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Item #: SCP-2138

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2138 is contained in a pressurized canister, sealed inside an air-tight box. The box is stored in a standard containment locker at Site-73. Pressure sensors inside the canister are programmed to notify staff in case of any leak.

Response to any leak, or any other activity requiring the containment locker to be opened, is to be carried out by Level-1 personnel trained to operate the site's industrial vacuum system. In the event of containment breach by SCP-2138, all personnel with Level-3 security clearance and higher are to be evacuated from Site-73 immediately. Any persons exposed to SCP-2138 are to be quarantined in isolation pending Site Director instructions.

Research on SCP-2138 has been terminated following Incident SCP-2138-1. As a result of Incident SCP-2138-2, no instances of SCP-2138-A are available for further study.

Description: SCP-2138 is a light blue, odourless, gaseous substance of unknown composition. The substance is chemically inert with normal atmospheric gases, is not flammable, and exhibits a rapid rate of diffusion. Initial gas chromatography results were inconclusive, and further physical and chemical properties of SCP-2138 have not been established. SCP-2138 was generated as a by-product of Dr Isaacs' attempts to synthesise a less harmful alternative to current psychoactive substances used as "truth serums" in Foundation field work.1

Exposure to or inhalation of SCP-2138 results in no harmful physical effects on animal specimens tested, but humans exposed to the substance exhibit the anomalous effect referred to as SCP-2138-A. Whether SCP-2138 has the same anomalous effect on all sapient entities is unknown.

SCP-2138-A consists of the appearance of a dark rectangular shape (approximately 45 x 30 cm) above the subject's head. The shape displays a series of short statements in bright yellow text, with the series repeating over time. Each statement discloses information known to the subject alone, or to the subject and a limited set of others. The effect appears to be permanent, although a change in the subject's knowledge will affect the content of the statements displayed. SCP-2138-A is invisible to the subject, and attempts to interact physically with SCP-2138-A appear to be harmful to the subject.

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