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Item #: SCP-2168

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The areas within a two kilometer radius surrounding instances of SCP-2168 are to be marked off as off-limit to civilian access under the guise of a governmental project to modernize the region. Personnel stationed in the surroundings of SCP-2168's instances should avoid approaching the aforementioned area, unless directed otherwise by the Research Team. Foundation operatives are to keep track of the size and population of unaffected towns in order to prevent the emergence of new instances.

Due to the self-containing nature of instances of SCP-2168-A and their docility towards the personnel, no special procedure is necessary. Whenever an instance of SCP-2168-A is required for interview or testing, it should be taken from its residence inside SCP-2168 by at least two unarmed members of the personnel.

Description: SCP-2168 is a phenomenon occurring in rural towns in the Uruguayan countryside. Areas affected by SCP-2168 will be subjected to a series of anomalous changes to their infrastructure and population, happening through two stages.

During stage one, populations living in areas under SCP-2168's effects will feel a gradually increasing urge to abandon their homes during a seemingly arbitrary period of time1. Once this period has passed, regardless of the number of inhabitants left in the area, human-built infrastructure and objects in the area will start to spontaneously collapse. At the same time, the remains will rearrange into a structure reminiscent of a skyscraper, always located in the geographical center of the affected town. Attempts to dismantle these structures have been unsuccessful. Humans who stayed in the area once the structure's construction starts will invariably go missing.

The structure will continue growing in height until all surrounding buildings have been completely destroyed. At this point, the instance will enter into stage two, when several entities, the exact number being depending on the structure's size, start to appear inside the skyscraper. These beings, hereby designated SCP-2168-A, are sapient, pale, genetically identical humanoids of unspecific sex and gender. Instances of SCP-2168-A are extremely docile and display no threat to the personnel, complying with any order given.

Observation in situ of SCP-2168-A has revealed that the entities follow a very strict daily routine, spending an average of ten hours per day sitting near a desk (apparently prevalent in all known instances' habitats) and performing seemingly meaningless tasks, such as reading from blank sheets of papers, connecting and disconnecting USB devices and pressing random buttons on a disconnected keyboard.

Addendum 2168-1

Addendum 2168-2: On 2/4/2001, 2:00 am -3 GMT, a squad of Foundation operatives were deployed to explore the location affected by SCP-2168-7. Exploration of the surroundings of the structure revealed that natural resources including bodies of water, wild animals and vegetation in the affected area were depleting. At this point, operatives were ordered to enter the main building.

Operatives crossed the main entrance of the structure without inconvenience and proceeded to explore the building. The structure was discovered to contain only a few rooms inhabited by instances of SCP-2168-A, while several hundreds of other rooms were empty of occupants. All rooms displayed the exact same minimal organization and furniture, containing:

  • A bed for one person
  • A single plastic desk with a single plastic chair
  • Standard bathroom equipment
  • A prismatic structure resembling a modern refrigerator with several pipes emerging from behind2.

In order to find out more about these entities, Foundation operatives were tasked to take a single instance under custody for studying and interviewing purposes.

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