2/2084 LEVEL 2/2084



Item #: SCP-2084

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2084 is to be entirely covered by a rubber tent and marked as containing hazardous biological material within. All personnel entering SCP-2084 must undergo decontamination procedures before exiting. Entry is off-limits to all personnel without level 3 approval and equipped with a Level C hazmat suit.

Description: SCP-2084 is a middle school located in █████, FL in the neighborhood of ████ ██████. The interior contains a pathogen capable of inducing auditory and visual hallucinations lasting between 1 - 60 seconds. Testing has shown the pathogen has been neutralized by an unknown antibody present within the school, indicating that the hallucinations are contingent upon SCP-2084 itself. Content of these hallucinations have been consistent between individuals, and logs of hallucinogenic incidents are filed below.

Prior to ██/██/199█, the school building had been occupied, before sustaining significant damage in Hurricane ██████. The school had been condemned and remained abandoned until ██/██/200█. Demolition was slated for that date when SCP-2084 appeared on site the night before, leaving no trace of the pre-existing structure behind.

SCP-2084 appeared recently abandoned, with electrical services still functioning upon reconnection. The layout is described as similar to that of ████ ██ ███ Middle School, which had previously occupied the lot ██ years before its demolition and subsequent replacement with another school building. Apart from an anachronistic style of architecture1, the building itself is unremarkable.

Files relating to SCP-2084:

Note: For the purpose of cross-referencing, none of the agents listened to or read transcripts of one another's logs until all four logs were on file. Audio logs from agents on-site were inconsistent with one another and the possibility of mind-altering effects was acknowledged, but the agents disagreed on what elements of their report reflected these effects.

Addendum D-4: A report was filed by Agent Piper on behalf of an "Agent Locke", which all other agents reported as being familiar to them at the time. Foundation records do not indicate an "Agent Locke" matching the description given stationed on-site at any time. Contents of unknown agent's log are available to personnel with level 3 security access and above. Transcript is logged at end of file.

Addendum D-5: A fifth expedition into SCP-2084 was scheduled, but was delayed due to concerns regarding the hallucinogens within the building. Shortly thereafter, the fifth expedition was undertaken. No anomalous hallucinations took place, though an intact computer hard drive was recovered. Materials found on the drive are logged below.

2084-1: E-mail correspondences
2084-2: Undated IM correspondences

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