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Image produced by Kant Counter readings during observation of SCP-2090.

Item #: SCP-2090

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel standing in as personal security staff are to closely monitor SCP-2090 on a day-to-day basis for any sign of anomalous deviation. Kant Counters are to be discreetly installed in and around the home of SCP-2090 to provide constant surveillance of SCP-2090 and any disturbances caused by its anomalous nature. Any discrepancies are to be reported to Level 2090/4 staff personnel assigned to SCP-2090, or to the MTF Ρ-5 team leader.

Under no circumstances should Foundation Protocol Ōllamaliztli-5 be interrupted. Due to the current state of Protocol Ōllamaliztli-5 and its influence on American and global culture, interruptions are not expected.


Description: SCP-2090 is a Class I humanoid entity that goes by the name of Tim Duncan, and is currently the starting power forward/center for the San Antonio Spurs professional basketball team. SCP-2090 exhibits no visibly noticeable anomalous properties, and its nature is only detectable by use of Kant Reality Counters used to identify disturbances in local reality. SCP-2090 displays a remarkably high Hume discrepancy, although this effect is seemingly limited to its body and has no effect on the world around it. Despite this, due to information gathered via Protocol Ōllamaliztli-5, SCP-2090 must be constantly monitored for any sign of changes in behaviour or anomalous activity.

Discovery: SCP-2090 was initially discovered during routine inspection of Area of Interest CA-74 "Sleep Train Arena" in Sacramento, California, during a game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Sacramento Kings. What was initially thought to be an equipment malfunction was later discovered to be caused by massive interference created by SCP-2090. Due to the high level of celebrity that SCP-2090 has obtained, it was considered unfeasible to remove the subject from the public and place it within containment for further observation. This resulted in the creation of Mobile Task Force Rho-5 "Spurs and Saddles", which constantly monitors SCP-2090 and ensures proper application of Protocol Ōllamaliztli-5.

Addendum 2090.1: Protocol Ōllamaliztli-5 [Information Restricted to Level 2090/4 and MTF Ρ-5 Personnel Only]

During initial observation of SCP-2090, Foundation IT personnel began to discover a number of encrypted files within the Foundation database. Foundation Internal Intelligence teams were set with gaining access to these files, and discovering their origin. With help from the SCP-2090 research team and MTF Ρ-5, the code-breaking effort was a success. Notably, all files were dated at various points within two years after the date of discovery, although additional information suggests that they had existed within the Foundation database for an extensive period of time. While many of the files were incomplete and missing data, enough was recovered to properly deduce and implement Protocol Ōllamaliztli-5.

Recovered File 2090/1

We send this to [DATA CORRUPTED] fear but hope for mankind if the godhead is not
Imperative! Imperative! Imperative! Do not delay in [DATA CORRUPTED] the godhead is restless
Heed the following information.

The GODHEAD otherwise known as the [DATA CORRUPTED] Formerly Tim Duncan of St. Croix
The DEVASTATOR himself on the shores of Califo[DATA CORRUPTED] blood in the water
[DATA CORRUPTED] do not forget
He is ascended

Recovered File 2090/4

Foundation File 31[DATA CORRUPTED]maliztli-5

Project Head: Drake VanDorne

Project Purpose: N/A

Information: The GODHEAD has moved through Site-45 and Site-56. Full scale containment breaches are active, likely the western seaboard is collapsed by now.

Unfortunately unable to maintain power long enough to complete final round of simulations, but may be able to send program [DATA CORRUPTED] previous Foundation database can finish them.

Can't think for the life of me when the computer was invented, though. Shit, might have to finish this now anyway. Don't know if I have any other options.

There has to be something we missed, something else. See if one of you can figure it out. Sorry.


Recovered File 2090/17

To: pcs.71s|rekabh#pcs.71s|rekabh

From: pcs.10s|7.5O#pcs.10s|7.5O

Sorry this is so informal. I don't know if we can finish this, though, so I'm moving quickly and trying to allocate resources elsewhere. Richardson was right, the files had always been on the mainframe. Dates are all funny, though. All listed as right about now, but records indicate that they've been [DATA CORRUPTED]esn't really matter, let me cut to the chase here.

[DATA CORRUPTED]igned to create some kind of early prevention system. All iterations call it a diversion, but none of them have finished running the simulation, they just keep backing up their results to this thing and sending it down the line, hoping the next guys can finish it. We've go[DATA CORRUPTED] but the time just isn't there.

We're all moving into the bunker, so this is probably it. The files are all still on the mainframe, you know what to do with them. Jesus Christ. Ok.


Recovered File 2090/43



Good, this system still works. Hope the format is the same where you are.

Everything is here, so I'm guessing you're going to probably figure this out on your own. I don't have time to get into the details, but the simulations have finished running and there's a chance we can stop this thing. Not now, but maybe us sometime else.

According to the results, it's a pretty elaborate setup that requires a ton of preparation. In every timeline the basis for the protocol is there, but it's never thoroughly supported and dies out pretty quickly. In esse[DATA CORRUPTED]n't do anything about those, hang on.


Shit, ok. I'll send it along. I can't believe it's so simple, but the simulations checked themselves and this is it. A series of ritualistic events that keep him in check as he matures, the designs are all in there. Just put it together like I have detailed, and that should do the trick. Make sure the events go on unhindered, do whatever you have to do to make sure of that.

The last thing I'm including is the design for the ritual arena. Construct it like it's explained, and then make sure he participates in the ritual. I don't care if you have to turn a hurricane on him, do it.

This is it. Good luck.

Recovered File 2090/44

Addendum 2090.2: Cessation of Abnormal Hume Activity

On July 11th, 2016, SCP-2090 announced its retirement from the National Basketball Association after 19 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. While containment personnel were on hand during the announcement of the subject's retirement in the event of a prospective breach of containment, no such anomalous activity took place. Hume readings of the subject shortly thereafter showed that the individual known as Tim Duncan no longer expressed abnormal Hume levels, and as such should no longer be considered anomalous. After a period of sustained observation with no notable activity in that time, SCP-2090 was reclassified as NEUTRALIZED.

However, since Tim Duncan's retirement and subsequent reclassification, several other professional basketball players have also expressed unusual Kant Counter readings, similar to those previously expressed by SCP-2090. Until more information can be collected, the following individuals are to be considered Persons of Interest:

  • POI #57284 - Karl-Anthony Towns - Concern: Low
  • POI #57285 - Joel Embiid - Concern: Low
  • POI #57286 - Giannis Antetokounmpo - Concern: Moderate
  • POI #57287 - Anthony Davis - Concern: High
  • POI #57288 - Victor Oladipo - Concern: Very High Concern: Low
  • POI #57932 - Domantas Sabonis - Concern: Very High

Further investigation is ongoing.

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