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Item #: SCP-2128046979-J

Girlfriend Class: Real

Special Containment Procedures: Staff assigned to Site 534 or offsite projects with Junior Researcher Jimmy are to be periodically reminded that SCP-2128046979-J is, in fact, real, and his girlfriend. Staff who question the validity of either of these claims are to be immediately remanded for psychiatric evaluation and, if found to be affected by SCP-2128046979-J's anomalous effects, are to be subjected to intensive reeducation to reaffirm their belief in SCP-2128046979-J's reality and romantic relationship. Failure to reaffirm belief in SCP-2128046979-J might result in an EXGF-Class End Of Relationship scenario for Junior Researcher Jimmy.

Description: SCP-2128046979-J is Junior Researcher Jimmy's girlfriend. SCP-2128046979-J is believed to be affected by a combination of antimemetic and causality-related phenomenona that prevent her from physically interacting with all Foundation personnel stationed at Site 534 except Junior Researcher Jimmy, and obscures most information about her. For example, colleagues who converse with Junior Researcher Jimmy have proven incapable of gleaning information about her whereabouts, instead perceiving only the answer that "she works at a different Site."

Although SCP-2128046979-J's antimemetic effects affect details of the information about her, less specific information appears to be immune to the effect, to a degree currently under testing. The following facts about SCP-2128046979-J have been ascertained about SCP-2128046979-J through interrogation of Junior Researcher Jimmy, who is dating her:

  • SCP-2128046979-J is involved in a romantic relationship with Junior Researcher Jimmy.
  • SCP-2128046979-J works for the Foundation, at a Site that is not Site 534.
  • SCP-2128046979-J is extremely attractive.
  • SCP-2128046979-J has frequent sexual liaisons with Junior Researcher Jimmy.
  • SCP-2128046979-J's name is either Monika or Monica; inconsistency is assumed to be a result of SCP-2128046979-J's antimemetic properties.
  • SCP-2128046979-J does not have a phone, or email address, and the site she works at is super secret so we can't know its address and send her letters.

Addendum 2128046979-J-1: On ██/██/2018, Junior Researcher Jimmy responded to accusations of SCP-2128046979-J not being real by showing Agent Marcos a picture of her. Agent Marcos was remanded for psychiatric evaluation while Junior Researcher Jimmy's phone was seized to research the picture. Upon future investigation, said picture was determined to be an image of cosplay model ████ ██████; it is believed that this is a result of SCP-2128046979-J's properties, and that Junior Researcher Jimmy is the only subject who can see the real image.

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