This one's about an immortal pope made of antimatter. Look, I don't know what to tell you. Take it or leave it.

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Photograph of SCP-2131 taken shortly after event 2131-19. Note the lack of injury.

Item #: SCP-2131

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2131 is to be housed at all times in a radiation shielded humanoid containment chamber. This chamber is to contain the amenities associated with a standard humanoid containment cell. Current containment protocols are to allow SCP-2131 to perform a prayer ritual of its own design for the purpose of limiting gamma ray events. Under no circumstances should this ritual be interrupted by staff.

Under no circumstances are interviews to take place during the two hours preceding or following a scheduled gamma ray event. All interviews must take place utilizing the adjacent shielded interview room, which is to include a barrier sufficient to shield the interviewer from any gamma ray radiation emitted during an SCP-2131 gamma ray event.

Description: SCP-2131 is a human male claiming to be Avignon Pope Benedict XIII. Upon acquisition SCP-2131 was capable of conversing in a variation of archaic Italian and French, as well as Latin, and a previously unknown creoled language associated with those three (though SCP-2131 has, during its containment, become fluent in English). Every 16 hours SCP-2131 emits a gamma ray burst associated with a spontaneous conversion of a small amount of its mass into antimatter.

A daily prayer ritual designed and carried out by SCP-2131 has proven largely effective in preventing these gamma ray bursts. However, uncontrolled events have become more frequent as containment of SCP-2131 has continued, with the prayer ritual showing effectiveness in approximately 95% of events.

Gamma ray exposure associated with SCP-2131 is lethal to most living organisms present during an event, with the exception of SCP-2131 and a variety of radiation resistant micro-organisms. SCP-2131's apparent longevity (including a claim to have been born in 1328) has been linked to the gamma ray bursts, as any physical injury is healed during uncontrolled events. This has included injury sufficient to cause death.

SCP-2131 was originally recovered from Joshua Baptist Church in south Alabama. Several deacons in the church acquired information through the Seventh Society1 in an effort to assist in a ritual relating to a blood sacrifice. Documents detailing this correspondence have been recovered. However, the individual claiming association with the Seventh Society has not been located despite cooperative attempts by both the Foundation and Marshall Carter and Dark.



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