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Item #: SCP-2125

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: An area of 10 square meters around the farthest-reaching branch of SCP-2125 is to be monitored by female personnel at all times. There will be no less than one guard posted inside a facility near SCP-2125 designed to look like an old wooden shed. The shed will have a rectangular hole such that anyone facing the hole would see a seated figure inside the shed. The words "Stephanie's Camping Paradise" are to be painted above the opening. Should any civilians approach the shed, they are to be informed that "Stephanie's Camping Paradise" is out of supplies. If the civilians remain after all attempts to maintain cover and persuade them to leave have been made, then personnel are authorized to remove them by force.

Description: SCP-2125 is a white oak tree (Quercus alba) located in the ███████ ██████████ Forest in ██████, New York. It is 40 meters tall and has several branches that extend parallel to the ground. The longest of the branches is 35 meters. All of the branches are covered in an unknown species of vine that appears to be a different organism than the tree itself, though they terminate in its bark. The vines are wrapped around SCP-2125's branches and end in loops that hang off of the branches. The loops vary in diameter and are completely inactive until SCP-2125's anomalous properties manifest.

When a human male, referred to as the "subject", enters the area beneath any branch of SCP-2125, a previously-inanimate vine from the branch above the subject will uncoil and seize him by wrapping its looped end around the subject's neck. The subject will then be lifted by the vine and suspended until he dies of asphyxiation. After the subject is deceased, the vine will release the body and return to an inactive state.

All testing done with human females caused no anomalous reaction from SCP-2125.

A disused portion of a dirt trail leads to an unmarked grave beneath SCP-2125.

The letters "A" and "D" are carved into its trunk.

Addendum-2125-A: Excavation of the grave site revealed the skeleton of a man aged 20 to 35 years as well as a collection of badly-damaged documents and a well-preserved noose. The documents and noose were protected from complete decomposition by a closed metal box.

The legible parts of the documents have been transcribed below:

septembr 10 18██

annie you know I love you. I can take good kare of you and you no that. its not my falt if yor pa cant see it. meat me neer the tree tonite.

forever yors,

septembr 12 18██

annie its fine. I no that you didnot tell yor brothers bout us. yor pa mustve found my letter and telled them to com beet me out under our tree. they dont think i am good enuff for you annie so they told all sorts of untrue things bout us. that you didnt love me and that i was to stop comin over and writin letters to you. its fine annie. I no you didnt say thos things bout me. meat me neer our tree at nite when you get the chanse.


septembr 25 18██

annie I am so sad. I am missin you so much. I figure your pa and brothers hav you locked up somewere in your hous but Im to scared to com get you. I dont want to be beeten agin but i will com anyways. your pa wont think im a no good for you cowerd wen I com and get you. Ill com and get you and we will run. run far awway from heer and get married, til death do us part.


septembr 26 18██

annie I am so sorry they came aftre me so fast I just wasnt thinkin. my finger just pulld the trigger a few times. you know i didnt want to kill them just show them that im not a cowerd and i can be good for you annie. I herd you screemin in the back room but i ran wen the blood started ta get all muddy like round my feet. theyll hang me i no it. I do not want to meet Our Lord so soon, annie. we were suposed to be married and get old together before He called us. I am gonna run, annie. run far away from the hangman and com back for you 1 day. i promise.

forever your love,


Daniel ██████, a young man employed by the ████████ family, was executed yesterday. Those interviewed described Daniel as "a simple soul" that "would never harm anyone". Townspeople were therefore shocked to learn that Danny was obsessed with Mr. ████████'s daughter, Annie. He imagined that they were in love and that Mr. ████████ and his three sons were conspiring to keep Ms. ████████ from him. Ms. ████████ declined to comment.

His last words were: "I'll never let another man touch you, Annie! No one else will love you or meet you under our tree, I swear it! I won't let them!"

He was hanged off of the old oak tree.

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