Picture of SCP-2091-1 with SCP-2091-2 in 1994 prior to developing anomalous abilities, recovered from SCP-2091's discovery point.

Item #: SCP-2091

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2091-1 and SCP-2091-2 are to be housed in Site-282. SCP-2091-1 is to be kept in a standard Animal Containment Unit. SCP-2091-2 is to be kept in a Type S Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell. Requests submitted from SCP-2091-2 for various entertainment are to be approved on a case-by-case basis as behavior permits.

Once every two weeks for 90 minutes, SCP-2091-1 and SCP-2091-2 are allowed to interact with each other in SCP-2091-1's containment unit under supervision from a Level 2 researcher and a security guard.

Description: SCP-2091-1 is a sculpture of an Ursus arctos terriblis (grizzly bear), 1.2m tall at the shoulder and 2.1m in length. It is made out of polymer clay, with documentation recovered at its discovery point dating its creation to 1994. Ultrasound testing has shown cavities within SCP-2091 corresponding with the locations of organs found within grizzly bears despite no biological tissues being detected, with no mechanisms to give it the ability to move. Various parts of its body have been replaced with patches of grass, and two toes replaced with materials from a watch. SCP-2091-1 is unable to move itself or perform any actions unless within 15m of SCP-2091-2.

SCP-2091-2 is a human female by the name of Abigael Harlowe, 20 years of age. Background checks and interviews during its time at the Foundation revealed no apparent history of anomalous abilities prior to SCP-2091-1 gaining its anomalous traits in 1998.

When SCP-2091-1 is within 15m of SCP-2091-2, SCP-2091-1 displays locomotion and behavioral traits commonly associated with grizzly bears. It will attempt to stay close to SCP-2091-2 whenever possible, and attack organisms it perceives to be threatening or harmful to SCP-2091-2. SCP-2091-2 has claimed to be able to understand SCP-2091-1, saying it is its grandfather. Whenever within the area of effect, SCP-2091-2 has been observed talking to SCP-2091-1 and conversing with it, although SCP-2091-1 has never been observed talking.

During its active state, SCP-2091-1 has the ability to repair any damage to its body by swallowing a variety of materials, having a preference for clay when given a choice.1

Addendum 2091-A: A search of the house at Woodbine, Georgia where SCP-2091-1 and -2 were discovered revealed journals, notes, and photographs belonging to who is presumed to be SCP-2091-2's grandfather, David Lennox, as well as an art studio belonging to him. Obituaries dated to February 13, 1998 confirm his death, though no body has been found. Court documentation shows that PoI-962, Jonathon Harman, is the legal guardian of SCP-2091-2, though no other documentation relating to Mr. Harman has been found.

The majority of the files recovered at SCP-2091-2's house were deteriorated or unreadable due to poor management, though what has been recoverable is in Foundation archives.2

Addendum 2091-C: The following is a transcript of one of the few recoverable pages taken from the journals of SCP-2091-2's house relevant to this entry.

Transcript of Interview Log 2091-A:

Interviewed: SCP-2091-2

Interviewer: Researcher Chang

Foreword: Following initial containment and relocation to Site-282, SCP-2091-2 had refused to talk or allow permission for interviews. After deliberation among the team assigned to SCP-2091-1 and SCP-2091-2, it was decided to allow both to interact with each other (with strict security measures) to allow cooperation. After a 15-minute period to allow the two to interact with each other, the interview commenced.

<Begin Log, 18:30>

Researcher Chang: How are you feeling, Ms. Harlowe?

SCP-2091-2: A bit better… all those guards look scary though.

Researcher Chang: I can't do anything about that. I'm sorry. We always take careful measures just in case. Can you state how old you are for the interview?

SCP-2091-2: Sure. 16 years old.

Researcher Chang: Thank you. Now… do you wanna talk about what happened a couple days ago with that burglar?

SCP-2091-2: I'm sorry… he wouldn't mean to hurt anyone that badly.

Researcher Chang: He almost killed that man though.

SCP-2091-2: I had to tell him to stop. I was scared at first because I thought the guy would hurt me, and then when I was crying out he, well…

SCP-2091-2 stops at this point to collect herself and take deep breaths.

Researcher Chang: Do you want to continue this later? We can set up another interview for a different time.

SCP-2091-2: N… No, it's okay. He just wanted to protect me, is all. I told him to stop and eventually he did… is the guy okay?

Researcher Chang: He'll survive. You're concerned for the person who tried to break into your home and rob you?

SCP-2091-2: What if he needed money or food? He could have asked but maybe he did it for a good reason.

Researcher Chang: Well… let's move onto another topic. What is the relationship between you and your bear?

SCP-2091-2: He's my granddad.

Researcher Chang: Your grandfather?

SCP-2091-2: Yeah. I think I remember that he used to be a person, and now he's a bear.

Researcher Chang: Do you know why?

SCP-2091-2: I remember one night before I went to bed, he told me that he'd leave but come back differently. He told me he'd be a bear, so that I shouldn't be surprised when I see a bear walking around.

Researcher Chang: How long ago was that? Why did you believe him?

SCP-2091-2: Um… 10 years ago. I was six. Why wouldn't I believe him? He was a bear the next day. I saw him moving around!

Researcher Chang: How did you manage to take care of yourself? It doesn't look easy for bears to cook, at least.

SCP-2091-2: He found books for me to read whenever I wasn't at school. He had taught me some things before he became a bear, I remember that. He taught me how to make sandwiches and how to cook dinner from a box in a microwave. We had a lot of those. I learned how to do it after a short time, and I can cook and feed myself.

Researcher Chang: Do you need to cook for your grandfather?

SCP-2091-2: No. He doesn't need to eat. But sometimes when we play or when he protects me he accidentally breaks a part of his body. Once he figured out how to fix himself by eating stuff, I got a bunch of clay for him.

Researcher Chang: How did you get money and food?

SCP-2091-2: Someone paid our bills every month, and would send stuff to our house. The label always said "Harman".

Researcher Chang: Do you know who that is?

SCP-2091-2: No… but my granddad always told me to take them. He knew who he was.

Researcher Chang: How does he talk with you?

SCP-2091-2: He just speaks to my mind and I talk back with my mouth! Isn't that cool?

Researcher Chang: Can he, er, talk to anyone else with his mind?

SCP-2091-2: He told me before that he tried. No one understands him… sorry.

Researcher Chang: That's alright. Does he know where Mr. Harman is now?

SCP-2091-2: Hmm… do you know, granddad?

SCP-2091-1 makes grunting noises while turning to look at SCP-2091-2.

SCP-2091-2: He doesn't know anymore. He used to be with him in church a lot though, but hasn't talked with him after becoming a bear.

Researcher Chang: I see.

SCP-2091-2: Is the conversation over? I'm getting nervous and want to go back to talking with granddad.

Researcher Chang: We can stop for today. Before we do, is there anything he wants to add to the conversation?

SCP-2091-1 doesn't make any additional noise, instead lying down on the floor and looking between Researcher Chang and the security guards.

SCP-2091-2: He says he's afraid you'll try and hurt me.

<End Log, 18:51>

Closing Statement: Researcher Chang continued with superfluous and irrelevant questioning in order to ease SCP-2091-1 and SCP-2091-2's anxieties and discomfort to make containment easier. At the end of the interview, SCP-2091-1 and SCP-2091-2 were allowed to spend another 20 minutes with each other before SCP-2091-2 was guided back to her cell and the session formally ended.

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