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Item #: SCP-2134

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2134 is kept in solitary confinement at Site-27. Direct interaction with SCP-2134 is not permitted; all maintenance tasks are either automated or completed by SCP-2134 itself. Any images, recordings, etc. of SCP-2134 must be sufficiently scrambled to prevent activation of its anomalous properties; information not altered in this manner may not be accessed by personnel. SCP-2134 is to be monitored solely via thermal camera. No communication is permitted.

Humanoid Self-Harm Prevention Protocol C is in effect for SCP-2134.

Description: SCP-2134 is a human male, age 54, with no pressing health concerns. SCP-2134's body possesses a number of modifications, most extensively to the neck and face.

Designs cut into the majority of SCP-2134's skin pose a health risk to humans. Viewing any of these designs is invariably fatal; death results from degradation of neural pathways over the course of seven hours, with associated symptoms in the interim. The markings on SCP-2134's face exhibit an accelerated version of this effect: death occurs within one hour. These effects are memetic in nature, and have been replicated with recreations of the designs.

SCP-2134's voice exhibits a compulsive memetic effect. Exposed humans will invariably be compelled to view SCP-2134, and will attempt to persuade others to do the same. They are not compelled to spread images of SCP-2134 or recreations of the symbols on its skin.

SCP-2134 is not affected by its own anomalous properties.

SCP-2134 has extensive classified knowledge regarding the Foundation, contained anomalous objects, and the subject of memetics. It will exhibit hostile behavior when removed from containment for any reason, attempting to affect personnel with its anomalous properties until it is confident that it will be returned to solitary confinement.

- Level 4 Access granted. Documents retrieved.

Recovery: Prior to developing anomalous properties, SCP-2134 was Dr. Konstantin Krupin, head of Site-27's Memetics Research department. Subject had no history of misbehavior beyond several citations for violating standard testing protocols.

On 2007-04-19, security footage indicates that Dr. Krupin was able to smuggle a knife from the Site-27 cafeteria past security. After printing off a document from his workstation, he accessed an empty humanoid containment cell and used the knife to carve the aforementioned symbols into his flesh, avoiding major blood vessels in the process.1 SCP-2134 then used the knife to make several alterations to its vocal cords, after which it placed a call to Site Security describing its anomalous properties and recommending containment by way of solitary confinement, additionally requesting medical care. Containment was achieved with acceptable casualties.

Interview 2134-4: This interview was conducted on 2007-07-07. SCP-2134 had refused to cooperate with attempts at questioning until it was placed in solitary confinement. The interview was conducted by Dr. Barley via a text-based communication protocol. The logs have not been altered in any respect.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Barley: SCP-2134, please respond if you can read this.

SCP-2134: Responding. I guess my attempts to disable this computer were as futile as they looked. I'm guessing you've put me under a Self-Harm Prevention Protocol to keep me from cutting myself up more?

Dr. Barley: That's correct.

SCP-2134: Your display name is "Dr. Barley"; is that actually you?

Dr. Barley: Yes.

SCP-2134: Hey Bill. Could you do me a favor and try to get this text chat removed?

Dr. Barley: why?

SCP-2134: well

SCP-2134: You remember when they brought scp-181 to the site?

Dr. Barley: I don't have the clearance to know about 181.

SCP-2134: I figured out why all the humanoids are depressed, we talk to them like robots :P you KNEW me, we were friends, this is what I get?

SCP-2134: Whatever i'll just tell you, they can give you amnestics later.

SCP-2134: 181 is "lucky" — it passively manipulates probability to create unlikely events. Used to be a D-Class until it survived three lethal skips, which caught "our" attention, and after some testing, we made it a skip.

SCP-2134: Six months later, they run the numbers, and the accident rate at the site he was at was up three-digits percent (idk why they blacked that out) since he got transferred there. So…

SCP-2134: …they put him in total solitary confinement at Site-27. It's not my field of study, but I saw the research documents, and what I got from them was that the probability manipulation operates in 181's favor. Don't ask me how they narrowed that down.

Dr. Barley: Let me guess.

Dr. Barley: You interpreted the findings as indicating that the best situation for SCP-181 was in solitary confinement at the Foundation, so you decided to make yourself into an anomaly in order to get the same treatment.

SCP-2134: Bingo.

SCP-2134: It makes sense, too. He got a LIFE SENTENCE for gambling fraud. We almost never take American prisoners for D-class, but we took him. They assigned him to THREE different life-threatening anomalies. All conspired to get him contained.

Dr. Barley: Duly noted. Thank you for this information.

SCP-2134: Anything for my old buddy Robo-Bill :P And for all I know, whatever it is that gets to anyone outside of solitary is a meme, so that's why I want you to get rid of the text chat.

Dr. Barley: I did come here to get particular information from you, however. Specifically, how you're immune to your own properties.

SCP-2134: not happening

Dr. Barley: Alright. In that case, we're going to have to decrypt your research notes.

SCP-2134: Yeah, decrypting the research notes of a memeticist who carved himself full of memetic kill agents. Brilliant idea.

Dr. Barley: We both know how high-priority research into meme inoculation is to Site Command. They deemed it a worthwhile risk. Unless you tell us how to access the notes safely, of course.

SCP-2134: At which point you'll reverse-engineer my immunity, give it to everyone, and move me to a low-security humanoid cell. Not happening.

SCP-2134: Just give it up, Dr. Barley.

Dr. Barley: We're on track to gain access with or without your help.2 I just came to do you the courtesy of giving you a chance to keep some D-class from getting foddered to the memetic kill agents you put on your hard drive.


SCP-2134: So that's how it's going to be.

Dr. Barley: Last chance, Konstantin.

SCP-2134: Bill, you have one minute to terminate this chat before I deploy a memetic kill agent.

Dr. Barley: You're bluffing.

SCP-2134: Not even a little. You chuckleheads couldn't possibly understand what I was working on. You'll probably mishandle something and all hell will break loose.

SCP-2134: this is what it is, isn't it. you break into my notes and set one of my weaponized memes loose. everyone but me and 181 is fucked.

Dr. Barley: So dramatic. This is completely believable, and definitely not you getting desperate.

SCP-2134: ```.:+:‘..`.`...,’:,;';,;:';+;:++++++

SCP-2134: ...::.:.`.“`````..„;”;;;;;”;;;++++++

<End log>

At this point, Dr. Barley terminated communications and alerted his superior. Further attempts at communication resulted in SCP-2134 sending text that may or may not compose a dangerous meme. The text-based communication channel has been removed as a precautionary measure.

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