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Item #: SCP-2158

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2158 is kept in a lockbox in Site-17. SCP-2158-1 is kept in the Site-47 morgue.

Description: SCP-2158 is a Remington Model 1875 revolver clasped in the disembodied hand of Joshua Graham (1868-1893). It is unmodified save for hand-made grips of cow-horn. It fires .44-40 cartridges. Any bullet fired from this revolver will change course upon leaving the barrel, taking the most direct route to SCP-2158-1, where it will lodge itself, passing through any obstacles.

SCP-2158-1 is the embalmed body of Stanley Tewksbury (1871-1924), a rancher originally buried in Punkin Center, Arizona. It currently contains over 130 bullets, 80 of which were present before retrieval.

SCP-2158 was found in an abandoned ranch house in Punkin Center, held by the corpse of Joshua Graham, another rancher. MTF Psi-8 investigated to determine no lines of communication had been opened. Researchers were then allowed to access the body for study. Autopsy showed death by hanging as the cause of death. Most of the body was badly decomposed, but the hand was mummified and could not be removed from the revolver.

Notably, Stanley Tewksbury died of natural causes thirty years after Joshua Graham passed away.

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