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Section of Containment Enclosure with portion of SCP-2123's Synchrotron Ring visible. Note air ionization caused by emitted radiation.

Item #: SCP-2123

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The building complex containing SCP-2123 (Site-2123) has been converted into living quarters and office space for containment staff. Personnel entering the Primary Containment Building are to wear dosimetry badges at all times. Any personnel exceeding a total accumulated dose of 100mSv in 1 year are to be transferred offsite for at least 6 months. A security perimeter has been established 2km away from Site-2123 to prevent members of the public from entering the area.

SCP-2123 is surrounded by a 6.5m high lead-lined concrete containment enclosure. Internal inspection and maintenance of enclosure is to occur weekly to ensure continued structural integrity. Personnel entering the enclosure are required to wear standard issue CBRN defense suits, and may not spend more than 10 minutes inside at a time. Only D-Class personnel may perform inspections, except during emergencies and with approval of Site Command.

All Excursion Events must be reported to O5 Command within 30 minutes of manifestation. Agents embedded within High Energy Physics Laboratories are to ensure that evidence of Excursion Events is not leaked to the public.

Data from current testing of SCP-2123 may only be viewed by personnel with Level 4 clearance.

Description: SCP-2123 is a large particle accelerator located in Waxahachie, Texas, consisting of a 11m long linear accelerator, a synchrotron ring measuring 616m in circumference, and a collider ring measuring 1km in circumference. Under most circumstances, SCP-2123 collides [REDACTED] particles at energies of approximately 300TeV. Normal operation releases significant amounts of ionizing radiation, with levels exceeding 100Gy/hr within containment enclosure. There is currently no known way to shut down SCP-2123.

SCP-2123's electromagnets exhibit strengths of 100-800T. The composition of the magnets, and exactly how such high field strengths are produced, are currently unknown.

Following Incident 2123-2007, SCP-2123 will undergo an Excursion Event at an average rate of once every two weeks. During these events, collision energies and emitted level of radiation increase between 10 and 100 times normal levels. When collision energies exceed approximately 5.3PeV,[REDACTED; SEE ADDENDUM 2123-ALPHA (LEVEL 4 CLEARANCE REQUIRED)]. The median duration of Excursion Events is approximately 30 seconds, with the longest observed event lasting 127 seconds.

Personnel with adequate clearance may consult Addendum 2123-Alpha for further information regarding SCP-2123's Keter classification.

Discovery: According to information from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's regional office in Dallas, SCP-2123 was constructed between 2001 and 2003 by an organization known as Fiz-Hex Inc. (FHI). OSHA ordered FHI to suspend operations at Site-2123 on September 27, 2003, due to higher than acceptable levels of radiation being released by the device into work areas. On December 24, three OSHA inspectors received fatal radiation doses from exposure to SCP-2123 when they visited the facility to oversee the restart of the accelerator. Although SCP-2123 was in operation, the facility was entirely deserted at the time.

Following this incident, the Foundation took custody of Site-2123. Investigation of Site-2123 found all physical and digital documentation to be completely blank. Site-2123 was secured, and standard information management protocols were enacted. A containment enclosure around SCP-2123 was completed on March 2, 2004. The whereabouts, identities, and number of FHI's employees are unknown.

Addendum: Incident 2123-2007

Between April 8 and August 27, 2007, a series of experiments designated Study 2123-245 were performed. Data gathered from this study resulted in SCP-2123 being upgraded from Euclid to Keter on 1/15/2008.

The following is a series of emails exchanged between several researchers involved. Access to the full results of Study 2123-245 requires Level 4 clearance.

Addendum 2123-Alpha

The following document is classified Level 4-2123 clearance.

All personnel receiving Level 4-2123 clearance are to be briefed using the following document.

Addendum: Incident 2123-2008-3

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