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Item #: SCP-2100-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2100-J is to be stored within a secure lock-box within the Site-L11 Level 2 cognito-hazardous items repository. All requests for testing of SCP-2100-J require approval from at least three (3) Level 3 or higher personnel.

Description: SCP-2100-J is a brown Fedora-style hat produced by █████████. The physical composition of SCP-2100-J does not differ in any way from that of other hats of the same model. Object is susceptible to physical harm and care should be taken to prevent its destruction during testing. SCP-2100-J incites a weak compulsive response in humans, causing subjects viewing the item to desire to wear it. This response is not incited in other species and has been shown to be possible to overcome given a small amount of effort.

When worn by a human subject, SCP-2100-J will cause said subject to narrate surrounding events as they transpire. Subjects invariably prove unwilling or unable to cease this narration, in most cases being unaware of its occurrence. Narration is done in the form of internal monologue (albeit vocalized), usually pessimistic in tone and language used, comparable to that of 1920's Crime-Noir literature and early 1950's Film-Noir motion pictures. [See Test Log 2100-J-12] While wearing SCP-2100-J individuals have shown heightened violent responses in reaction to negative stimuli, often resulting in physical conflict with other humans and (in some cases) with animals. Upon removal, the narratory effects of SCP-2100-J dissipate, resulting in a partial lack of memory in subjects regarding events which occurred while SCP-2100-J was worn. It should be noted however, that the attractive properties of SCP-2100-J do not dissipate following removal of the item unless a large (upwards of 300m) distance is put between the item and subject.

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