2/2093 LEVEL 2/2093



Item #: SCP-2093

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The school building containing SCP-2093 is to be locked down when not being tested. As the building has been condemned and no longer serves any public function, any unauthorized individual found roaming the halls is to be detained and interrogated. As of ██/█/2013, SCP-2093 has expanded in size approximately 8 square meters, encompassing the entirety of the drama room. The exact limits can be determined by use of thermal imaging, as the space within SCP-2093 has a significantly lower level of heat and humidity.

Description: SCP-2093 is a spatial anomaly localized in the third floor drama room of ███████ High School and located in █████████, Maryland. Upon entering SCP-2093, personnel inside enter the spatial anomaly, and are able to exit the room while remaining within SCP-2093, allowing for exploration of a recreation of the school building. The recreation conforms with the size and structure of the actual school and is populated by an array of entities appearing as students, ranging in age from elementary students to high school students.

Continued exploration has revealed the limits of the anomaly extend in all directions, with nothing beyond school property save endless grassland. Communication with entities within SCP-2093 has not determined whether the entities are sentient, but they have shown themselves able to retain information given to them. Some entities appear to engage in conversation but are incapable of vocalization.

Individuals outside of SCP-2093 may open the door, allowing for those inside the anomaly to return unharmed. It is unknown why personnel within the anomaly are unable to escape on their own, or if entities within SCP-2093 are bound by the same restriction.

Addendum: An expedition on █/█/20██ encountered a small group of unknown creatures within SCP-2093, roughly resembling bipedal ursines, with a layer of matte gray chitin covering their torsos. Facial features are nonexistent save for two ellipsoid openings of equal size, one atop the other. Entities within the anomaly displayed no reaction to the creatures.

Note: Expedition logs 015 - 018 are made publicly available to all researchers level 2 and above assigned to SCP-2093, as per containment procedures.

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