8300-8500 m/s
  • Sensitivity: 70% explosions with a 10 kg weight dropped from a height of 25 cm.
  • Amount of tissue in an instance of SCP-2195-1: 7.5 to 8 kg, explosive yield up to 25 kg of TNT equivalent.

According to the documents, SCP-2195-1 have a gestation time of 40 weeks which is normal to humans. They were also naturally born, but subject to the following operative treatment immediately after birth:

  • catheterization of 2 major vessels for connection to life support system;
  • installation of a metal clamp along the spine which acts as a band for a suspension mount;
  • mounting of reinforced plastic fins on the limbs;
  • fitting the front end with a transparent nose cone.

After that SCP-2195-1 were subject to three-week training in a wind tunnel fitted with elastic suspension systems and an image projector to display various battlefield scenes as seen from above. For that purpose, a device for electrical nerve stimulation was inserted into the orifice at the rear end of SCP-2195-1; the higher the achieved targeting precision, the greater the stimulation. The SCP-2195-1 specimens were thus trained to develop visual recognition skills for various targets, and trained to control their flight using limb-mounted aerofoil planes. During the training, the electric organ, which functions as a detonator, was to be temporarily disabled by means of paralytic agent injections.

Following the training SCP-2195-1 was to be tattooed with an emblem of the target it was trained for, put into a state of suspended animation and packed into a shipping container for later use as a homing high explosive bomb.

The documentation found as part of SCP-2195 is mostly typewritten in a language having minute differences with modern French, although the origin of names and toponyms mentioned within seems to be more English. No similarities with modern geography were found. The name of the state is never mentioned; instead, «Notre Patrie» («Our Fatherland») is listed even in official office, position and department names, which is often abbreviated to NP (e.g., «Président de NP»).

According to the information contained within, the state waged a long and slaughterous offensive war on another state's territory, which was not popular among its populace. State propaganda efforts were not sufficient to subdue the growing pacifist movement which was especially strong among the soldiers' mothers. The arms industry was also on the verge of decline. The documented project was proposed in order to solve both problems, and was meant to implant embryos of SCP-2195-1 into all fertile women under the guise of various mandatory medical procedures. The surge of "living bombs" born afterwards was announced as a natural event, a manifestation of mass consciousness, the will of the people, and an evidence of charitability1 of the military intervention taking place. Another important factor was the mother's blood relationship which required a mother to unconditionally support her child's "voluntary effort", which in turn demanded her to abolish any pacifist beliefs and/or made her an indirect participant of the bombings, with personal responsibility forced on her later on.

Note: this shows drastic differences of ethical norms between our society and the one described. It is hard to imagine that measures like these would have any effect in any state we know, yet SCP-2195 documents describe them as extremely effective yet highly immoral, although only in the sense that both the higher will and the blood relationship were falsified, therefore the highest values were fraudulently exploited.

However, various events that took place during the project's development, should they have become public, would have brought sharp discredit on it, due to both their negative nature, and the fact that the nature and sheer amount of these events contradicted the idea of higher force's mercy and justice, therefore making the "higher will" explanation unviable.

First and foremost, SCP-2195 contains evidence of numerous complicating disorders during pregnancy and birth:

  • Various fetal pathologies and deformities, miscarriages, cases of stillbirth. Preserved samples included.
  • Numerous cases of ectopic pregnancy. Several postmortem specimens and a variety of medical records are available. Vast majority of these cases resulted in the mother's death or loss of fertility, which was grounds for euthanasia.
  • Birth trauma and cases of mothers' deaths at birth due to the fetus' size and rigid structure. Medical records available.
  • Acute, often life-threatening toxicoses caused by metabolic byproducts during explosive substance formation inside fetus. Several in-depth research papers, histological samples and body fluid samples available.
  • Anemia, dangerous exhaustion of the mother's body due to the fetus' accelerated growth. An essay of observations concerning this issue is available.
  • Multifetal gestation which almost inevitably caused pathologies. Cases of SCP-2195-1 conjoined twins. A range of medical records available. The majority of such pregnancies were aborted due to critical situations; preserved fetus samples available.
  • Hyperplasia, fermental chorionic hyperactivity, or detrimental chorion deformation leading to formation of multiple large synechiated folds. Hyperactivity, abnormal growth or improper position of the resulting placenta caused destruction of uterine walls, mouth of the womb, or fallopian tubes. Preserved samples, extensive studies and medical records available. Numerous descriptions of deaths due to internal bleeding and cases of euthanasia due to loss of fertility after operative treatment are also available.
  • Spontaneous fetus detonations on latter stages of pregnancy. Investigation reports, autopsy protocols, and an archive of media reports are available. Collateral damage and fatalities are described, with the cause presented by propaganda as "immoral conduct that is disgracing motherhood". No details of said conduct were provided, although the manner this description is used in suggests that it is a common euphemism for some specific deeds.

Another class of materials regards the project's social consequences. It is composed mostly of the following media archives:

  • Cases of pregnant women committing suicide. The reason was most often declared as strong pacifistic beliefs. A shot to the belly was specifically popular, which often caused SCP-2195-1 to detonate. A series of suicides was committed in public for demonstration purposes, some cases were essentially acts of terrorism in popular places, which led to fatalities. One such act was committed in a maternity welfare center which caused a chain reaction and large-scale destruction.
  • Several attempts of fertile women to dodge medical supervision, have an independent birth and nurture SCP-2195-1 on their own, always futile due to the latter's inviability.
  • An incident with a high-ranking government official, who was also part of the project, attempting to make compromising information related to the project public during a speech. The speech was interrupted, and the official in question arrested, declared incurably mentally ill, and subsequently euthanized.

Note: it should be noted that no cases of an illegal abortion were described.

A third class of documents is composed of scientific and design documents related to the project's development and implementation. These materials' level of classification is related to three basic facts: the need to conceal SCP-2195-1 true origins in order to support the propaganda, contradiction with conventional ethics and the current law that makes cloning, genetic engineering and similar activities illegal, as well as to the wide use of SCP-2195-1 samples for tests and experiments. A large part of these documents is encrypted, their contents are currently unknown. The materials available for study include:

  • Prototypes and early samples of SCP-2195-1.
  • Presentation materials prepared for acceptance inspection hearings, instructional materials and demonstration samples, visual aids, and mock-ups. Both artificial products and real SCP-2195-1 samples preserved through plastic infusion or stored in synthetic resin blocks.
  • Modified SCP-2195-1 prototypes and related documents for a project aiming to make homing artillery shells by converting SCP-2195-1. The attempt failed, no instances of SCP-2195-1 that could withstand the acceleration at the moment of the shot could be created.
  • Prototypes and documentation for another attempt to modify SCP-2195-1. They were supposed to be fitted with a rocket engine and used as homing missiles. Tests were successful, but the modification was declared unpractical for economic reasons, as cheap SCP-2195-1 were to be fitted with factory-made components.
  • Government decree to recall and collect or destroy all compromising evidence. The document mentions some event that aggravated the situation around the project and compromised its secrecy; this could have been the aforementioned public speech. It is assumed that the whole of SCP-2195 was composed as fulfillment of said decree.
  • An index of all collected materials. Only codes are listed instead of titles for encrypted documents, along with a reference to the document with these codes' breakdown (also encrypted).

During my time in the Foundation's employ I've seen worse, but I'd still like to believe that there never was a place where things like these are made on a national scale, and this object is only a miscarriage of some alternate history branch or a material manifestation of some perverted fantasy. I hope to never know the true state of things. — Dr. ██████

Addendum 1: Discovery

SCP-2195, contained in 19 standard shipping containers was initially discovered on ██.██.2009 by Federal Security Service of Russia operatives during an inspection as part of checking investigative information on weapons smuggling. The Foundation took over and investigated the cargo's origins. Its movements could be traced up to 1995; it was found that since 1995 the cargo was constantly moving across Russia by railroad and sea in a loop route. The transfers were paid for from an account established by an unidentified person in 1993 or earlier; no further information could be gathered due to loss of related documents.

Investigations about the cargo escaping any inspections or searches, save for weight checks, is underway. According to weight checks information, the cargo remained untampered during the whole period; undamaged seals on container doors confirm that. This still does not explain how the cryonic tanks for storing biological samples were discovered 60% or more full despite requiring a coolant refill once every 6 months.

Several hypotheses were proposed to explain this fact and the object's origin as a whole, but at the moment, there is a lack of evidence for any of them.

Addendum 2

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