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Item#: 2068
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2068 is currently contained at Site-15. No audiovisual equipment is to be brought within 20 meters of SCP-2068 unless approved for testing.


SCP-2068 when discovered.

Description: SCP-2068 is an oil pump jack manufactured by Kervier International. It does not include a rod or any underground components. Internal imaging indicates that the object's internal components are likely identical to its non-anomalous equivalents, but it has thus far proven impossible to disassemble.

When a device capable of producing audio or video output is brought within 20 meters of SCP-2068, it will begin to play media related to armed conflicts in the Middle East or war in general. Video devices will usually display news broadcasts or political speeches; audio devices typically play music with an antiwar message. This continues until the device leaves the radius of effect. Devices capable of recording audio or video receive similar media instead of normal input.

Addendum 2068-1: Origin

The first documented encounter with SCP-2068 occurred during Operation Desert Storm, when it was discovered by United States soldiers in an Iraqi oil field. The United States Paranatural War Command ("PENTAGRAM") subsequently seized the object. In 1998, it was determined to have no strategic or economic value and traded to the Foundation in exchange for information about the ASCI facility that preceded Area-14.

PENTAGRAM representatives stated that the object was initially seized in hopes that its anomalous properties pertained to oil production.

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