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If you can read this, you are already dead.

Item #: SCP-2111

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2111 has been eradicated by Mobile Task Force Omega-Zero ("Ará Orún"). Future manifestations of SCP-2111-like entities are to be identified and destroyed.

Description: SCP-2111 was Foundation Agent Michelle Yu, killed in the line of duty on 10/23/1980. While no ω-0 personnel are able to recall events between their deaths and 04/21/1981, it is theorized that SCP-2111 was attacking the memories of Foundation personnel during this time. On 04/21/1981 Counterconceptual Division Researcher Victoria Taylor published a preliminary report on these attacks as SCP-2111. Shortly thereafter the entity identifying as Agent Yu first manifested here in the SCP-2111 database and modified the file (see below). This act appeared to trigger the ongoing manifestation of other entities identifying as deceased personnel in the database.

These entities are free-willed informational constructs operating on a currently unidentified substrate1. This database appears to act as a focal point around which the entities' consciousness is able to coalesce, in a manner analogous to a Type II Localized Apparitional Haunting.

SCP-2111 believed that deceased Foundation personnel were "trapped" by "the artificially solid memories" of personnel who knew the deceased personally in life resulting from long-term treatment with mnestic drugs. She began to target those individuals in both the Antimemetics and Counterconceptual Divisions who had personally known her in life with antimemetic and cognitohazardous attacks aimed at killing those who remembered her, or erasing their memories. Additionally, at least one attack targeted O5-8. SCP-2111 gradually built a following of deceased personnel, and taught them the techniques to create and deploy these attacks.

Many of their victims had experience in memetic and antimemetic warfare; after manifesting in the database, several of these personnel formed Mobile Task Force Omega-Zero. It was theorized that SCP-2111 would not be immune to antimemetic attacks created specifically by similar entities. A versatile tool capable of precise editing or deletion of entities of this type was designed: Identity Warfare Training (IWT). On 03/10/1994, MTF ω-0 operatives used IWT to delete SCP-2111 from existence as an informational entity2. Subsequently, all of her followers either surrendered or were erased. Those that surrendered were edited into loyal compliance with MTF ω-0's mission, and all memory of their involvement with SCP-2111 was deleted.

[4.63%] ls -la
-rwx2r--- MEME 2/2111 18 KB Jul 14 2015 SCP-2111(RED TALISMAN)
-rwx2r--- AMEM 2/2111 20 KB Jan 17 2015 SCP-2111(RIDDEN TONGUE)
-rwx2r--- AMEM 2/2111 36 KB Jan 17 2015 SCP-2111appA
-rwx2r--- CCON 2/2111 21 KB Aug 13 2015 SCP-2111(REVENANT THEORY)
-rwx2r--- OZER 2/2111 21 KB Nov 1 2015 SCP-2111(READ THIS)
drwx3RTrwx--- MEME 3/2111/RT 10 GB Nov 1 2015 scp-2111.datafiles.warningcoghaz

[4.63%] cd..

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