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Item #: SCP-2070

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to their apparent omnipresence, containment of SCP-2070-1 and -2 is focused on suppression of knowledge. Disinformation campaigns intended to discredit and/or totally drown out anyone who reports discoveries of SCP-2070-1 and -2 are to be maintained at all times. These campaigns consist of two components:

  • A barrage of variously plausible, but false, claims;
  • Extensive debate regarding these claims which tends to expose the claimants as frauds.

Mobile Task Force Eta-121 ("Navel Gazers") is responsible for collecting and subsequently sabotaging all relevant cosmological data as it is acquired. Members of MTF Eta-121 are to report their findings to embedded Foundation agents who have assumed leading roles in modern theoretical and observational cosmology. These agents are responsible for formulating and advocating for the standard cover explanations. Astronomers who persistently report findings inconsistent with said cover explanations are to be administered class-B amnestics and have their research altered to conform to consensus.

Description: SCP-2070 is the collective designation for several anomalies related to modern observational cosmology.

SCP-2070-1 is the observed tendency of the distribution of galaxies in the universe to be elongated and pointed toward our position on Earth. This tendency manifests itself as extended lines of galaxies resembling arrows. SCP-2070-1 instances are known in the astronomical community as "fingers of God." Public discussion of SCP-2070-1 is to explain them as an effect of galaxies' velocities on observed redshifts on cosmological scales.1

SCP-2070-2 is the observed formation of galaxies into coherent, recognizable pictographs and symbols. Examples of SCP-2070-2 instances include:

  • A stick figure representation of a human being
  • A miniature depiction of the sun and its eight planets, as well as several of the larger Kuiper belt objects and two as-yet unobserved bodies
  • In three instances, characters consistent with Shang-dynasty-era oracle bone script. Rough translations of messages include "WE ARE KINGS", "WE ARE SPECIAL", and "WE ARE THE CENTER"

Although instances of SCP-2070-2 are never perfectly formed, they are consistent with their identified shapes to within observational uncertainties. At least one instance of SCP-2070-2 has been identified in each major galaxy cluster, with suspected instances in smaller formations of galaxies pending further data collection. Public discussion of SCP-2070-2 instances is to dismiss them as random formations among meaningless noise, and only instances which could conceivably be disguised as such are to be made available to the public.

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