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Item #: SCP-2147

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2147's front porch is to be kept clear of plant matter at all times, as not to arouse suspicion. SCP-2147 has been removed from all websites featuring it, either through use of digital image manipulation or takedown of images on the basis of copyright claims. Any non-Foundation image of SCP-2147- particularly ones found on urban exploration websites- are to be taken down as soon as possible.

Sprinklers and misters have been fitted in the area around SCP-2147, which will regularly administer Class-F Amnestics1 to any individual passing by the property on which SCP-2147 is located.

With the exception of plumbing, all utilities have been disconnected from SCP-2147-B. No flames are to be lit within the basement of this structure, due to a buildup of flammable gas. This gas is to be vented weekly to prevent toxic buildup in the basement.

Description: SCP-2147 is what is believed to be a section of the Florida Everglades located simultaneously at coordinates [REDACTED] and in a three-story suburban house in [REDACTED], Ohio, United States. The section of the Everglades is designated SCP-2147-A and the house is designated SCP-2147-B.

SCP-2147-A conforms to the spatial structure and boundaries of SCP-2147-B's interior, and is present in all areas and structures of the house, including plumbing, heating ducts, crawlspaces and gas lines2. This has led to several irregularities, including:

  • A pit of quicksand located on the second story, which has no outlet, despite being located above the first-floor bathroom; GPS sensors dropped into the quicksand indicate the termination point is somewhere in the Everglades.
  • Water faucets often expel swamp water drawn from an unknown source when turned on, as well as items such as plants of the Lemnoideae genus (Duckweed), frog spawn, and dragonfly nymphs, despite being connected to the city of [REDACTED]'s municipal water supply. In addition, faucets will turn on at random, despite having faucet valves disabled.
  • The attic of the house is inaccessible, due to several square meters of silt, dirt and organics- an estimated 300 tonnes of matter- filling the space, including the stairs leading into the attic. Despite this, the ceiling of the second floor bears the weight of the attic with no structural issues. Currently, attempts are being made to enter the attic from the roof of SCP-2147-B.
  • What is presumed to be the living room or parlor of the house is filled entirely with swamp water of an unknown depth. Furniture has been found in this area of the house by exploratory divers. Furthermore, persistent audio phenomena has been heard both above and below water, in the form of an unknown folk song or songs.
  • With the exception of the living room, basement and bathrooms, no furniture or appliances were present in the house upon discovery.

While fauna have escaped SCP-2147-B into the city of [REDACTED], flora from SCP-2147-A shows the inability to grow past the bottom step of the front porch, with stems from the plants anomalously terminating at this point. Physical manipulation of the plants show that the terminated points still exist, but are located in another area.

SCP-2147 was originally discovered by the Unusual Incidents Unit Cincinnati Division, who were investigating repeated reports of alligators in the sewers of [REDACTED]. It was discovered this was due to an alligator living within SCP-2147 laying eggs in the toilet, with hatchlings occasionally crawling down the drain and living in the sewers. Due to the age of several of the captured alligators, it is estimated that SCP-2147 has existed in some form for at least ten years.

Addendum: Interview With UIU Agent MacAllister:

Agent Williams: Special Agent MacAllister, I'm Agent Williams, Foundation Liaison to the Unusual Incidents Unit. Could you please state your name for the record?

Agent MacAllister: (sighs) Special Agent Quinn MacAllister, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Unusual Incidents Unit 25.

Agent Williams: When did you first become aware of the anomaly?

MacAllister: It was supposed to be a simple investigation, honestly. We get reports of gators in sewers all the time in the UIU, and thanks to some law or another, we have to investigate every single one.

At first, we just assumed that it was an individual flushing baby gators into the sewer, where they grew up… but the problem was that this call was the tenth one in three months. The [REDACTED] County SCP- sorry, SPCA had no idea where they were coming from.

Most of the younger ones were found in the area of Wood Street- not a pleasant place. Everywhere there is broken and empty and run-down. So, we looked around there, and eventually, my partner… he started vomiting.

Williams: Why?

MacAllister: Agent Christman suffers from hypersensitivity, especially when it comes to smells. That's what tipped us off to the house; it smelled like rotting swamp, in the middle of Ohio. He couldn't stand the smell, so I went in, and… a gator nearly bit off my leg. I shot it, saw the inside of the house looked like it was the set of Creature from the Black Lagoon, and then I called you.

Williams: Did you notice anything unusual about the house, from what you could see from the doorway?

MacAllister: Other than the fact that Florida had come to visit? Well… right before I went in, I noticed a set of boots by the front door, just in the inside of it. They looked like… boots you would wear for hunting. Brand new, too. When I came back after checking on Agent Christman, they were gone.

Addendum: Incident 2147-01: On ██/██/20██, Agent Lowder, an exploratory diver, vanished whilst investigating the living room of SCP-2147-B. Prior to loss of communication, Agent Lowder reported that a hole had appeared in the water, and that he was going to investigate it; after failing to surface for another twenty minutes, an emergency dive was conducted, but Agent Lowder was unable to be located.

GPS tracking on his diving apparatus showed that he had somehow traveled to the Everglades, at coordinates [REDACTED]. A Foundation team was dispatched to the area, and found several pieces of furniture and home appliances within a remote area of the Everglades, seemingly suspended in midair by an unknown force, including several beds, a refrigerator, stove, oven, and several pieces of furniture dating from the mid 1990s. Notably absent were any bathroom fixtures. The elevation and location of each piece of furniture approximately matched the elevation and location they would be in if they were present in SCP-2147-B. Agent Lowder was not recovered from the area, and is presumed to be KIA.

Several task force members reported an audio anomaly in the area, which was found to be an LP recording of the Kingston Trio's String Along album, playing on a record player located in what was believed to be the living room; several individuals on-site at SCP-2147-B confirmed this to be the audio anomaly that was being heard in the living room.

The record and player were retrieved, and were believed to be non-anomalous upon recovery; however, analysis showed major alterations to the lyrical content of the song Everglades, as are recorded below:

Now, the family went in, they didn't come back out.
They all died in there and there ain't no doubt.
It's an eye for an eye so the debt is paid.
They won't last long in the Neverglades.
Only I can live in the Neverglades.
Where I can hide and never be found
And have no fear of the baying hounds.
But you better keep moving and don't stand still.
If the skeeters don't get you then the gators will.
Run like a dog through the Neverglades.
Skip like a frog through the slimy fog.
Run through the trees from the Neverlys.

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