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SCP-2117-B Exit Interview

SCP-2117-B are a group of five augmented female humans of Japanese origin, designated SCP-2117-B-1 through SCP-2117-B-5. SCP-2117-B instances are genetically identical, and measure between 1.9 and 2 meters in height and between 70 and 95 kilograms in weight. Variables in height and weight have been attributed to the augmentation process. Subjects are fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and English and have shown hostility towards Foundation personnel. Upon first contact with SCP-2117-B, these individuals were the only sapient lifeforms present aboard SCP-2117.

SCP-2117-B instances display an array of genetic and cybernetic enhancements, including:

• Cosmetic genetic splices of Felis catus physiology, including ears, tails, and hair coloration. Tails are prehensile and capable of holding small objects.
• Grip pads located on the hands and feet.
• Retractable blades in the fingers and knuckles.
• Ocular implants with thermal vision, heads-up display, and recording equipment
• Carbon-nanoweave muscle fiber augmentation and reinforced endoskeleton
• Wireless communication suite with local tactical network
• Drug glands providing pain dampening, heightened sensory awareness, and altered pheromones.

Upon containment, SCP-2117-B instances showed early signs of organ failure; interviews with the subjects indicate that this is due to an 'expiration date' artificially inserted into their DNA during their creation. However, following two months of gene therapy and augmentation maintenance by Foundation personnel, they are largely healthy.

On June 14th, 2019, all SCP-2117-B instances and all members of Zeta-9 returned to Earth using SCP-2117-A-1 instances. Following two months of medical treatment and augmentation maintenance by Foundation personnel, all SCP-2117-B instances were deemed eligible for an exit interview. For the sake of clarity, the transcription of this interview will continue to refer to these individuals as 2085-A, -B, -C, -D, and -E.

Z9-1: All right. Good morning, girls.

2085-A: We lived together on a ship for long enough. Y'can call us something proper. I'm Boss.

2085-B: I'm Momoko, royal protector of the Queen of Thailand, may she reign immortal.

2085-C: Aisha Cl— oh, we're using real names? Hana, then.

2085-D: Kono Dio Da! Nah, seriously, Nanami. Also I think I'm still the Queen of Thailand? Does Thailand have a monarchy here?

2085-E: Tomi.

Z9-1: All right, well.

Z9-1 brings up a chair to the desk in the 2085 containment cell, and distributes a set of contracts to the 2085 instances.

Z9-1: We're ready to negotiate, to a reasonable degree. And before you ask: no, you can't hijack the Dai— Dai… I can't pronounce it.

2085-C: Daitaihomaru. Can we at least visit? I left some stuff up there.

Z9-1: This is just a generic secrecy agreement. We'll work out the details later.

2085-A picks up a pen and prepares to sign it. 2085-D grabs at her hand and snarls at Z9-1.

2085-D: What the fuck d'ya think you're playin' at?

Z9-1: Pardon?

2085-D: I've been workin' with memes for thirty fuckin' years. Ya think I wouldn't see one embedded in paper?

2085-D holds the contract up to Z9-1's face.

Z9-1: Like I said, secrecy agreement. It's… a safer alternative to blanking minds constantly, especially with government officials.

2085-D: Safer? I created one of these that makes people unable to say vowels, and you're usin' it as a fuckin' gag order.

2085-E: We can't tell anyone about you?

Z9-1: Not for the moment. Give it a year or two.

2085-A: You still haven't told us what this imminent disaster is. We could help.

2085-B: Honestly, Boss? I don't wanna.

There is a murmur of assent between 2085 instances.

2085-B: I think that thirty years of adventure is enough for more than one lifetime, let alone five.

2085-D: Granted, we count vacations under adventures in the company charter. I don't think any of us'd be opposed to a trip to Disneyland Japan— wait, that exists, right?

Z9-1 nods.

2085-D: Thank god. I've been wanting to give that mouse a piece of my mind about how they never got fuckin' Spider-Man in the Marvel Movie Clusterfuck.

2058-E: But I don't think we can go there. Yet.

Z9-1: Yeah. Again, you'll have to wait.

2085-A: And again: if the world's in danger, we'd— or at least, I'd— be willing to rise to the occasion. What the hell's going to happen, anyway?


2085-E: Holy shit. That… that'd be impossible to cover up.

2085-A: Yeah, I see why you're going public. Christ.

2085-C: Okay, but how does [REDACTED] factor into it? I think we blew that up back home— before the moon, of course.

Z9-1: Wait, I left out the bit about the prophecy, didn't I? Well, [DATA EXPUNGED].

2085-B: Fucking badass!

2085-A: Okay, back up. You have mechs?

Z9-1: We call it Project KEY.

2085-B begins to speak.

Z9-1: No, you can't drive it.

2085-B: Aww.

2085-D: Eh, fuck it. If that comes up, I'd be willing to help nail it down. Y'don't have full access to the weapons systems on the Daitaihomaru anyway.

2085-A: I'm still a bit lost. Where do the squirrels come in?

Z9-1: That's classified, but if you're anywhere near a wooded area, it'll become obvious.

All 2085 instances look at one another, and sit silently, fidgeting, for about two minutes. Z9-1 later noted the eyes of all 2085 instances appeared to have mirrored text scrolling over their pupils.

2085-A: Okay, yeah, uh. Sounds like the world's about to get a lot more interesting.

2085-C: So… assuming the world's not going to end, where are we going to live?

Z9-1 produces another document.

Z9-1: That's the next matter on the table. Ever hear of Yumegēmu?

2085-A: Dream game? There's no way that's a real town.

Z9-1: It is. It may not be the quietest place to live, but it is interesting.

2085-C reads over the document.

2085-C: …' points exist throughout the Nexus which contain a variety of challenges, often presented as written instructions attached to a display-board or display-board analog…' Wait, is this what I think it is?

Z9-1: I've never been, but I've read reports out of it. There's a game shop in that town that has some products locked behind quizzes and puzzles that take five people to solve.

2085-E: Okay. This… actually sounds kinda cool.

2085-A: And I assume that this place on the map is where we'd live?

Z9-1: Yeah. It's been vacant for a while, and from what I can tell, it used to be a mochi shop? Whatever mochi is.

2085-B: Oh my god! It's been years since I've had proper mochi that didn't come from a replicator! Boss, can we?

2085-E: I agree with Momoko. We've not had authentic Japanese grub in a while. What say you, boss?

2085-A: Fuck it, I'm for it. Now, where's the rest of these contracts?

Z9-1: Let me call the legal department.

As a reward for their cooperation and as a form of gratitude, SCP-2117-B instances were classified as E-Class Personnel. Currently, SCP-2117-B instances are being monitored by Foundation operatives stationed at Site-79 in Yumegēmu, Tokushima, Japan. SCP-2117-B instances have a standing agreement with the Foundation to act as an Auxilliary Task Force in the event of Scenario XK[REDACTED]Omega occurring, but otherwise have an understanding to not leave the city until said scenario occurs.


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