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Item#: 2180
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Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to the cave SCP-2180 is located in is to be closed off with a steel hatch, with guards patrolling an area of 100 meters around it. Any additional entrances to the cave system are to be closed off in the same manner. Any non-Foundation personnel who find the cave entrance or enter the cave system are to be warded away with the most applicable cover story (view Document 2180-1K9 for a full list). Non-Foundation personnel who see SCP-2180 are to be administered Class-A amnestics. SCP-2180 is to be monitored daily with cameras for new events in the painting or possible changes in its nature.

Description: SCP-2180 is a cave painting located in a cave system in █████, Austria. The painting covers an area 10 meters high and 16 meters long on one of the cave walls. It is unknown when SCP-2180 was made, but the art resembles Paleolithic Era cave paintings drawn by early humans. The colors used are those typical of the time period. On the left side of SCP-2180 is a mountain, with a cross section of a cave network inside it. Located in one of the deeper areas of the cave is the number "2067," which is etched onto the cave wall in Arabic numerals. Starting at the base of the mountain is a forest, which covers the middle area of SCP-2180. On the right side is a field. The top quarter features a sky, which contains illustrations that are analogous to a sun and moon. Humans and animals from the Paleolithic Era are present in SCP-2180. Based on current observations SCP-2180 doesn't take place in any specific location or time during the era, and has fauna from different continents.

All organisms in SCP-2180 are animate, and will interact with each other and the environment. Humans have been observed to hunt for food, eat, sleep, light fires, and interact with each other. Animals have been observed to eat food and, depending on the species, hunt. Both have been observed to reproduce. Plant life has been observed to grow and wither. Neither water nor drinking have been observed. Animals will often cross the painting's horizon, but humans rarely do.

SCP-2180 has a day-night cycle, with the sun and moon moving on and off the sides of the painting (right side to left side). During the painting's night, the sky changes from the color of the cave wall to a dark gray. The day-night cycle of SCP-2180 corresponds with Central European Time. Weather and lunar cycles do not appear to occur.

Paint samples taken from SCP-2180 have no known anomalous properties. Uranium-series dating of SCP-2180 suggests that the painting is 2.5 billion years old, predating any known human civilization.


Addendum-2: Based on the implications of near-future events observed in SCP-2180, monitoring it is to be made a high priority. Security will temporarily be increased at sites [REDACTED].

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