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Shrine that typically holds SCP-2127. Photograph taken while subjects were within SCP-2127-1.

Item #: SCP-2127

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Safe)

Special Containment Procedures: The shrine that SCP-2127 rests upon, and the surrounding area, are to be shut off to the public on grounds of restorative construction. No fewer than two guards are to be present at all times. If a civilian attempts to come into contact with SCP-2127, guards are to detain said civilian for questioning, administering a class-C amnestic afterward. If a civilian shows any knowledge of the properties of SCP-2127, or of the existence of SCP-2127-1, guards are authorized to administer class-B amnestics as necessary.

Description: SCP-2127 is a sheet of paper that sits on the ledge of a memorial shrine in the hamlet of Kaifeck, Germany. The words “Who dunnit!?” (sic) are printed on the paper in the Comic Sans MS font. When a subject or subjects pick up SCP-2127, it is activated and they are instantaneously transported to SCP-2127-1. After each occurrence of SCP-2127 being activated, the paper will reappear on the ledge of the shrine until a subject or subjects come into contact with it again. It should be noted that a maximum of two people can be transported by one instance of SCP-2127.

Based upon information available in the Foundation database, along with public records, SCP-2127-1 is a replica of the farmstead Hinterkaifeck and the surrounding towns, Ingolstadt and Schrobenhausen. The only characteristic that keeps SCP-2127-1 from being an exact representation of the area, based on photographic documentation and reports from subjects introduced to SCP-2127, is the complete absence of human life save for the bodies of six unnamed people; three women, one man, and two children.

Records show that a family of five, along with their maid, were killed in Hinterkaifeck on March 31st, 1922. Calendars within the farmhouse show the date to be April 1st. The presence of these calendars, along with the fact that the farmstead is still standing in SCP-2127-11, point to SCP-2127-1 taking place the day after the killings. It is worth noting that the shrine that SCP-2127 rests upon while inactive is dedicated to the family in question.

After containment by the Foundation, two D-Class personnel were sent into SCP-2127-1: one male, age 24 at time of testing, and one female, age 31 at time of testing. As a control experiment, the D-Class were instructed to stay within four square yards of the spot they materialized in for the duration of their time within the anomaly. During debriefing, both subjects stated that once they were within SCP-2127-1, all color was absent, replaced by only black and white. The sound of jazz music was also noticed by both personnel upon entrance.

It was discovered through this experiment that female subjects materialize in SCP-2127-1 wearing a gray dress, while male subjects appear wearing a dark pinstripe suit and a gray trilby. This attire has been consistent in later tests. Both the suit and the dress bear badges for the Munich Police Department. The two D-Class observed no strange characteristics in the clothing.

All paraphernalia and clothing that was on the person of subjects upon coming into contact with SCP-2127 will disappear upon entrance into SCP-2127-1, and is returned upon exiting. Conversely, all paraphernalia gathered while within SCP-2127-1 disappears upon exiting. After 24 hours within SCP-2127-1, subjects will be returned to the shrine, along with a card reading “Maybe next time, detective!” There has been one exception to this. (see Exploration Log 2127-1A)

List of Materials Given to subjects upon Entrance to SCP-2127-1:

  • One (1) .357 Magnum Trooper handgun, fully loaded (upon testing, it was discovered that the rounds were blanks)
  • One (1) plastic flashlight with replacement batteries
  • Two (2) sticks of white chalk
  • Three (3) numbered evidence bags
  • One (1) notepad and pen
  • One (1) pack of candy cigarettes

Note from Dr. ██████, overseer of SCP-2127 exploration: The events of the roughly 3 hours between when Agent Keller and Agent Jackson left the basement of SCP-2127-1 and when Agent Jackson returned to the shrine are unclear, as Agent Jackson’s report of the events from that point on have varied greatly. The means by which the Agents entered the forest has been reported by Agent Jackson as “We walked into”, “We were pulled into”, and “He had been seeing us having been called into” on different occasions. The latter of the three reports was deciphered from Agent Jackson’s mostly unintelligible rambling directly after the incident. Due to the intensive therapy that Agent Jackson needed to undergo to extract the information currently available, interviews are suspended until further notice. It can be reasonably assumed, however, that Agent Jackson discovered the perpetrator of the murders, as SCP-2127 did not reappear after this exploration.

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