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Item #: SCP-2162

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Theta-5 ("The Bigger Boat") is to continue tracking SCP-2162 and advise the containment supervisor immediately of any change in heading. Two MTF θ-5 patrol craft are to remain 10km ahead of SCP-2162, and are to escort any commercial or passenger vessels out of the anomaly's path, on the pretext of naval exercises. If, based on its heading, SCP-2162 is forecast to make landfall on any inhabited island, local residents are to be evacuated from its path and a cover story is to be circulated of unseasonal cyclonic activity. Current calculations predict late 2021 as the likely date of arrival of SCP-2162 in densely populated areas - determination of effective containment measures before that date is a priority.

Description: SCP-2162 is a mobile anomalous construct, which consists of a volume of highly concentrated Nitrogen (N2) gas. Testing has shown that the interior of the construct has a pressure of approximately 101kPa (similar to atmospheric pressure at sea level), but with N2 concentrations significantly in excess of normal atmospheric conditions, potentially as high as 100% Nitrogen.

The construct does not behave in the manner expected of a body of gas - for example, it is not affected by surrounding air pressure or weather patterns and is not impeded by buildings or other structures. Instead, SCP-2162 maintains a constant shape and speed, and the atmosphere within the boundaries of the contruct is spontaneously replaced with N2, returning to its previous composition once SCP-2162 has passed.

Incident SCP-2162-A revealed that SCP-2162 is comprised of three shapes, moving in formation:

  • an arc 16km in length, 2km in width and 750m in height. The arc is convex, with the centre bending towards the direction of travel of the construct.
  • two wide cylinders 2km in diameter and 750m in height. The cylinders are 4km apart, aligned on either side of the mid-point of the arc. They follow the arc at a distance of 6km.

The construct's shape has been verified by atmospheric testing. Ionised air-glow at the leading edge of the construct, which has become visible at night as SCP-2162 has moved away from artificial light sources, has provided further evidence of its shape.

SCP-2162 moves at a constant rate of 0.25km/hr, travelling in a fixed direction along a particular longitude or latitude. From 25 June 2013, SCP-2162 travelled South along longitude 118.25°W from its point of origin near Los Angeles, CA. On 24 August 2015, the construct reached latitude 8.65°S and changed course, turning 90° and travelling West along that latitude.

Update - 29 June 2013: Agent Green was issued both a disciplinary caution and (on Site Director review) a commendation for his actions during Incident SCP-2162-A. Over his objections, Agent Green was assigned to work with Agent Daniel Navarro to investigate the source of SCP-2162, and the possibility of anomalous artist involvement.

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