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Item #: SCP-2085

Object Class: Multiple

  • Anomalous Organization
  • Anomalous Human (Modified)
  • Uncategorized Anomaly

Containment Class: Active

Hazard Rating: Yellow

Standard Containment Policies:

  • 6x one-person residential module (wireless signal jammers installed)
  • Amenity restriction (electronics)
  • Dietary restriction: liquid diet (SCP-2085-B, see Document 2085-B-MED.)
  • Dietary restriction: vegetarian (SCP-2085-A-1 and SCP-2085-A-3)
  • Bi-weekly psychological review (Dr. Singh, Dr. Summers)
  • Once-monthly group phone call, supervised.

Special Containment Procedures: No attempts to isolate or remove SCP-2085-1 are authorized until SCP-2085-B's containment implants can be effectively replicated. In the case of SCP-2085-1 overcoming SCP-2085-B's containment implants, SCP-2085-B and SCP-2085-1 are to be terminated immediately.

SCP-2085-A specimens are to be sedated and restrained before removal from containment chambers or in any situation requiring entry to the containment chamber.

In the event of successful removal and containment of SCP-2085-1, [DATA EXPUNGED]


SCP-2085 is a militant anarchist organization consisting of six cybernetically-enchanced individuals (A-1 through A-5 and B) operating under the name Kuroi Usagi Shidan (“Black Rabbit Company”).

SCP-2085 has been linked, through what member testimony can be verified, to numerous criminal and terrorist incidents occurring between 20██ and 20██ throughout east Asia, southeastern Asia, Australia and Oceania, and western North America. SCP-2085’s base of operations, if extant, is unknown, as are its connections to any other groups. The recovered assets of the group consist solely of equipment held upon recovery. The existence of other assets is presumed, but such caches have not been found.

Verified operations include smuggling, theft, assault, vandalism, kidnapping, extortion, property damage, possession of fissile materials, corporate sabotage, embezzlement, identity theft, fraud, copyright infringement, piracy, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession transport and sale of anomalous items, and tax evasion.

The targets of these operations are primarily organized crime, hate groups or groups otherwise classified as Of Interest; strikes against governmental, military or police targets, while enthusiastically supported by the members of SCP-2085, appear to be much less opportunistic than their standard activities. SCP-2085’s operations are typically organized to minimize the chance of civilian casualties and to maximize material and morale damage to their target.

All offers made by the Foundation regarding cooperative agreements have been unilaterally rejected by all members of SCP-2085. Three of six explicitly stated death was preferable to working alongside the Foundation.


SCP-2085-A subjects are five adult female augmented humans, designated SCP-2085-A-1 through SCP-2085-A-5. Subjects are genetic chimeras, each with an estimated 6-10 different gene donors. Subjects are fluent in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, Russian, and English, with additional languages varying by individual. All subjects display behaviors typical of high functioning autism spectrum disorder. Subjects display an array of genetic and cybernetic enhancements, including:

  • Cosmetic genetic splices of Felis catus physiology, including ears, tails, and hair coloration. Tails are prehensile and capable of holding small objects.
  • Grip pads on hands and feet.
  • Retractable fingertip blades.
  • Ocular implants with thermal vision, heads-up display, and recording functionality.
  • Carbon-nanoweave muscle fiber augmentation and reinforced endoskeleton
  • Brain-computer interface with internal hard drive
  • Wireless communication suite with local tactical network
  • Drug glands providing pain dampening, heightened sensory awareness, and altered pheromones.

These implants are uniform in design and show minimal signs of modification after installation. Some cosmetic alterations have been made more recently. See Document SCP-2085-A-EXP for further information.


SCP-2085-B is an adult male human bearing the following cybernetic and genetic enhancements:

  • Adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract for a liquid diet. Esophageal input port and waste output port are integrated into the suit.
  • Modifications to regulate sweat, reduce abrasion damage from extended suit usage, and aid in skin regeneration.
  • Removal of genitalia.
  • Replacement of 11 missing digits on hands and feet.
  • Internal drug pump, typically used for painkillers.
  • Containment implants for SCP-2085-1.

See Document 2085-B-EXP for extended information on all known enhancements.

These modifications were accrued over a period of several years (the oldest stated to be installed in 20██ and the most recent dating to three weeks before containment) from multiple sources (none of which have yet been disclosed), and are of significantly lower quality than those used by SCP-2085-A. Many parts of the SCP-2085-1 containment implants have been replaced or modified.

SCP-2085-B is in generally poor health, suffering from vitamin D deficiency (now lessened due to changes in diet), acute radiation syndrome (symptoms indicate at least three doses of ~2 Gy), and heavy scarring from severe and repeated skin ulceration. SCP-2085-B is fluent in English and limited Japanese and is generally cooperative with staff. SCP-2085-B wears an S1035 ACES1 at all times, generally accompanied by a bathrobe and red felt wizard's hat. SCP-2085-B has been permitted to retain possession of these items to encourage further cooperation.


SCP-2085-1 is a fibrous mass of self-replicating carbon nanomaterials within SCP-2085-B’s chest cavity, with growths protruding into the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spinal cord, and left lung. The growth of the SCP-2085-1 and its consumption of SCP-2085-B’s body tissues has been impeded through the addition of various containment implants used to sever communication between growth sections and control nodes and counter the replication process.

SCP-2085-1’s rate of replication without the influence of these containment implants is unknown: SCP-2085-1’s periods of activity occur, on average, once every three months. The process lasts for up to fifteen minutes and causes SCP-2085-B intense pain. SCP-2085-B has claimed to communicate with SCP-2085-1 during these activity periods, though this claim has not been verified.

Recovery Report

The Foundation initially became aware of SCP-2085 on 08/13/20██, after the execution killings of four members of ███████████████████████████████████████ in [REDACTED] Texas2. Among those killed was Agent ███████, who served as a federal liaison for the Special Personnel Procurement Program. State and federal law-enforcement were deployed, making initial contact with SCP-2085 at 16:47 the following day. Recovery agents were deployed after confirmation of anomaly. Containment confirmed at 0344 on 08/17/20██ in [REDACTED], Wyoming and transported to Site-███ for processing.

At the time of capture, total casualties caused by SCP-2085 numbered [REDACTED].

Timeline of Motions Filed Regarding SCP-2085

  • 08/18/20██: Internal Security Department files a motion with the Board of Project Review requesting immediate termination of the subjects on the grounds of enemy combatant status and that they not qualify for the protections of a contained anomaly, citing precedent in similar combat interactions with members of GOI-███, GOI-███, and GOI-███.
  • 08/25/20██: Motion struck down: incomplete threat assessment of anomaly
  • 08/25/20██: Internal Security Department files motion with Directors’ Committee requesting transfer of subjects to ISD custody from Residential Research Department, citing SCP-2085 as active security threat and anti-Foundation ideological hazard.
  • 09/04/20██: Director’s Committee fails to reach 2/3 majority. Case dismissed.
  • 09/04/20██: Internal Security Department appeals Committee ruling.
  • 09/12/20██: Dr. ███████ and research team present preliminary observations to Directors’ Committee.
  • 09/15/20██: Director’s Committee fails to reach 2/3 majority. Case transferred to Overseer Council.
  • 09/22/20██: Overseer Council votes 7-6 in favor of Dr. ███████. Authority over SCP-2085 to remain with Residential Research Department.
  • 09/23/20██: Internal Security Department appeals Overseer Council ruling (pending)

Interview Logs

DOB: Unknown
POB: Unknown
DOC: 08/17/20██
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Hair: Calico
Eyes: Green
Other Notes: Sleeve tattoo on right arm, prominent facial scar.

Entry Interview

Researcher ██████: <Good morning. My name is ██████, I’ll be running your interview today. Please state your name for the record.>

[Subject sits down at interview table.]

SCP-2085-A-1: I speak English.

Researcher ██████: Ah. Of course. Please state your name.

SCP-2085-A-1: Major Motoko Kusanagi3, representing the Black Rabbit Company.

Researcher ██████: And you are the commander of this organization, correct?

SCP-2085-A-1: Until someone else is elected to the position, yes.

Researcher ██████: Noted. Now, If you would give me an overview of your organization, please – goals, history of activity, and so on.

SCP-2085-A-1: [Pause. Subject looks confused for a moment before laughing]

Researcher ██████: What’s funny?

SCP-2085-A-1: We killed at least a dozen of your people and led you on a four-state car chase, and you’re tossing me softball questions over coffee and donuts. You’re not the US government.

Researcher ██████: Wait, hold on – did you receive an orientation packet? It would have been a dark grey folder with a logo and “New Resident Orientation” printed on the front.

SCP-2085-A-1: I have not. You’ve given me three sets of clothing and a toiletry kit.

Researcher ██████: I’m terribly sorry, that should have been included with your things.4 I represent a non-governmental research organization that deals with unusual circumstances such as yourself. I’ll make sure you get a packet as soon as we’re done here, just rest assured that you and your associates are safe.

SCP-2085-A-1: In the loving bosom of the men in black.

Researcher ██████: It’s not as bad as you think, I promise.

SCP-2085-A-1: A prison is no less a prison for the softness of its bedsheets.

Researcher ██████: Mm. We’re getting off topic, I think. You were about to tell me about the aim of your organization?

SCP-2085-A-1: Escape. Until then, direct action towards the destruction of fascism and the dismantling of the capitalist and colonial structures that support it. Everything else is commentary.


You could let us go, you know.

Researcher ██████: I’m afraid that’s not an option right now.

SCP-2085-A-1: There’s a door right there, all you need to do is unlock it. We’ll see ourselves out.

Researcher ██████: I’m sorry, but-

SCP-2085-A-1: But they’ll shoot you for it, won’t they?

Researcher ██████: [Silence]

SCP-2085-A-1: I thought so.

Researcher ██████: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

SCP-2085-A-1: [Pause]

This isn’t our home; we were just born here. The open road still softly calls ‘Second star to the right, straight on till morning’.

<End log>

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