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A scanner reproduction of an instance of SCP-2076 affecting an advertising folder

Item #: SCP-2076

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its properties, active containment for SCP-2076 is to be established through live remote monitoring of any media sources connected to any cities in the state of Illinois. The activation of Disinformation Protocol CEIRT-27-04 ("Bowdlerization") is to be carried out on a weekly basis by Foundation-operated assets linked to active distribution to major informative sources.

Any sentient beings currently affected by SCP-2076's longstanding infohazardous property are to undergo continuous neurological remapping through the usage of long-term amnestic agents and monitoring of psychotic episodes matching the patterns of Infohazard-linked Chronic Catatonic Psychosis.1

Description: SCP-2076 is the defined designation for an infohazardous publicity campaign currently manifesting through folders, billboards and local radio and television transmissions in the state of Illinois. When compared to non-anomalous publicity efforts, SCP-2076 shows no visually perceptible signs of anomalous properties in its layout, design or distribution, and is laid out as a common low-budget marketing operation.

The content of instances of SCP-2076 will invariably consist of false or incomprehensible messages delivered through short sentences highlighted in vibrant colors and depicted by forms of imagery representing a part of the situation or statement described by the phrase. This combination will be perceived by sapient beings as a part of a common and credible advertisement asset solely distributed through means of communication and will be interpreted as legitimate by any affected instances.

Any sapient beings affected by an instance of SCP-2076 will show continuous interest in taking part in the activities described by the infohazard, while holding a constant need to permanently introduce the depicted situation to one's daily activities in an ordinary manner and while not being able to perceive any egregious peculiarities involving one's recent behavior.

Incident Log 2076-B: On the date of December 12th, 20██, active monitoring detected a massive influx of emergency services requests reporting a shooting of massive proportions inside the ███████ Police Department Precinct. Medical evacuation assets addressed the number of casualties as 2██ human beings holding self-inflicted facial bullet wounds. A covert Foundation-operated inoculated response team ruled the cause of the incident as a mass hysteria episode related to a cognitohazardous manifestation of SCP-2076.

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