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SCP-2186 during testing. Note the testing area, beginning to adopt a similar pattern and texture to SCP-2186's scales.

Item #: SCP-2186

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2186 is to be kept in a 0.9 x 0.3 x 0.3 m screened enclosure suitable for non-anomalous specimens of Chamaeleo namaquensis. Specific procedures for habitat care and maintenance are detailed in Document 2186-A.

Interaction with SCP-2186 is to be kept at a minimum, in order to prevent unnecessary stress that might trigger SCP-2186's anomalous properties. Feeding, habitat maintenance, and medical examinations are the only times at which interaction is permissible. SCP-2186 is not to be removed from containment except in cases of medical emergency.

Description: SCP-2186 is an adult female Namaqua chameleon (Chamaeleo namaquensis). Physically, it differs from non-anomalous representatives of its species only by its lack of chromatophores, rendering it unable to change its color in response to external stimuli.

SCP-2186's anomalous properties become apparent when SCP-2186 is threatened, provoked, or otherwise made uncomfortable. All surfaces and objects within a 50-meter radius of SCP-2186 begin to gradually take on the color and texture of SCP-2186's skin. After approximately 2 minutes of exposure, the exterior surfaces of affected objects become identical to SCP-2186's skin (a state henceforth referred to as "stage 1 transformation"). If SCP-2186's agitation is maintained, the interiors of affected objects begin to gradually transform into biological matter identical to that of SCP-2186. Full transformation (a state henceforth referred to as "stage 2 transformation") occurs after approximately 5 minutes. Stage 1 transformation gradually reverses if SCP-2186 returns to a calm state or is removed from the vicinity of affected objects, but stage 2 transformation is seemingly permanent. See Test Log for further details.

Discovery: SCP-2186 was recovered from the home of a Mr. E███ S████. The SCP Foundation was notified to SCP-2186's presence by Mr. S████ himself, who had made several panicked calls to local and national law enforcement agencies detailing SCP-2186's anomalous behavior. Foundation field agents who entered Mr. S████'s property observed that a large area of the house had undergone stage 2 transformation. SCP-2186 itself was located in its vivarium, exhibiting clear signs of vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, and stress. SCP-2186 was seized by the Foundation, and all affected objects were removed from the site and cataloged.

Based on observation of SCP-2186's living area at its discovery site, as well as testimony given by Mr. S████ during questioning, SCP-2186 had been allowed to develop a state of extreme agitation due to its inadequately maintained environment, poor diet, and general state of neglect. However, Mr. S████ claimed to have followed an online guide to Chamaeleo namaquensis care to the best of his ability, and denied that SCP-2186 was in ill health upon its containment by the Foundation. He also claimed to have ordered SCP-2186 from a well-known and respectable online pet retailer specializing in exotic reptiles.

Mr. S████ was retained for observation and study. SCP-2186 underwent medical examination upon containment, and is currently in good health. Investigation into the online pet retailer used by Mr. S████ have thus far unearthed nothing of note, and the guide the subject claims to have used has not yet been found.

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