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Entrance 22, demarcated in red.

Item #: SCP-2104

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All entries leading to SCP-2104-B are to be surrounded by a wire mesh fence. The fence's perimeter is to be patrolled to avoid civilian intruders. Any civilian crossing the perimeter must be administered Class B amnestics.

Observation Post-04 has been created near the village of ██████, Spain, to remotely monitor the 32 known entries to SCP-2104-B.

Description: SCP-2104-A is a humanoid entity of variable appearance. SCP-2104-A is located inside SCP-2104-B, and seems to be unable to leave this area or act outside it.(See Addendum 004/1.)

SCP-2104-A is able to partially control its physical appearance, and usually takes the form of a child between 7 and 9 years old. Based on previous interactions recorded during reconnaissance missions, SCP-2104-A presents symptoms of intellectual disability. Its body is covered by different kinds of organic materials (such as fur, sticks, and mud) and small living organisms, including birds, insects, rodents, and lichens.

SCP-2104-A displays a positive emotional response to interaction with children, but shows fear when approached by adults.

SCP-2104-A is typically found in the same location, under a holm oak tree (Quercus ilex) with a weathered straw rope hanging from one of the tree's branches.

SCP-2104-B is an extra-dimensional space that occupies an approximate geographic surface of 0.15 km2. To date, 32 entries to SCP-2104-B have been identified and documented. Entrances are always centered on natural terrain features such as rocks or trees, and are effectively invisible to the naked eye.

Entrances to SCP-2104-B are normally inactive, but will activate if approached by prepubescent children. Adults approaching an entrance do not cause it to activate.

SCP-2104-A is able to alter reality inside SCP-2104-B to a certain extent, changing the composition of matter and considerably affecting the behavior of indigenous fauna and flora of the area. During the last 50 years, SCP-2104-A has modified SCP-2104-B to reflect a series of themes from Aesop’s fables, along other unidentified manifestations. Some animals within the area have shown the ability to speak, and commonly refer to SCP-2104-A as "the king by the tree."

According to the results of field analysis, SCP-2104-B is geographically identical to the area it covers in this reality construct.

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