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A portion of SCP-2183

Item #: SCP-2183

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2183 is currently contained on-site. The area surrounding SCP-2183 is blocked off to the public under the guise of renovation. A minimum of four Security Guards are to be assigned around the perimeter.

Containment Specialists are assigned to direct SCP-2183-2 towards SCP-2183's containment area by surrounding it with drones on all sides needed to guide its movement.

Efforts are currently focused towards suppressing public knowledge related to the existence of SCP-2183-1. Broadcasts pertaining to SCP-2183-1 are to be intercepted, and any remaining witnesses are to be administered Class-F amnestics. Testing of SCP-2183 is forbidden.

Description: SCP-2183 is an unfinished roller coaster located in ██████████, Idaho. SCP-2183's physical portion features a maximum height of 37.2 m and a maximum speed of 88.5 km/h. SCP-2183 also features a physical track length of 798.8 m, after which it abruptly ends. Carts of SCP-2183 that reach the end of the track travel on a set path in midair, presumably simulating the unfinished portion of SCP-2183. At the end of the ride, the carts of SCP-2183 will reach the end of the station and prepare to travel again.


A variation of the presumed track layout for SCP-2183. Note the sharp turns.

On each ride, the carts of SCP-2183 follow a different path after reaching the physical end of the track. Due to this, the actual ride length of SCP-2183 varies, with the shortest recorded length reaching 1,080 m, and the longest recorded length reaching 5,460 m. In midair, projected heights can reach up to 100 m and speeds can go up to 180 km/h.

If a subject is placed within one of the carts of SCP-2183, (hereby designated SCP-2183-1), it will deviate significantly from other carts after traveling a length of approximately 2,000 m.1

Addendum 2183-03: A subject (D-93730) was nominated to ride SCP-2183. During the test, all carts traveled as expected. However, the cart that D-93730 was in detached from the other carts in midair. The cart (hereby designated SCP-2183-1) took a sharp right turn and proceeded to loop around the surrounding amusement park several times. SCP-2183-1 then traveled between the concessions, stalls, and other rides before moving away from the amusement park. By then, the remaining carts of SCP-2183 finished their set course and returned to the end of the station.

SCP-2183-1 continued to travel in a manner similar to the other carts as it moved north, towards the town ██████████, Idaho. Efforts were focused on stopping the cart from reaching the town, and retrieving D-93730. Over the course of several weeks, local reports of SCP-2183-1 sightings appeared in the neighboring towns.

Over several months, SCP-2183-1 moved harmlessly through the towns of ███████, █████, and ██████████, among others. Reports suggest that SCP-2183-1 traveled within a range of 120-150 m above the ground, with a speed of approximately 200 km/h. Witnesses claimed to have seen/heard a man inside SCP-2183-1 'constantly yelling' in the months following the first sightings. Efforts shifted towards suppressing reports and broadcasts of SCP-2183-1's movement, and regularly administering Class-A amnestics to local residents.

D-93730 was approved for rescue via aerial lift. A helicopter, attached with a harness flew above SCP-2183-1, and was lowered as the helicopter attempted to follow SCP-2183-1's unpredictable path. D-93730, with his arms at his sides and an expression indicating duress, did not grab the harness. An Agent was lowered down with another harness in order to attach him to it. As the Agent approached SCP-2183-1, the cart maneuvered away from the Agent. Repeated attempts to approach the cart led to the same result. After two hours of attempted rescue, it was deemed a failure.

SCP-2183-1 was approved to be stopped via projectile. A missile was fired from the Site-132 Armament Wing, approximately 24 km from SCP-2183-1. The missile was capable of being controlled remotely, and attempted to follow the cart's path. The projectile made a direct hit onto SCP-2183-1, and D-93730 was considered deceased. However, SCP-2183-1 did not sustain any damage and continued to travel midair.

Approximately 4 years after the first sighting, SCP-2183-1 crashed 34 km from its original containment area. SCP-2183-1 was intact, save for several burn marks on its sides. (presumably from repeated missile strikes) In addition, deep nicks and scratches were found on the restraining bar, the seat belt was partiality severed, and a mixture of blood/excrement was present within the cart. DNA analysis could not confirm whether the mixture belonged to D-93730. During the same time, personnel located by SCP-2183's containment area reported hearing auditory hallucinations similar to the 'constant yelling' alluded to in earlier reports.

D-93730 (SCP-2183-2) was found suspended in air 124 m above SCP-2183-1, in a seated position. D-93730's arms are at his sides, and his expression indicates distress. D-93730 does not move from this position, nor demonstrate any signs of sentience. When approached from a distance of 50m, D-93730 begins to travel in midair, in a manner consistent with SCP-2183-1, until all objects are outside of his radius.

After the incident, personnel regularly report seeing D-93730 within SCP-2183 whenever the carts begin to move. Whether this is a visual hallucination related to SCP-2183 is currently unknown.

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