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SCP-2117 was first discovered in January of 2019, after Site-19 received an apparent distress signal originating from Trans-Neptunian space. The message was as follows.

This is the Daitaihomaru sending an automated distress beacon. Approximately 90% of crew is lost. Life support systems are non-functional. Respond to receive payload. This message will repeat.

After two months of deliberation within the O5 Council, a 7-6 vote to allow a response to be transmitted. By this time, SCP-2117 had reached its current position orbiting Titan.

Daitaihomaru, this is Dr. Kirk. We read you.

At this point, an object was launched from SCP-2117, bound for Earth at high speeds. It arrived on April 1st, 2019, impacting in a field near Nagano, Japan. Civilian sources identified this payload as a crashed satellite, allowing Foundation personnel embedded within JAXA to recover it. This payload contained over 50 instances of SCP-2117-A-1.

Testing with these objects commenced on April 5th. Once activated, SCP-2117-A-1 opened a passage into SCP-2117, creating a vacuum which caused large amounts of damage to the testing chamber.

Upon discovery, SCP-2117 was on emergency oxygen supplies, necessitating the use of a vacuum chamber to enter and prototype space suits to explore. MTF-Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") entered the ship, accompanied by a pair of NASA technicians who have previously worked on various space stations.

The following files were recovered from Z9-Tech-2's tablet. All voices, unless noted, are female with a slight Japanese inflection. Despite being mp4 files, only audio streams are available.

Approximately four days following the initial excursion into SCP-2117, a second expedition was launched. At this time, life support and artificial gravity had been restored; however, as a precaution, MTF-Zeta-9 remained in their space suits, in case SCP-2117 again encountered life support failure, and again used the vacuum chamber as the point of ingress.


Core File

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Extended Exploration Logs

SCP-2117-B Exit Interview

Document 2117-Ω-2A Recovered Materials

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