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Former exterior plans of SCP-2117, retrieved from an onboard computer. More detailed mapping operations are currently underway. Click to enlarge.

Item #: SCP-2117

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2117 is the location of Site-2117, which can be accessed by any individual possessing an instance of SCP-2117-A-1. Currently, SCP-2117-A-1 instances are used by vital personnel, members of Mobile Task Force Omega-2 ("Anti-Nihilism IN SPACE!") and instances of SCP-2117-B.

SCP-2117 is currently situated in orbit around Titan, but may be freely used to move throughout the solar system in order to combat extraterrestrial or extrastellar threats. The weapons capabilities of SCP-2117 are listed in the user's manual in Document 2117-Alpha.

There are currently no plans to use SCP-2117 as a means of interstellar travel; however, as it is home to a Bailey-King Multi-Universal Transit Array, there is currently an outpost for the Department of Multi-Universal Affairs onboard.

SCP-2117-B instances are currently acting as security consultants with the Foundation as part of Auxiliary Task Force Alpha-1 ("The Black Rabbit In The Moon"). SCP-2117-B instances are allowed free passage on to and off of SCP-2117, and are being used as a disruptive agents for non-Foundation interests in China, Japan and South Korea.

Description: SCP-2117 refers to an irregularly-shaped space station of unknown origin currently orbiting Titan, the largest moon of the planet Saturn. SCP-2117's external dimensions are approximately 200km x 50km x 70km. However, the interior dimensions of SCP-2117 to far exceed that of the exterior due to the use of Augustine Non-Euclidian Stabilization Engines1. The hull of SCP-2117 is made up of an iridium-titanium-beryllium alloy, and 90% of the ship is covered with markings of a single phrase written in over five-hundred languages: SCPS Solidarity.

SCP-2117 appears to be an amalgam of at least seventy-three different space-faring craft and space stations; of these, fifteen of the craft and twelve of the stations are identical. The Augustine Non-Euclidian Stabilization Engines aid SCP-2117 in maintaining its cohesion, as exploration has indicated that the disparate parts of SCP-2117 are joined not through welding or other joining techniques, but through violation of the Pauli exclusion principle2.

SCP-2117-1 refers to a pseudo-memetic anomaly present onboard SCP-2117. SCP-2117-1 automatically translates all writing inscribed onto the surfaces within SCP-2117, including furniture, structural components, and technology. Writing must be physically inscribed or embossed; printed writing is not affected by SCP-2117-1.

Inscriptions translated by SCP-2117-1 are often used as a guide to operating SCP-2117-A instances, or else are used as commentary on these instances. SCP-2117-A refers to the anomalous technology and items present on SCP-2117. Notable instances of SCP-2117-A with accompanying commentary include:

  • An AI terminal containing an instance of the defunct AIC "CROM"
  • All it does it say the same word over and over. Whoever programmed this, I hope they got spaced.
  • It looks like a cute bird, but this thing likes multiplying. It crashed half the computers on Deck 3 last night. It's staying disconnected.
  • A large-scale Kant counter, which has been adjusted to account for the Hume levels present on SCP-2117.
  • I can't believe it. This thing's name is a [female reproductive organs] counter?
  • That pun doesn't really work outside of one language.
  • What the hell is a Hume, anyway?
  • Mumbo-jumbo. I'd trash it, but it's fused to the bridge.
  • A functional Bailey-King Multi-Universal Transit Array; however, documentation refers to it as a King-Bailey Transit Array.
  • If a guy in a white labcoat comes through, space the entire deck.
  • This is staying offline. Too much of a drain on the power, and we need fucking life support.
  • YOU need life support. WE can live in a vacuum.
  • A recreational room using anti-gravity technology salvaged from a Foundation HALO facility, as well as the remains of a ship known as Combat Zeppelin Orichalcum.
  • Literally a goddamn bounce house.
  • Since when do we have COMBAT ZEPPELINS!?

For further entries, refer to Document 2117-Ω-2A Recovered Materials.

The four SCP-2117-A instances of greatest concern are as follows.

SCP-2117-A-1 refers to the entrances to SCP-2117. SCP-2117-A-1 are small iridium cubes that, when thrown on a surface after speaking a pass phrase, will open a two-way wormhole into the main common area of SCP-2117. The pass phrase, engraved on the cubes, reads as such:

As long as there are stars in our skies, evermore shall Solidarity rise.

SCP-2117-A-2 refers to a techno-organic Artificial Intelligence. which refers to itself as "Mahōtsukai"3. SCP-2117-A-2 appears to have overwritten the original AI present on the ship after being uploaded from an external source, speculated to be one or more sapient individuals.

SCP-2117-A-2's main CPU is organic in nature, approximately 20 meters in diameter, made up of artificial brain and cardiovascular matter. At least twenty-one implants of unclear function exist on SCP-2117-A-2's CPU, apparently acting as 'personality cores' which allow it to exhibit empathy, creativity, and increased cognitive capacity.

SCP-2117-A-3 is an organism which SCP-2117-A-2 refers to as "Jumpy". SCP-2117-A-3 is a nonapodal4 extraterrestrial organism with a cylindrical body, largely blue in color, possessing a simple jawed mouth and non-centralized cardiovascular and nervous systems, with five hindlimbs and four forelimbs. SCP-2117-A-3 does not appear to be sapient, but has a generally friendly temperament.

SCP-2117-A-3 has the ability to enclose a space of at least 600km2 within a field of unstable space-time, which can then be controlled by SCP-2117-A-2. If used in conjunction with the ion thrusters present on SCP-2117, it is capable of propelling SCP-2117 at Faster-Than-Light speeds. If used in conjunction with the aforementioned Bailey-King MUTA, SCP-2117-A-3 is capable of crossing universal boundaries.

SCP-2117-A-4 is an object SCP-2117-A-2 refers to as the "Crew Manifest". SCP-2117-A-4 is a large book with vellum pages, bound in leather which appears to be made from a large monitor lizard similar to a Komodo dragon.

When an individual writes their name on SCP-2117-A-4, a notation will appear by their name, indicating what role they serve in the crew and their current status. Foundation personnel that have signed their name in SCP-2117-A-4 have their roles listed as their stations in the Foundation, and their status as "Active". All other personnel, with the exception of SCP-2117-B instances, are listed as either "Lost", "MIA" or, "Void".

SCP-2117's bridge contains a plaque which claims to originate from a former group of SCP-2117's owners. SCP-2117-B instances claim that the plaque changed to its current state some time in the last thirty years, and that the original text was entirely different.

This grand ship was given to us long ago. It waited at the Lagrange point, waiting for us to take action. We never did. It floated in space, occasionally picked up by a satellite, occasionally explored. But we never did anything with it— we were content with the status quo.

We learned, too late, that there is no such thing as normal. We tried to stop the thing that came from beyond the stars, faster, faster, ever faster, going beyond the speed of light, but by the time it ate the tenth planet, it was too late. The world as we knew it would die.

Or so we thought. The plaque on the original said that this was the only Solidarity in existence. It was wrong. Dozens— no, hundreds of them filled the skies above the Earth, in shapes and sizes that made several of them unrecognizable. But they still bore her name: Solidarity. They kept the star at bay, and when we got the call, we took the reigns of our own ship.

It was like we were born on it— as soon as the airlock opened, we knew every inch of the ship. Every dent in its hull, every imperfection in its guidance system, every stain on the captain's chair. It spoke to us, and we listened. After too long, we listened, and we went to battle among them, and the Solidarity lived up to its name.

We could never go back into hiding after that, nor did we want to. The world had witnessed a miracle, but the Solidarity was never ours. We abandoned it, made our own ships, and one day, it will vanish,

Salvation will come from this ship one day, and it will not leave until that salvation is provided. When it is, Earth will look to the stars, and those on it will finally know that they are not alone.

We, of the Seventh Stellar Squadron of the Foundation for the Suppression of the Anomalous dedicate this plaque to all those who fought in the Battle of the 100 Solidaritys and those who will come after us, discover this ship, and use it for their own salvation.


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Extended Exploration Logs

SCP-2117-B Exit Interview

Document 2117-Ω-2A, Recovered Materials

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