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Item #: SCP-2155

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Eta-10-LatAm ("No los veo") is constantly monitoring the internet for any online document in any major language that refers to a "Restored Aztlan", "New Tenochtitlan" or "Cem Anáhuac" for traces of SCP-2155.

Should any minor infection vector be located, Class A and B amnestics are authorized to neutralize the outbreak. In the case of a major infection, especially if documents or pamphlets encourage the worship of Mesoamerican deities, along with armed uprising, Protocol 1907 "Rio Blanco" is to be enacted.

Description: SCP-2155 is a memetic cognitohazard, which makes anyone infected believe in the existence of a "Government of Tenochtitlán in Exile", designated SCP-2155-1.
Given that more than 450 years have passed since the fall of Tenochtitlán, the actual existence of SCP-2155-1 is considered highly improbable. Under Revision, see addendum E525 -Dr. █████

Depending on the ethnicity and nationality of those infected, it is estimated that between 35% and 90% of those infected will become sympathetic to the cause espoused by the documents containing SCP-2155. Those that remain neutral or hostile to the cause become asymptomatic carriers1.
Notably, the discussion of SCP-2155-1 by non carriers, does not cause infection.

The rest of the infected subjects, if left untreated, will actively attempt to spread SCP-2155 through word of mouth, pamphlets, impromptu public speeches, and more recently, websites and social media postings. Documents spreading SCP-2155 have been detected in Náhuatl, Spanish, English, Mandarin and █████████.

Most such documents claim that the heirs to the Mexican Empire, along with a sizable portion of the priesthood and warrior castes, went into hiding in 15██ and have waged a guerrilla war against the Spanish Empire first, and then the governments of Mexico, the United States of America, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Two recorded instances claimed that Maximilian of Hapsburg had brokered a marriage alliance with SCP-2155-1 but that he was killed before it could be finalized.

Most documents containing SCP-2155 in the last decade refer to ██████████ III, as the current Huēy Tlahtoāni, or emperor. Others may refer to other supposed leaders of the resistance, so-called tlahtoqueh, meaning "speakers" including █████████, ████████████, or █████ █████████.

Information between instances of SCP-2155 infections may be conflicting, but almost all of them denounce the "oppression of the people by the European invaders" and call all indigenous peoples of the continent to "actively resist and hinder the usurpers." Documents have advocated actions ranging from passive resistance and hunger strikes, up to terrorist attacks, suicide bombings and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Documents containing SCP-2155 identify as "the invaders" all kinds of establishment organizations, including the governments of the territories claimed by SCP-2155-1, the Catholic Church, the major drug cartels and, on one recorded case, the Foundation.

Some SCP-2155 containing documents claim that SCP-2155-1 has garnered the recognition and support of "brethren sovereignties in resistance" of such nations as Nuwaubia, Yamato Damashi, Bobo Ashanti or the ███████████████. Interviews with members of these separatist groups have yielded no results so far.

If an infection vector is left alone for more than ██ days, the documents and speeches by SCP-2155 carriers will progressively become more complex and no longer be solely political in nature. Such websites and documents will start calling for the return to the worship of Mesoamerican deities, in particular Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopoctli.

Starting in 19██, an increasing number of SCP-2155 cases have called for the destruction of the ██████ ████ Cathedral and for the establishment of a "Temple of the Fifth Sun"2 to these deities. This has increased in the last decades as the main vector of infection has changed to online documents, instead of pamphlets and speeches.

Addendum E525: According to document SCP-2155-E525, retrieved on October ██, 20██, the leaders of SCP-2155-1 went into hiding in Mictlán3 and called for the resumption of worship at the Temple of the Fifth Sun and the restoration of "the flower wars" to provide suitable sacrifices to restore SCP-2155-1's power.

Additional funding is requested to further investigate.

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