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Item#: 2075
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Oldest known photograph of SCP-2075.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2075 is to be held in isolation within a Containment Unit capable of being hermetically sealed when required. Containment Unit is to undergo remote decontamination daily (more if deemed necessary). SCP-2075 is to be supplied with bottled water and nutrient capsules via a pneumatic tube three times a day. All interactions with SCP-2075 are to be done by remote microphone.

Observational windows are constructed of laminated ballistics glass. Any damage to the containment cell must be repaired immediately by personnel equipped with Level A hazmat gear. SCP-2075-A are to be terminated via incineration and disposed of per hazardous waste protocols unless authorized for research by Site Director. Biopsies are to be stored within individual cryogenic storage units.

SCP-2075 has been contained at Sector-G of Biological Containment Site-66 since its transfer from GRU Division "P" on ██/██/1991 in wake of the USSR's dissolution.

Description: SCP-2075 is currently a sixty-three-year-old Caucasian male formerly known as Aleksei Kravchuk - a security guard employed by GRU Division "P". SCP-2075 exhales a microbial pathogen capable of extreme neurological alterations. An individual infected by SCP-2075 is classified as SCP-2075-A and is considered an extension of SCP-2075. SCP-2075 is able to exert its anomalous effects regardless of distance after initial infection and will maintain control indefinitely unless SCP-2075-A is destroyed. Experiments using D-Class have suggested SCP-2075 is able to simultaneously use SCP-2075-A as it would its own body. If the primary host is destroyed, the surviving SCP-2075-A will become the acting SCP-2075, exhibiting its anomalous pathogen. SCP-2075 is unable to control more than one SCP-2075-A at a time.

SCP-2075 has shown an eager willingness to communicate with Foundation personnel. SCP-2075 claims to have been born in the year 1204 CE.1 Although there exist no records in which to verify its claim, if true then SCP-2075 is estimated to have been 787 years of age at time of its transfer into Foundation custody on ██/██/1991.

SCP-2075 prefers to speak in Russian but has also revealed itself fluent in English, German, and an archaic Uralic language that does not coincide with any modern known variants of the Uralic language family. Subject is literate but has made no request for any literature or writing implements.

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