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SCP-2089-1, as seen during its last recorded video (Dated 09/25/20██).

Item #: SCP-2089

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The domains containing SCP-2089 are to be blocked from all public service providers. Any original or re-posted content related to SCP-2089-1 (including videos, images, gifs, comments and fan-derived works) are to be taken down by Foundation Agents. Personnel actively viewing SCP-2089-1 related content are to be rotated on a bi-weekly basis.

Information pertaining to the location of SCP-2089-1 is to be reported to the project lead. Current research has proven inconclusive.

Description: SCP-2089 refers to a blog located on the site www.██████████.com. The blog features images, videos and other related content centered around the user named "John_████████_Is_Here" (referred to as SCP-2089-1). SCP-2089-1 claims to be male, and wears a hooded jacket resembling a skeleton. Audio samples taken from videos of SCP-2089-1 have proven inconclusive in supporting this claim.

SCP-2089-1 and its blog feature a Q&A style format, in which users ask questions and SCP-2089-1 provides appropriate responses through comments. SCP-2089-1 is noted to immediately answer most questions asked, regardless of the time of day.

Videos posted by SCP-2089-1 feature the entity inside a dark room. The topic of these videos discuss questions SCP-2089-1 failed to respond to, references to other blogs, and subjects pertaining to SCP-2089's followers. In 48% of recorded videos, SCP-2089-1 will attempt to commit suicide, with only 11% of those attempts being successful. Following videos indicate no physical harm inflicted onto SCP-2089-1.

Any follower who regularly views content related to SCP-2089-11 becomes an instance of SCP-2089-2. All instances of SCP-2089-2 re-post and create new content related to SCP-2089-1 whenever possible. Instances of SCP-2089-2 are noted to post content indicating a marked prejudice against SCP-2089-1. Some of the content includes:

  • Comments expressing dislike towards SCP-2089-1
  • Fan art depicting SCP-2089-1 being physically harmed
  • Encouraging SCP-2089-1 to commit suicide.
  • "Anti-Blogs" established by followers to expose others to SCP-2089-1 related content.

As of 9/25/20██, SCP-2089 has 10,872 followers.

Interview Log:

The following is an interview of a subject (referred to as D-90327) conducted by Junior Researcher Roger ██████. The subject was exposed to SCP-2089-1 related content for two weeks. Note that the subject has expressed disliking towards explicit content prior to exposure.

Addendum 2089-01: The following is an excerpt recorded from a video posted by SCP-2089-1.

Addendum 2089-02: The following is a list of notable SCP-2089-1 related content taken down by Foundation Agents.

Item: SCP-2089-I-374
Date Posted: 06/14/20██
Description: A video recorded by SCP-2089-1 featuring itself using a circular saw to cut off its left arm. SCP-2089-1 proceeds to hold its severed limb with its remaining arm and waves towards the camera. This continues for 33 seconds until SCP-2089-1 passes out, presumably from blood loss.
Notable Comments:

MrBRASIL: What kind of idiot uses a circular saw?

Item: SCP-2089-I-789
Date Posted: 07/23/20██
Description: A piece of art painted by an instance of SCP-2089-2. The picture features a pornographic image of SCP-2089-1 being [REDACTED] by the artist.
Notable Comments:

Aryanne: This is my new fetish.

Item: SCP-2089-I-1026
Date Posted: 07/30/20██
Description: A comment posted by an instance of SCP-2089-2:

MrBRASIL: I found the address of where John_████████_Is_Here lives. Reblog so we can find him and castrate his nuts.

Notable Comments:
All replies to SCP-2089-I-1026 contained the following:


Item: SCP-2089-I-1282
Date Posted: 08/01/20██
Description: A post made in response to SCP-2089-I-1026:

Aryanne: Nice try, BRASIL. I drove my car all the way upstate to reach the foot of Bitch Mountain. Bitch. Freaking. Mountain. I'm not even kidding you. Search that shit up right now.

I'm not even mad. WP, BRASIL.

Notable Comments:

MrBRASIL: I killed John already. I stuck my rod into him, then cut off his balls. Done.
Aryanne: Send me a pic.
MrBRASIL: Snapchat me.
Aryanne: iight

Item: SCP-2089-I-1297
Date Posted: 08/02/20██
Description: An image of SCP-2089-1 and another person, presumably an instance of SCP-2089-2. A caption underneath the image reads:

Whoo! Met one of my fans yesterday in person! We were craaaazy, but we had a lot of fun.

Notable Comments:

MrBRASIL: The fuck is this? John, how the hell do you do this? I have your testicles in a jar, and you're here all smiling and shit? Maybe I need to come over there and teach you another lesson.
John_████████_Is_Here: haha you're saying I don't have balls. #iceewutudidthare
Aryanne: BRASIL, you fail.
MrBRASIL: I'll show you the things right now. Give me a sec.
MrBRASIL: Wait, what the hell? They're not here. The jar is here, but it's empty.
Aryanne: Blame OP.

Item: SCP-2089-I-1339
Date Posted: 08/04/20██
Description: An image of an instance of SCP-2089-2. The person is standing in front of a mountainous landscape. A caption underneath the photo reads:

Went to the address again. And it's Bitch Goddamn Mountain.

Notable Comments:

Aryanne: I don't know what place you went to. I told you it's Bitch Mountain.
MrBRASIL: I'm telling you, it was a real place. I found a house. One of those fancy two stories. I barged in and found John cornered up in his room, tapping away on a mac. A fucking mac of all things.

Anyway, I came in, did my thing. I cut off his nuts, let him bleed to death. I washed off his nuts and placed them in my jar. Then I drove away. No one said a thing. Aryanne, You have the pic I sent you?

Aryanne: Yeah ... I forgot to save it when you sent it to me.
MrBRASIL: You dense motherfucker.
Aryanne: Whatever. It was John, anyway. I don't want that cluttering up my computer. inb4 I told you so.

MrBRASIL: Remind me how John is still breathing?
Aryanne: Beats me. Maybe he wants to stay alive?
MrBRASIL: I don't get what your saying.
Aryanne: John is an entertainer. We can't have him dead. Balls bleeding, yeah. But dead? You'd have to be dense.
MrBRASIL: Suppose you have a point.
Aryanne: Can you be sure if it actually happened?
MrBRASIL: Are you ed? I sent you a pic
Aryanne: Nope. Don't have it.
MrBRASIL: I'll send the pic.
MrBRASIL: I ... lost the pic.

Recovery Log: On 09/26/20██, Foundation Agents used the address obtained from SCP-2089-I-1026 in an attempt to locate SCP-2089-1. Personnel arrived at Bitch Mountain, located in Chesterfield, New York. To date, SCP-2089-1 has not been found.

Personnel recovered several items surrounding the area. Among these items included:

  • A hooded jacket similar to the one worn by SCP-2089-1
  • Knives, needles and other sharp objects coated in blood. DNA analysis proves that it is from a Caucasian male, estimated to be 18-20 years old.
  • An unfinished painting of a male figure. Inscribed in blood are the words "Never die". DNA analysis confirms that it does not match with the blood found on other objects.

Note from Agent Thompson: To this day, it still baffles me that we were given a concrete address. Our GPS satellites confirmed that the address is in fact, a two story house like the user "MrBRASIL" stated. As we drove there the surroundings began to shift from an interstate highway to a dirt road lined with trees. No one even noticed it. When we arrived at Bitch Mountain, it was disheartening.

We received news that the Foundation sent a Mobile Task Force to the same address. A small team was dispatched on a helicopter. However, the same thing happened to them. An Agent reported seeing the landscape change from dense woods to rocky mountains right before her very eyes. To this day, we don't know why this occurs.

We may be dealing with a fad. But it is clear that whoever is behind it doesn't want anyone to interfere.

Addendum 2089-03: The following is an excerpt of a recorded video posted by an instance of SCP-2089-2.

The following is a comment in response to the video:

ExplodingPopTart: What the hell is wrong with you sick, demented people? You're telling me you ENJOY seeing an innocent person get brutally murdered?

>Follower of John's Blog
>Offended by Content

Get a load of this guy.

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