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Item #: SCP-2097

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2097 is to be held in a well-lit standard containment chamber. Historical Mongolian texts and children's books written in Spanish are to be arranged on the floor nearby; different texts are to be rotated in on a monthly basis. The room is to be monitored by four CCTV cameras, with at least one directly focused on SCP-2097 at all times. Access to the chamber is to require Level-3 clearance. Should instances of SCP-2097-1 manifest, Researcher Adams (or the Level-3 Researcher currently assigned to SCP-2097) is to be informed immediately.

Description: SCP-2097 has four observed forms: a fencing foil, a leaf-shaped arc, a thin sheet of metal, and a curved metal plate. The material that SCP-2097 is composed of may vary between manifested forms; material analysis does not reveal any abnormalities in the substances themselves. SCP-2097 will transition repeatedly between these forms, with its most common appearance being a thin sheet of aluminum. SCP-2097's transformation process is irregular and instantaneous; high speed camera footage reveals the object changing from one form to the next apparently in between frames.

Prior to first manifestation of SCP-2097-2, a piece of paper with a written message (henceforth referred to as SCP-2097-1) would occasionally materialize next to SCP-2097. Instances of SCP-2097-1 were usually written in crude English, though one instance was written in Mongolian. See below for examples of messages found on instances of SCP-2097-1.

worthy teacher why does no word rhyme with orange is it most beautiful word?

what is mr. and dr. and mrs. and ms. those aren't words this is not perfect

friend, why is it tooth and teeth not booth and beeth?

Instances of SCP-2097-1 were later discovered to have been sent by SCP-2097-2. Writing on instances of SCP-2097-1 allowed the Foundation to communicate with SCP-2097-2 before it began to physically manifest in Foundation containment.

SCP-2097-2 is an entity that assumes the appearance of a Puss Moth caterpillar (Cerura vinula) and claims to have created SCP-2097. SCP-2097-2 is able to produce high-pitched vocalizations and can communicate in Mongolian and basic English. It claims to be a minor deity serving the god Tengri and has demonstrated detailed knowledge of the Mongol Empire. Throughout its interactions with the Foundation, SCP-2097-2 has been cooperative and amicable. It consistently expresses a desire for the presence of a man named "Juan".

Addendum 2097-01: Since books were introduced to the containment area, SCP-2097-2 has been observed to appear every twenty-three days, examining the books for eight hours before disappearing. However, upon personnel entering the containment area while SCP-2097-2 is present, it will immediately demanifest and will not appear for another twenty-three days.

After a year of this continued behavior, Researcher Adams left a note on top of SCP-2097: "Please talk to me." At the next cycle, SCP-2097-2 remained in the room while Adams was present (see interview log).

Addendum 2097-02: Foundation investigation has discovered a Juan Caballero, deceased since 1548. Mr. Caballero was an obscure scholar and documented to be fluent in Spanish, English, and Old Norse. Although the Foundation did not find any record of him being familiar with the Mongolian language, it is probable that this is the man that SCP-2097-2 is referring to. Efforts are ongoing to recover more information about this individual and their descendants.

Addendum 2097-03: On ██/██/██, SCP-2097-2 appeared in the containment area along with two sheets of stainless steel, a 1 cm thick piece of oak wood and a leaf from the Bearded Iris (Iris germanica). SCP-2097-2 explained that it "had remembered what Juan had wanted to work on next". Researcher Adams told SCP-2097-2 that the Foundation had found someone who knows where Juan is, and suggested that SCP-2097-2 return later. SCP-2097-2 replied, "It will be good to meet again. He is an uncommonly honest man, and always kept his promises." and demanifested, leaving the materials in the containment area.

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