Elephas cryophilus

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Item#: SCP-2082
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Deceased specimen of SCP-2082 from which SCP-2082-1 was cloned.

Special Containment Procedures: Evidence of SCP-2082's anomalous capabilities is managed and contained by Site-43's Archives and Revision Section.

SCP-2082-1 is contained in Site-43 Secure Outpost 11. The primary containment unit has been modified to accommodate SCP-2082-1's cryogenic properties.

Description: SCP-2082 is an extinct subspecies of the animal known as the woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius). When living, it had an average shoulder height of approximately 3 meters and weighed up to 6,000 kilograms. It has been extinct for approximately 4,000 years, with most of the population having died off 10,000 years ago.

Analysis of the remains of deceased instances, as well as limited data gathered from breeding modern elephants within SCP-561, provides evidence for SCP-2082's anomalous properties. SCP-2082 instances generate a cryothermic effect around their bodies at all times. Within the area of this effect, the temperature will swiftly drop, typically reaching a low point of -50 °C within five minutes. The area of effect, as well as its severity, increases as an instance ages; at birth, the effect only reaches a few centimeters, but it will rise consistently until the instance reaches full maturity, extending its effects to approximately 250 meters, and an average temperature of -100 °C. This area will exude large amounts of ice and sleet from all solid surfaces, in a manner similar to SCP-649.

SCP-2082-1 is a cloned instance of SCP-2082, created by the research leads for the anomaly, Dr. Charles Ascher and Dr. Maria Reyes, in a Site-43 secure outpost. The purpose of this was to research and test an experimental cloning method and its effects on various anomalous and non-anomalous entities.


Outpost 11 observation deck.

Addendum 2082.1: On June 16th, 2019, Dr. Ascher and Dr. Reyes logged their first successful attempt at cloning an instance of SCP-2082.


Ascher: Final check. Everything good on your end?

Reyes: Yep!

Ascher: Let's get going then. This is attempt 43, June 16th, 2019. Thus far we've succeeded in reverting the full structure of an SCP-2082 instance at an adolescent age. However, generated instances have not been able to survive past the initial cloning process. Our new strategy involves fully replicating the womb of an SCP-2082 instance to the best of our abilities. This will likely be able to stabilize the cloned egg and allow it to survive into birth.

Reyes: May I do the honors?

Ascher: Go ahead.

Reyes: Five… four… three… two… one… zero!

[Reyes flips a switch on the control panel, activating the cloning apparatus. She observes the machine's diagnostics as Ascher observes the device itself for any signs of malfunction. A few minutes pass before Reyes speaks.]

Reyes: Ascher.

Ascher: Yes? What are you seeing?

Reyes: The life signs… [She grins.] They're stable. And not only that, it's entered the first stages of growth.

Ascher: [Sighs with relief.] Thank God. But we're not finished yet.

Reyes: [Laughs at Ascher.] Oh, come on! I'm sure you can squeeze in a bit of excitement between your brooding and sulking. We did it! And besides, look at the little guy! [She holds up a display, which is showing a live feed of the embryo.] Cute, isn't he?

Ascher: Yeah, alright. [He smiles slightly.] Look, see? I fit a smile into my schedule.

[Ascher and Reyes both laugh.]

Ascher: Anyway, uh, for the log. It looks like the clone's life signs are holding steady. As for whether it makes it to birth, we'll have to wait and see, but this is still a huge step forward regardless.


Addendum 2082.2: On April 11th, 2021, the birth of the first cloned SCP-2082 instance was observed, and subsequently designated SCP-2082-1.


Ascher: You ready?

Reyes: Yeah. Let's do this.

Ascher: Okay. Today we will be testing the birthing part of the apparatus. We're wearing these suits — [Gestures to himself and Reyes, both wearing protective gear.] — to protect us from the SCP-2082 instance's predicted effects.

Reyes: It's coming out!

Ascher: Oh! We're just in time!

[Reyes holds her hands towards the opening. The flaps covering it open up as SCP-2082-1 emerges. Reyes grabs the instance and holds it in her arms. Frost gathers on her suit.]

Reyes: He's so tiny! Look at him!

Ascher: Any signs of abnormality?

Reyes: Aside from his anomalous effects, none so far. [She attaches a vital monitor to SCP-2082-1.] Heart rate, breathing, everything looks steady.

[A few moments of silence pass.]

Ascher: I can't believe it.

Reyes: We did it! Ascher, we did it!

[Reyes hugs Ascher, who grins.]

Ascher: I can't— Wow. This is…

Reyes: Incredible!

Ascher: Yeah… I just- We actually did it, Reyes. It works, it all works.

[Reyes begins crying, cradling SCP-2082-1 in her arms.]

Ascher: I-I'm going to send our notes to the project leads. Wow. I just… wow.


SCP-2082-1 was successfully delivered, and no major medical issues were found. SCP-2082-1 remains under the care of Drs. Ascher and Reyes, who are monitoring is growth and development. Any long-term side effects of the cloning process have yet to be determined.

Addendum 2082.3: Various logs have been submitted to this file and to Site-43 leadership, as specific examples of SCP-2082-1's development.


SCP-2082-1 age: 6 months

[Dr. Reyes is sitting next to SCP-2082-1, feeding it by hand.]

Reyes: You know, I never really had a pet of my own. My mom was allergic to dogs, and my dad got his eye scratched by a cat once, so those two were out of the question.

[Reyes begins petting SCP-2082-1.]

Reyes: I begged my parents to let me have a gerbil or something small, but they always told me I'd lose it. When I got a place of my own, I did actually get a guinea pig… I lost him the next day. I hope he's doing alright, I didn't even get to name him.

[SCP-2082-1 stands up and begins walking around, then turns to stare at Reyes.]

Reyes: Don't look at me like that, I'm sorry for worrying you. Besides, I'd get in serious trouble if I ever lost you. Plus, you're pretty big. You can't just hide underneath a sofa or something like that.

Ascher: [Yells from outside the containment unit.] Hey, have you gotten those readings yet? Project leads want them in an hour!

Reyes: [Sighs.] Right. Sorry, you're not a pet, I need to stop treating you like one.

[Reyes turns on her equipment and begins taking measurements. As she does so, SCP-2082-1 walks over to her, stopping a few inches away. After a few moments, it wraps its trunk around Reyes' waist.]

Reyes: [Laughs.] Aww! Thanks, bud.

[Reyes pats SCP-2082-1, before putting her equipment away. She walks towards the exit, but stops shortly before reaching it and turns towards SCP-2082-1.]

Reyes: I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?

[SCP-2082-1 trumpets through its trunk. Reyes exits the containment unit.]



SCP-2082-1 age: 9 months

[Dr. Ascher is performing a standard analysis of SCP-2082-1.]

Ascher: Alright, you. Looks like everything's checked out as normal. [He shivers.] Damn suits. Or maybe it's you. I dunno.

[SCP-2082-1 wraps its trunk around Ascher's leg. Ascher sighs and removes it.]

Ascher: Come on, don't do that. I just want to be in and out. [He checks the logs.] Area of effect is now… 15 meters.

[SCP-2082-1 trumpets and runs around its containment unit.]

Ascher: Look, Reyes will be in here tomorrow. I don't want to play, sorry.

[Ascher packs up his equipment.]

Ascher: Besides, I need to figure out what to do with you. Because I'm not sure establishing a half-kilometer wide exclusion zone around your containment unit is feasible.

[SCP-2082-1 walks over to Ascher and rubs its head against his leg. Ascher yelps and jumps away.]

Ascher: Don't do that! That's cold! It's always cold… I don't know how Maria handles it.

[Ascher walks towards the exit.]

Ascher: …It's always too cold.

[Ascher exits the containment unit.]



SCP-2082-1 in its containment unit.


SCP-2082-1 age: 1 year

[Dr. Reyes is taking temperature readings while SCP-2082-1 paces around her.]

Reyes: It's getting colder in here, and everywhere around here too. [She smiles.] We're gonna have to get you a bigger room. But in the meantime…

[Reyes grabs her bag from the corner.]

Reyes: I've got a surprise for you!

[Reyes pulls out a red ball.]

Reyes: Happy birthday! I got this for you! It's got some special sealant and it's custom-made, so it won't like, snap from the cold. You can, uh… play with it, like… kick it around or… [She pauses briefly.] Alright, it's just a ball, but I'm not actually sure what mammoths like to do for fun, so I figured you should have something for when we're not around.

[Reyes tosses the ball to SCP-2082-1. The ball bounces off SCP-2082-1's head, and it begins walking towards the ball.]

Reyes: Yeah, see! We can play catch if you want. Here.

[Reyes holds out her hands. After a moment, SCP-2082-1 uses its trunk to hit the ball roughly in Reyes' direction. She reaches out and catches it.]

Reyes: There you go! [She claps.]

[Reyes and SCP-2082-1 spend several minutes rolling the ball back and forth towards each other. Eventually, Dr. Ascher walks into the containment unit.]

Ascher: Oh! What's going on here?

Reyes: We're just playing a little bit of catch. Want to join?

Ascher: Actually, I was looking for you, we need to compile our weekly report. Also, um, is the ball a good idea? It's just…

Reyes: Hey, it's fine! I figured he'd like something to do when he's alone. Plus, it's his birthday and all.

Ascher: I mean… I just think we should have talked about it first. It's not a big deal or anything, but it's— it's still an SCP.

Reyes: Yeah, I know. But it's barely noon, we've got plenty of time to do those reports later, and he needs some entertainment. And, you deserve some fun too. [She pats the ground next to her.] Come on, just for a bit? Please?

Ascher: Fine. [He smiles slightly] But even through the suit, I'm getting cold, so… I'm not gonna stay for too long.

Reyes: No worries! It's nice to relax and hang out for a bit, the three of us. [She pets SCP-2082-1, which trumpets softly.] Look, we're just one cute little family!

[Ascher laughs. Reyes rolls the ball to him, and he rolls the ball to SCP-2082-1. After a few minutes, Ascher gets up and leaves.]

Reyes: Ah, well. I think he had fun, he definitely needs it. [She scratches SCP-2082-1 behind its ears.] Too much work, or maybe I'm just lazy. [She pauses.] I should probably go too, I have been slacking a bit lately.

[Reyes stands up. SCP-2082-1 trumpets softly and wraps its trunk around her leg. Reyes gently strokes its trunk and removes it from her leg.]

Reyes: I know, I'll miss you too. But it was fun! And I'll be back, I promise!

[Reyes pats SCP-2082-1 and walks towards the door, waving to SCP-2082-1 as she exits. SCP-2082-1 waves back with its trunk.]



SCP-2082-1 age: 1 year, 4 months

[Dr. Ascher is performing a routine analysis while SCP-2082-1 plays with its ball. He is visibly shaking.]

Ascher: Okay. In an-and out. Come on, vi-vitals, temperature…

[Ascher continues mumbling. SCP-2082-1 walks up to him and tries to wrap its trunk around Ascher's leg.]

Ascher: [Screaming.] Cold! Cold!

[Ascher flinches violently, throwing SCP-2082-1 away from him. He wraps his hands around his leg and faces SCP-2082-1.]

Ascher: Don't do that! I told you it hurts!

[SCP-2082-1 retreats into the corner.]

Ascher: I'm just trying to do my damn job! It's bad enough with how cold it is in here and now everywhere else in the b-building, I don't need you actually trying to give me frostbite!

[SCP-2082-1 whimpers and turns away from Ascher. Ascher sighs.]

Ascher: Fine. Sorry. I-I just. [He sits down and begins looking through measurements.] Look, you can hang out with Reyes all you want and stuff. If she wants to break protocol and act like you're her pet, then fine. But I've got a job to do. Just let me—

[Ascher peers at the newly compiled data, occasionally glancing towards SCP-2082-1.]

Ascher: Oh…

[Ascher begins pacing back and forth, muttering to himself.]

Ascher: Hopefully it's benign, but it doesn't look like it… Do I just tell the director we failed? Try again? Over three years' worth of work, Reyes is— [He stops and looks at SCP-2082-1.] Oh no. She'll be… What do I—

Reyes: [From outside containment unit.] Everything alright in there? I heard you yelling!

Ascher: Everything's fine! Ju-just slipped a little! [He crosses his arms and continues muttering.] Maybe I just— Ugh, I dunno. I can't put her through that, but… [He rubs his leg where SCP-2082-1 had touched it previously.] We need to do something.


Addendum 2082.4: Below are the relevant minutes of a project meeting called by Dr. Ascher, included in this document for record-keeping.


Reyes: No, no, no. I can't believe this!

Ascher: Maria, I—

Reyes: What the hell are you thinking? Too much frost and now you want to start over? You knew exactly what you signed up for when we started this project!

Ascher: That's not—

Reyes: Thank God an intern never spilled coffee on you, you'd put him on Keter duty before he could even think—!

Ascher: Reyes, it's dying.

Reyes: And your solution is to put a bullet in his head? Don't give me your sappy excuses! We both know how much you hated him! This isn't about ethics or efficiency or whatever, you're just being selfish and weak.

Ascher: Are you saying the only reason I'm suggesting this is because I want it dead? You really think I'm that petty? Do you know how much I struggled with even telling you about the update, because I knew it would break your heart? Let alone telling you what I thought the right thing to do was?

Reyes: I've heard all your little asides about him, whining about how cold it is. Maybe you don't want to be a killer, but you definitely don't care enough to want to find another solution.

Ascher: If you think that sending a team of heart surgeons into minus fifty degree weather is even feasible, let alone approvable

Reyes: We're supposed to give up? Just let him die?

Ascher: Do you think I like this at all? Setting the project back three years?

Reyes: Now that I do believe. It's all about the project with you.

Ascher: It is. Because that's our job.

Reyes: Our job is research, and study, and doing all that ethically. Maybe I'm too attached, I don't know. But at least I care enough not to kill off a living, thinking creature like he's just a pile of excess waste.

Ascher: You are too attached! I'm sorry I have to say it, but someone has to keep their focus around here! Trying to save it will put too much at risk.

Reyes: Put what at risk? At the very, very worst, we fail to save him. And I'd hate that, I really really would, but at least then we would have tried!

Ascher: And what about the doctors operating on it? Even if it's even possible to work at those temperatures, it would be too dangerous. And let's say, somehow, it all goes perfectly, we save it. Then we have a walking, growing snowstorm, just waiting to break out!

Reyes: We'd move him, or something! Why are you so eager to give up?

Ascher: Because I don't want anyone else to get hurt! I don't want you to get hurt!

[Brief silence.]

Ascher: [Sighs] Here, how about… how about we take this to someone else? We're both too invested in our own ways, maybe we can get a neutral party. We pitch this—

Reyes: You pitch this.

Ascher: Right. I'll pitch it, send in a decommissioning request. You can submit a counterargument.

[Long silence.]

Reyes: Fine. On one condition.

Ascher: What?

Reyes: If they don't approve your request, and we succeed in saving him… I want you off the project. To give me full authority over it.

[Brief silence.]

Ascher: Fine. Okay. But I'm not gonna hold any of this against you. Even if my request is accepted… I don't want to kick you out. I won't make you leave.

Reyes: That won't matter. Because if it's accepted, I'll leave the project myself. No matter how this turns out, I don't want to work with you anymore.


Addendum 2082.5: Below is a request submitted to the Decommissioning Department by Dr. Ascher, with a counter-request attached by Dr. Reyes.

SCP Object Decommissioning Proposal Form

Item #: SCP-2082-1

Object Class: Keter

Head Researcher(s): Dr. C. Ascher, Dr. M. Reyes

Supporting Personnel*:

  • Dir. H. Blank - Representing Site-43 Administration.
  • Dr. K. Samson - Representing Site-43 Project Management.

Please check off or fill in the applicable boxes regarding the reasons for submitting your proposal:
☑ Excessively High Risk of Lifted Veil Scenario
☑ Excessive Danger
☐ Ability to Decom. Apollyon-Class Object
☐ Expense
☑ Ethical Concerns Over Necessary Containment
☐ Legal Concerns
☐ High Risk of K-Class Scenario (if so, please state which type(s):____)
☑ Other (please state):

Summary: The area of effect of SCP-2082-1's anomalous properties is steadily growing, and expected to reach a maximum radius of 250 meters upon its reaching adulthood. These effects are difficult to suppress or hide, due to the area of effect not being hindered by material barriers, and are a danger to both the integrity of its containment and to any supervising personnel.

Additionally, SCP-2082-1 is suffering an aortic aneurysm as a result of imperfections in the cloning process; regardless of any risk of a breach, termination of the entity remains advised due to ethical concerns. While a surgical operation on SCP-2082-1 has been considered, its properties would be both a hindrance and a danger to any personnel attempting to operate on the entity.

Ultimately, it is preferred that the entity be terminated as soon as possible, to reduce containment risk and to allow it to decease painlessly, rather than undergo a risky medical procedure or potentially breach containment. - Dr. C. Ascher

Additional Notes: As an equal partner on the SCP-2082 project, I am opposed to my colleague's ill-advised recommendation to terminate SCP-2082-1. The risk is not nearly as great as is claimed by Dr. Ascher, and while containment may grow somewhat more difficult over time, SCP-2082-1 is in no way hostile and has no desire to escape containment, further reducing the potential threat. While it would be unethical to let SCP-2082-1 continue suffering, it would also be unethical to intentionally terminate him, especially when there are other options.

Attempting an operation on SCP-2082-1, while unusual due to his properties, would be the most preferred method of handling the situation. Intentional termination has always been considered a last resort by this department and the Foundation at large, and immense time and funding has been put towards maintaining and caring for anomalous beings; I see no reason why SCP-2082-1 should be considered an exception. - Dr. M. Reyes

*Must be of level 3 clearance or higher.

After one week, the Decom. Dept. gave an official ruling on the matter, documented below:

To Drs. C. Ascher and M. Reyes,

The manner by which this proposal came forward was unorthodox; while there are often disagreements between supervising personnel regarding decommissioning proposals, they are typically resolved prior to the proposal. This disagreement does not reflect poorly upon either of you, and we are more than willing to help resolve this debate. Rest assured we considered both sides of the issue completely. The termination of an SCP object, particularly a living and sentient one, is not something we take lightly, and is an action that is preferably avoided. Certainly the entity means no ill will, and unlike many other objects in containment, seems perfectly content to remain in its current state.

However, this does not negate the concerns of Dr. Ascher. SCP-2082-1, regardless of its intentions, remains quite dangerous to nearby personnel. This risk can of course be mitigated, and we agree with Dr. Reyes in that the danger posed by the entity, under normal circumstances, is not as high as was initially claimed. However, these circumstances are exceptional. SCP-2082-1 presently suffers from a severe health issue which, left untreated, will most likely result in its death. Unfortunately, the cryogenic effects of the entity mean that operating on it would be nigh impossible. Performing a surgery would be a major risk to operating personnel, and the amount of protection required would severely limit the precision and efficacy of the procedure regardless. The risk here, and probability of failure, is too great for us to approve.

Thus, we are left with a choice. Either terminate the entity now, or let it die (potentially painfully) of natural causes. With this in mind, we have solemnly come to the conclusion that the proper course of action is to decommission SCP-2082-1. We will be performing termination procedures in exactly one (1) week's time, on September 6th, 2022.

Sincerely, Dir. Calvin Bold, Decommissioning Dept.

Addendum 2082.6: Log of filed requests regarding SCP-2082-1.

Request: The reconsideration of SCP-2082-1's termination.

Submitted by: Dr. M. Reyes

Status: DENIED

Request: Proceeding with SCP-2082-1's necessary medical operation, and reconsideration of its decommissioning if successful.

Submitted by: Dr. M. Reyes

Status: DENIED

Request: Treatment of SCP-2082-1 using SCP-500.

Submitted by: Dr. M. Reyes

Status: DENIED

Request: Allowing SCP-2082-1 to temporarily leave its containment unit prior to termination.

Submitted by: Dr. M. Reyes

Status: DENIED

Addendum: Recommendation that Dr. Reyes be assigned a Site-approved therapist.

Addendum 2082.7 (Incident Report): On September 4th, 2022, at approximately 1:00 A.M., SCP-2082-1 breached containment. Below is an abridged log of the incident, compiled from multiple security feeds across Site-43.


[Location is SCP-2082-1's containment unit. SCP-2082-1 is sleeping when an individual wearing protective gear enters the unit. The lights turn on, and Dr. Reyes's face can be seen through the visor. Reyes walks to SCP-2082-1 and gently shakes it.]

Reyes: [Whispering] Hey, buddy. It's time to wake up.

[SCP-2082-1 stirs and stands up. It begins vocalizing slightly.]

Reyes: Shhh!

[SCP-2082-1 goes silent.]

Reyes: We're gonna be moving somewhere else today. But I need you to be super quiet, okay?

[Reyes guides SCP-2082-1 through the doorway and into the observation chamber. SCP-2082-1 attempts to eat some chips that had been left on a plate on the table, but Reyes pulls it away.]

Reyes: We'll have time to eat later bud, I promise. Lots of treats, just for you.

[Reyes and SCP-2082-1 exit the outpost and proceed to the outer fence surrounding Site-43 without incident. Upon reaching it, Reyes pulls out wire cutters and begins cutting through the chain link fence.]

Reyes: Almost there, almost…

[A spotlight from a nearby guardpost illuminates the pair of them. After a moment, the breach alarm goes off, alerting Site-43 personnel to their location. SCP-2082-1 cries out.]

Guard: [Through loudspeakers] Halt! Stand down and surrender yourself and the anomaly, or we will open fire!

Reyes: No, no, no, no, come on!

[Reyes finishes cutting through the fence and guides SCP-2082-1 through it. She and the entity begin sprinting away. Nearby guards open fire at the pair, but are unable to hit them. Security personnel arrive at the location of the breach shortly thereafter.]


Site-43 personnel began pursuit, but were unable to locate SCP-2082-1. The above incident report was immediately filed, and available agents began searching the surrounding area.

Addendum 2082.8: At 11:13 A.M., following the incident, agents found Dr. Reyes kneeling over the body of SCP-2082-1, in a wooded area roughly two miles from Site-43. Reyes was apprehended and SCP-2082-1, confirmed to be deceased, was secured. Due to its death, SCP-2082-1's anomalous effects have ceased.

Dr. Reyes was subjected to disciplinary review, and was sentenced to one year of unpaid suspension and demotion to Level 2, as well as mandatory counseling with a Site-43 psychiatrist. Harsher punishment was initially considered, but ultimately rejected due to Reyes' otherwise clean record, as well as having been suffering clear emotional distress at the time.

SCP-2082-1-D's object class has been updated to Decommissioned. Autopsy of the body concluded that SCP-2082-1-D suffered a ruptured aneurysm, resulting in its death. While the cause of the rupture is speculative, it was mostly likely caused by abnormally high blood pressure due to extreme stress during the attempted breach.

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