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Image taken of door to SCP-2181's containment cell by Agent ██████████ during Event 2181-02.

Item #: SCP-2181

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2181 is housed in a standard Humanoid containment cell at Site-145. Monitoring is to be done by closed-circuit camera only; cell should not have windows. Cell door is to be furnished with an external manual, non-electronic lock in addition to standard site-wide remote electronic locking mechanisms. The door is to remain closed and locked while personnel are within the cell. Should SCP-2181 lock the door to its containment cell, personnel are to wait fifteen minutes before manually disengaging the lock and reengaging remotely. SCP-2181 is to be supplied with a misting bottle of saline fluid that should be refilled every two days. Requests for food, music and toys are to be brought to the Site Director for approval.

Addendum: After Event 2181-02, personnel within the containment cell are to remain at least 5 meters from locked doors in the event that SCP-2181 becomes distressed.

Description: SCP-2181 is a small humanoid of indeterminate gender with semi-opaque skin, appearing approximately seven years of age.1 The orbits of the eyes are 11.5 cm in diameter,2 with accompanying deformities to the frontal, parietal and zygomatic bones of the cranium. The eyelids are disproportionately small in comparison, and SCP-2181 has developed keratoconjunctivitis sicca3 as a result. SCP-2181 has considerably greater visual acuity and range than a normal human.

Testing has revealed that SCP-2181 can close and lock any door within sight, as well as windows, hatches, and any other covering placed in a wall, ceiling or floor. SCP-2181 is not capable of opening doors at distance. SCP-2181 will close and lock or seal doors seemingly at random, reacting with extreme distress if not allowed or able to do so. Its behavior when left alone is otherwise generally considered normal for a seven-year-old child,4 though introversion and reluctance to communicate have increased since Event 2181-02.

SCP-2181 was contained on March 1, 1976, when it exited Site-145's third floor men's lavatory, closing and sealing the door behind itself.5 SCP-2181 asked to be hidden from a malevolent entity or force, details of which have not been provided to date. The lavatory wall had to be manually breached to effect rescue of two personnel locked within.

Addendum: Log of Event 2181-02

Preface: Dr. Amelia Wygandt, head researcher for SCP-2181, had served as SCP-2181's psychologist for the past four years, in the hope of reducing its introversion and gaining information about its origin.

Time stamp: 16:52, ██/█/1980

00:00: Dr. Wygandt brings the session to a close and directs SCP-2181 in cleaning up building block toys. Containment cell door is closed, per regulations.

00:22: Dr. Wygandt asks SCP-2181 if it wishes to talk about where it came from. SCP-2181 shakes head and does not answer. Dr. Wygandt asks if it will describe how it reached Site-145. SCP-2181 responds that it "just walked in" and ignores further questions while silently gathering blocks.

01:07: SCP-2181 cries out in alarm, turning to cell door. Remote electromagnetic locking mechanism engages.

01:15: Dr. Wygandt moves to door and discovers it is locked. Dr. Wygandt informs SCP-2181 that future play sessions will be jeopardized if she is not allowed to leave the containment cell.

01:31: SCP-2181 looks at Dr. Wygandt and places a finger against its lips. Site staff reports containment cell door lock override unresponsive. Dr. Wygandt continues attempting to open door and entreaties SCP-2181 to unlock it.

01:57: Containment cell door opens. A hand, approximately 2 m high, covered in unidentifiable crystal formations, emerges from inside containment cell airlock, grasps Dr. Wygandt and draws her through door. Personnel mobilized outside containment cell report that outer door has been replaced with a view of deep space; command advises team should not engage. SCP-2181 screams. Containment cell door slams shut.

02:10: Outer door reappears, but is still locked.

16:40: Remote lock override engages. Personnel enter cell and find no sign of Dr. Wygandt. SCP-2181 is curled in fetal position in corner furthest from door, crying.

Endnote: SCP-2181 was unresponsive until moved to new containment cell, at which time it locked the door and would not allow remote override for a period of 255 hours. Surveillance indicated it spent most of this time sitting on the bed and giggling or sleeping. When asked about the incident, SCP-2181 refused to provide any information about the entity or the whereabouts of Dr. Wygandt. Containment procedures updated ██/██/1980.

Addendum: Log of Event 2181-04

On 6/12/2005, Site-145 experienced a power failure and site-wide containment breach. (See Document 81-CB-20051206.) SCP-2181 did not leave its cell during this time. After containment was reestablished, routine containment checks revealed SCP-2181 playing with a small artifact made of crudely interlocking bones. Artifact was recovered and classified as Anomalous Item 2181-01. Bones did not conform to any known shape; testing revealed them to contain human DNA mixed with cetacean DNA and that of a third unknown species. Human DNA did not match any individual on file. Bones were inscribed with a series of lines that, when interpreted as binary code, read as follows:

once upon a time
there was a little prince
who wandered where he shouldn't
and saw a thing he shouldn't
he tried to run a way
and close the door behind
that silly little prince
it's not like he can hide

When questioned about the item, SCP-2181 said, "Amelia sends her love." Examination of security footage did not reveal how SCP-2181 procured the item.

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