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Item #: SCP-2130

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2130 are to be sent to Storage Location 73-E, an automated storage warehouse in the Texas desert. Storage Location 73-E is to be monitored via CCTV. Guard presence should be minimised where possible. Any further testing of SCP-2130 must not be conducted at primary Foundation sites, and requires Level-3 clearance (particularly any tests involving human subjects).

SCP-3311 is to be monitored for any instances of SCP-2130 produced by its effect.

Description: SCP-2130 is a collection of standard office furniture, each item of which affects brain function in humans near the item. The magnitude of this effect varies based on the subject's underlying personality and the number of SCP-2130 items in proximity, but it is characterised by increased impulsiveness, reduced social inhibitions and inaccurate perception of risk. This is particularly evident in the subject's assessment of the value of human life and health. SCP-2130 instances have been implicated in more than 84 Foundation injuries and fatalities.1

SCP-2130 instances operate by emitting kappa radiation in a form which interferes with the subject's neural oscillation. While other psionic and cognitive anomalies also produce kappa radiation as a benign secondary effect, the method by which SCP-2130 generates such radiation is unknown. The anomalous effect is not permanent, and removal of the affected items will result in the subject's behaviour returning to normal.

To date, the following instances of SCP-2130 have been identified and moved to Storage Location 73-E:

  • 1 x wastepaper basket
  • 27 x standard office chairs
  • 12 x laboratory benches
  • 42 x computer monitors
  • 17 x fire extinguishers
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