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Item #: SCP-2160

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Mu-4 ("Debuggers") is currently assigned to track and investigate potential internet sites that may be involved in the broadcast of SCP-2160. In addition, Mobile Task Force Mu-4 is authorized to shut down said sites in the event a transmission occurs.

Description: SCP-2160 is a webcast entitled "The Happy Place", currently produced from an unknown location. The source of the broadcast varies with each instance of SCP-2160, and all attempts to locate a specific point of origin have failed. Forty-eight hours before broadcast, a countdown timer appears on the website chosen to host the webcast, and once it reaches zero the page automatically refreshes itself; in its place is a built-in video player. The pattern for choosing the website used, if any, is not currently known. Due to the coding on the website itself (it is unknown whether or not this was intentionally done by the creators of SCP-2160) the video portion of the webcast does not play, only the audio portion.

The broadcast portion of SCP-2160 begins with an opening jingle, and is introduced as "The Happy Place". The webcast is narrated by "Sheriff Buddy", who introduces himself. The webcast then continues, with the audio similar to other educational children's television shows.

No evidence exists that such a show was ever broadcast prior to the first known instance of SCP-2160. Research has indicated that interest in the webcast has increased since the initial broadcast, and any fan sites and discussion boards pertaining to SCP-2160 are to be monitored.

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