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Item #: SCP-2164

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2164-A is to be kept in modified humanoid containment cell. A Foundation expert in Renaissance-era occult practices is to be assigned to SCP-2164-A at all times and review containment procedures every six months. All furnishings in SCP-2164-A's containment chamber are to be made of plastics or synthetic fibers, and Agrimonia eupatoria1 is to be planted along the perimeter of the cell. These plants are to be tended to by maintenance personnel weekly and any ailing plants replaced immediately. All personnel entering SCP-2164 outside of testing scenarios are to don protective garlands of Laurus nobilis2 or Ocimum basilicum3. Good behavior on SCP-2164-A's part may be rewarded with access to Salvia officinalis4, Fraxinus excelsior5, one small white beeswax candle, and other plant and animal materials documented in Document-2164-A. Under no circumstances is SCP-2164-A to be supplied with black candles, Artemisia absinthum6, Juniperus communis7, Santalum album8, Cedrus libani9, Rosa moschata10, or any of the other restricted herbs or materials listed in Document-2164-A. Female personnel advised to remain cautious around SCP-2164-A.

SCP-2164-B is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-2164-B's food is to be cultivated on-site to ensure that all its meals are organic, non-genetically modified, and completely gluten-free. SCP-2164-B may be rewarded for cooperation with various small quartz crystals, unprocessed amethysts, turmeric, red ginseng, the use of one yoga mat, and approved reading materials. A Foundation psychiatrist who has been briefed on New Age spirituality is to examine SCP-2164-B under the guise of an "angel therapist" and encourage its cooperation with the Foundation. Only D-class personnel scoring below 115 on the Stanford-Binet IQ Test and below +1σ on the Foundation Expanded Intelligence Test for Non-Anomalous Humans or born before 1994 are approved for testing with SCP-2164-B.

Under no circumstances are SCP-2164-A and SCP-2164-B to come within 100 meters of each other unless separated by soundproofed walls and accompanied by experts in negotiation.

Description: SCP-2164 refers to two circular areas, two meters in diameter, each surrounding two humanoid entities. Within SCP-2164, scientific laws as commonly understood break down and can be manipulated according to set principles by the humanoids within SCP-2164. These principles seem to differ between the two manifestations of SCP-2164.

SCP-2164-A is an elderly Caucasian male appearing to be around eighty years of age but claiming to be about ███ years old. SCP-2164-A can manipulate matter within its range of effect using occult rituals or herbal concoctions in the Renaissance tradition. All reality alterations (herbal mixtures, incantations, etc.) lose their effect outside SCP-2164-A's effect radius.

SCP-2164-B is a Caucasian female in her early thirties formerly known as Jennifer █████████. SCP-2164-B spent its life before Foundation recovery in Orange County, California. SCP-2164-B can perform small reality alterations with the aid of common crystals and non-corporeal entities, as well as heal various illnesses using homeopathic techniques. It also displays anomalous knowledge of subjects within its effect radius. As with SCP-2164-A, these effects reverse outside the one meter radius around SCP-2164-B.

SCP-2164-A and -B have knowledge of and are mildly antagonistic towards each other.

Tests Involving SCP-2164-A

Test 1

Procedure: SCP-2164-A given 20 g each mercury, powdered iron oxide, lead(II) chromate, calcium carbonate, charcoal, 99.99% pure gold leaf, a crucible, and a pelican vessel.
Results: SCP-2164-A took all provided materials except gold. Over the course of four weeks, SCP-2164-A conducted a complex series of alchemical procedures including [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF O5 COMMAND]. Resultant object leaks clear amber-colored fluid, which SCP-2164-A claims has a strong rejuvenation factor. Fluid administered to 75-year-old D-Class with advanced Parkinson's Disease and chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Subject's tremors and joint pain vanished and subject displayed drastically increased visual clarity and endurance. All restorative effects of the fluid reverse when subject leaves SCP-2164. Subject terminated after resisting attempts to remove it from SCP-2164.

Test 2

Procedure: SCP-2164-A given various common essential oils and dried herbs, along with one copper kettle.
Results: SCP-2164-A chose one vial each of Rosa moschata oil11, Lavandula angustifolia oil12, Cinnamomum verum oil13, and dried Quercus robur14 leaves. SCP-2164-A waited until first day of the waxing moon before boiling the mixture in the kettle. Audio surveillance shows SCP-2164-A chanting periodically in an obscure dialect of Latin. SCP-2164-A then attempted to lure Junior Researcher Aaliyah Robinson into its event radius, claiming the fluid would increase her intelligence and attractiveness to male personnel. Junior Researcher Robinson alerted Senior Researcher Eric Stanton. D-23944 was dispatched and compelled to drink the fluid over the objections of SCP-2164-A. Subject immediately fell to the floor in front of SCP-2164-A, threw her arms around its ankles, and began to profess her infatuation with it. Effect disappeared outside SCP-2164 only to reappear when D-23944 re-enters perimeter. D-23944 expresses revulsion towards SCP-2164-A when outside effect radius. SCP-2164-A's privileges are revoked and containment procedures updated.

This is ridiculous. SCP-2164-A's actions hardly present a breach risk if the effect reverses a few steps away. Discipline him for this infraction but we could still benefit from testing him. -Senior Researcher Eric Stanton

Request granted -Site Director Jacob DeLozier

Test 3

Procedure: SCP-2164-A requests round black wax pendant, essential oils of Juniperus communis15, Santalum album16, and Cedrus libani17, and a small dagger made entirely of silver. Request granted with the exception of the dagger.
Results: SCP-2164-A carved an intricate symbol into the black wax with a fingernail before anointing it with each of the three supplied oils. SCP-2164-A then tucked the wax into its pocket, anointed its left index and middle fingers with the remaining oil, and chanted in an unidentified language. Research Assistant Mark Wagner was accosted by SCP-2164-A and convinced to enter SCP-2164 in exchange for a good-luck charm with possible promotion to Site Director. Once Research Assistant Wagner entered SCP-2164, SCP-2164-A touched him with his left index and middle finger while repeating its earlier chant. Wagner's higher brain functions immediately ceased, leaving Wagner unconscious but highly open to suggestion. SCP-2164-A moved to the edge of its cell and commanded Wagner to uproot the Agrimonia eupatoria hedge. The Foundation occult specialist and containment expert at the time, Dr. Elizabeth Perry, retrieved seven sprigs of basil from the site cafeteria and entered SCP-2164. When SCP-2164-A attempted to touch Dr. Perry, it lost consciousness, enabling Dr. Perry to retrieve Wagner. Wagner revived once outside SCP-2164, and SCP-2164-A regained consciousness thirty minutes later. Mark Wagner was demoted to Level 0 personnel, Senior Researcher Eric Stanton was issued a formal reprimand, and Dr. Perry was recognized for her quick thinking in preventing a containment breach.

Test 4

Procedure: To test whether any sapient being could manipulate reality within SCP-2164, Dr. Elizabeth Perry entered SCP-2164 wearing one long purple tunic, one wreath of basil, and one tapered, sanded branch of Ilex aquifolium18 engraved with the astrological symbols for the seven planets.
Results: SCP-2164-A produced a beam of glowing red light and aimed it at Dr. Perry. Dr. Perry chanted a Latin charm against evil and successfully deflected the beam with the Ilex aquifolium branch. The beam exited SCP-2164 and vanished. SCP-2164-A registered shock at this development. Dr. Perry chastised SCP-2164-A, referring to Foundation containment as "Limbo" and punishment for misuse of its powers. SCP-2164-A expressed remorse and has since fully adjusted to containment.

Tests Involving SCP-2164-B

Test 1

Procedure: SCP-2164-B given a 20 mL vial of thyroxine, three seven-liter jugs of distilled water, and a one liter water bottle with a screw-on cap.
Results: SCP-2164-B poured one liter of distilled water into the bottle and diluted 1 mL thyroxine in it before sealing the bottle and succussing it ten times against its open palm. After succussion it disposed of 990 mL water/thyroxine solution and mixed 990 mL fresh water into the bottle before succussing it again. SCP-2164-B repeated the process until all jugs of distilled water were empty. When questioned about the number of dilutions SCP-2164-B tilted its head and replied that it hated "weak-ass cures". It then administered 10 mL of the diluted solution to D-99746, suffering from advanced Graves' disease with pronounced exophtalmos. D-99746's eyes immediately retreated back into their normal position in their sockets. Subject no longer experienced tremors and CT scans within the effect radius showed subject's thyroid had shrunk back to a healthy size. Effect reversed once subject left SCP-2164. Testing of the solution both inside and outside the effect radius showed that no molecules of the original thyroxine remained in the solution.

Test 2

Procedure: D-3047 brought into effect radius. Subject has no known medical conditions.
Results: Subject immediately takes on a dulled affect. SCP-2164-B attempts to engage subject in conversation. Subject demonstrates severe echolalia and begins to vigorously flap his hands. Symptoms reverse outside effect radius. Repeated tests with various D-class show a 55% occurrence of the phenomenon, with tests involving low-level Foundation personnel showing occurrences up to 85%. Upon reviewing medical records of test subjects, it was determined that about 60% of subjects who have received all recommended vaccinations displayed the above symptoms. When asked, SCP-2164-B rolled her eyes and stated "Love them, protect them, never inject them" in an exasperated tone. SCP-2164-B refused to elaborate further.

Test 3

Procedure: D-80044 was introduced to SCP-2164-B. D-80044 was born in 1994 and scored a 145 on the Stanford-Binet IQ Test and a +3.3σ on the Foundation Expanded Intelligence Test for Non-Anomalous Humans. D-80044 was twenty years old at the time of the experiment.
Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] After killing ten guards, three researchers, and critically injuring the site director, D-800044 was ambushed by Junior Researcher Maekawa who managed to disengage the unconscious SCP-2164-B from D-80044's back. As the two separated, D-80044 reverted to his usual mental abilities and was summarily terminated. SCP-2164-B was successfully revived and treated for minor injuries. Although SCP-2164-B was physically unharmed, the incident caused it to sink into a state of depression for weeks afterward. SCP-2164-B made statements during this time such as, "How could this happen? His aura was so blue", "The children were supposed to bring peace", and "I thought I could help him achieve his true potential". SCP-2164-B has since recovered, but it refuses to interact with individuals matching the parameters in the containment procedures.

Incident Log 2164-1
SCP-2164-A and SCP-2164-B were introduced to each other in a controlled testing scenario. The following is an audio transcript of the encounter.

<Begin Log>

SCP-2164-B: Hey! What the fuck are you doing here?

SCP-2164-A: I am ooth to mynystriden to Nature, whose corages be seeke with thy lowmychnesse.

SCP-2164-B: Lowmychnesse my ass. I can't believe these people haven't blasted you to smithereens. You're ruining everything, you know that?

SCP-2164-A: I acknow, strumpete, that I am cheosen bringen a greene ayge of fantastical things. The reign of engels and daemons, of sprites and spirits, is nigh. I am the beodeman of the new Erthe, and I it conserveth from fraudes as thee.

SCP-2164-B: Frauds?! I'm trying to save the world from your dark ritual bullshit! Didn't you guys, like, cover you in leeches if you had a cough? Now we know if Monsanto kept their evil little fingers off our food we wouldn't even have coughs. This is the future, Methuselah. We're enlightened, higher beings now. No way I'll let the Age of Aquarius be stained with your blood sacrifice nonsense!

SCP-2164-A: This "Monsanto" necromancer I knowe not. How cowde he men of my day acursen a he of the nere presente be?

SCP-2164-B: Well, it's not just them. Everyone knows you guys had way low vibrations because of all that witch burning and Black Plague. You got everything wrong about guardian angels too! Like, with all your hellfire-and-brimstone shit? Us evolved people know angels are, like, all about love and peace and self-acceptance and stuff.

SCP-2164-A: May Albertus Magnus and all his feloshippe blind to thine hauteinesse be! The engels of the baleful Lord are far more terrifying grimful than thine tame, milde wights. Thine milk-minded pets resemblen the menials of the Most High as strands of electrum resemblen lowly dunge!

SCP-2164-B: That's it! I've had it with your psycho mumbo jumbo! You're about to get your chakras *all* out of alignment!
<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-2164-A and SCP-2164-B charged into each other's SCP-2164 effect radius. SCP-2164-A was observed to raise his staff and shout a Latin incantation to Azrael, the angel of Death, as SCP-2164-B rolled her eyes upwards into their sockets, faced her palms towards SCP-2164-A, and vocalized a low "ohm". Observers of both the event itself and the video footage express extreme psychological distress after this point. Under extreme sedation, observers report simultaneously witnessing both SCP-2164-A's curse hitting SCP-2164-B directly in the sternum and killing her and watching SCP-2164-A suffer a massive aneurysm and collapse dead with SCP-2164-B victorious. Observers then report that both SCP-2164-A and -B appear blurry and out of focus, with fifteen separate simultaneous sightings of SCP-2164-A and -B throughout the site reported during this time.


After three hours, SCP-2164 containment was reëstablished. Containment procedures updated accordingly.

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