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Item #: SCP-2073

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The current iteration of SCP-2073-A remains contained in a standard Humanoid Containment Cell within the Esoteric Research Sector of Area-08 (Deck 02). Until such a time that SCP-2073-A may produce a biological son, its location and properties will be accessible only to Clearance Level 4 personnel and authorized 2/2073 personnel from Area-08.

Should SCP-2073 occur outside Foundation control or SCP-2073-A escape containment, Esoteric Mobile Task Force ϱ-4 ("Red Net") will be warned and deployed immediately to re-instate containment.

Description: SCP-2073 is a set of hazardous reality alteration phenomena centered around a humanoid entity, designated SCP-2073-A.

SCP-2073 events consist of multiple Localized Reality Shifts, consistently described as: themed (materialization of dark-colored matter forming sinew-like veins on surfaces of baseline reality objects, frequently in recognizable patterns, and the manifestation of mist and clouds of ashes); observable; and non-congruent with pre-existing reality (usually causing moderate to severe damage to nearby structures, due to the emergence of SCP-2073 matter through static surfaces). Witnesses have often compared Localized Reality Shifts to earthquakes with successive replicas that grow in intensity and range.

SCP-2073 will occur only if:

  • SCP-2073-A has produced a biological son in previous years.1
  • SCP-2073-A becomes convinced that SCP-2073 will occur, and that if left unchecked SCP-2073 will trigger an unspecified XK end-of-the-world scenario.

Once SCP-2073 manifests, SCP-2073-A will typically seek to commit suicide while in close proximity to its firstborn son. This event, designated "Lullaby Event", occurs between 3 and 10 years after the latter's birth; at this point, its son will become a new, latent instance of SCP-2073-A.

If a Lullaby Event is delayed, SCP-2073 will become fully manifest after two to ten hours; SCP-2073 reality alterations at this point will be able to severely damage buildings, alter local seismic activity and/or cause meteorological anomalies (such as the appearance of winds in excess of 50 kph and clouds of ash). Observed progression of the area affected by these Localized Reality Shifts indicates that, if unwilling to or prevented from completing a Lullaby Event for long periods of time, SCP-2073-A will become the focal point of an XK-class end-of-the-world scenario due to the SCP-2073 phenomena.

Measures to facilitate or enforce this willingness have been deployed in the current iteration of SCP-2073-A.

Addendum SCP-2073-01: Interview with SCP-2073-A-2 and recording of Lullaby Event 2.

Foreword: SCP-2073-A-2 (████ ███████ █████ ██████████, construction worker) had been detained by local authorities in ██/██/2008 after his wife (a ██████ ██████████) called the police due to a domestic incident in which SCP-2073-A-2 attempted to gain access to ██████ (first born child of the couple) armed with a knife; Mrs. ██████████ would declare later that SCP-2073-A-2 had behaved erratically and violently on occasion since ██████'s birth.

During its detainment, SCP-2073-A-2 repeatedly requested to be brought to ██████ or to have him delivered to its current location. This was denied by police officers for approximately two and a half hours, after which SCP-2073's reality alteration properties became manifest and Foundation field agents from Site-██-████ took over the case, arresting all three family members and establishing preliminary containment in SCP-2073-A-2's current location, a police station of Whispering Pines, IL, with the cover of a potentially hazardous gas leak.

An abridged version of the interview between SCP-2073-A-2 and Agent █████ follows. Note that the subject was in a state of exhaustion and agitation.

Agent █████: Please, explain why are you here [in detainment].

SCP-2073-A-2: My wife called the police because she thought I was gonna do something bad to little ██████. Because of the knife and all, see.

Agent █████: Were you?

SCP-2073-A-2: Look, I am not the best father, alright! I have hurt him, hit him, and ██████, too! But that was when I was drunk, and I drink to not think about it. I don't even know how can people stand it, I mean-do you get what I mean?

Agent █████: I am afraid not. Please explain.

SCP-2073-A-2: Well, we're all going to die, right? (subject momentarily pauses, agitated; resumes conversation by screaming) Right?!

Agent █████: Yes, that seems to be the case.

SCP-2073-A-2: And we still have children. (subject behaves in a more collected manner) We had'im and we knew-guess we all know we're gonna die and think, oh, little Joe will have a nice life, little Jenny will be happy and have kids, but they all die, don't they? We all die. (subject falls silent)

Agent █████: We do.

SCP-2073-A-2: (hesitating, agitated) I've been hearing things. I mean, not like I am crazy or something, alright? I've been hearing these voices. Swished things that said this whole shit was coming down. The dreams, too, the things I saw-

Agent █████: Please, calm down, ████. Start over when you're ready, there's time.

SCP-2073-A-2: Nah, there is no time, not for me anyways. Besides, I wanna let this all out, haven't talked to anybody about it yet… Okay, see, when the kid was born? That night I had a dream. I was holding him in my arms, clutching him and crying. He was dead. Guts spilling from his belly, a little eye plucked out… And everything was filled with black dirt and burnt, and there was smoke and the sky was cold-but you could still see the stars! And- they felt wrong. Out of place, like lined up in rows… I mean, how could the sky just feel out of place? (subject whispers) And there were… okay, like not people, something just a bit like people, all around, whispering that I didn't do it.

Agent █████: Do what?

SCP-2073-A-2: Do my part. It's always a dream like that, month after month after month and then I see it even when I'm awake; black dirt, the world burnt, ashes and smoke, that goddamned sky and them, just walking around and wailing that I didn't do it.

Agent █████: What does your part consist of?

SCP-2073-A-2: That I must pass it on.

Agent █████: Pass what on?

SCP-2073-A-2: Nothing, it's… It's my responsibility, our responsibility.

Agent █████: Are you doing this in order to prevent these events from occurring? Have you ever seen anything like this? (Note: Agent refers to the SCP-2073 manifestations taking place at the enclosure; in debriefing, agents and witnesses would describe these events as "dark sinew-like tissue in walls and ceiling, forming cracks displayed in circles and geometrical motifs", this last aspect speculated to be an unknown language.)

SCP-2073-A-2: N-no, the walls cracking's new, too… Listen, I have to do it.

Agent █████: Do you think you will stop this if you kill yourself?

SCP-2073-A-2: No, you don't-you don't get it, it will never stop. Why, why did I bring him into this shithole-(subject stands up and repeatedly steps on a motile tendril of SCP-2073 matter.) They're coming already.

Agent █████: Who is?

SCP-2073-A-2: You don't see them yet, but they just wanna do their part. And it's either me or everything else. It must happen.

Agent █████: How can you know it will work?

SCP-2073-A-2: Look, I-I dunno! Do you think that I like this, that I want ██████ to die? I've seen this, I've dreamed this. The damn things (Note: SCP-2073-A-2 may be referring to the entities observed during its dreams) hammered it into me, I guess. For a while, I just didn't want to believe it. I mean, who wants to believe that he has to become a human sacrifice, right? (scoffing, low whimper) But the last months… I know this will happen to my kid too, and I don't really want to… I must. I must do this.

Agent █████: Are you certain that you want to?

SCP-2073-A-2: Yeah. (subject composes itself) With me out of the picture-Just… just tell ██████ that I love her. That this is what I want. And to be strong, too. She'll have to be for him. (subject exhales heavily) Take me there. Don't all our kids die too, in the end? At least I won't have to hold his corpse.

SCP-2073-A-2 taken to the presence of ██████ in an annex to main building of the police station. ██████ remains sedated for the duration of this incident. A new SCP-2073 Localized Reality Shift occurs, causing progressive physical damage to facility.

Subject sits by its child (sedated per request of Agent █████) and cradles him, singing a song also recorded in other Lullaby Events. Event recorded as per protocol.

Administrative Order ██-███-████-█: Only Authorized Personnel.

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