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Item #: SCP-2066

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2066 is currently contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber constructed at its original discovery location in Greenland, ██.██° N, ██.██° W. This cell is equipped with video surveillance equipment to confirm SCP-2066's continued presence;1 however, as SCP-2066 has not displayed unusual strength or intelligence, escape is considered unlikely. Containment efforts are to focus on preventing civilian access to SCP-2066's area of effect, defined as a circle of radius four kilometers centered on the containment chamber.

In the event that any persons enter the area of effect, they must be taken into custody and monitored for symptoms of SCP-2066-1 conversion for a minimum of one week. Any instances of SCP-2066-1 must be terminated at the earliest opportunity. Subjects not displaying symptoms may be released pending administration of class-C amnestics.

Description: SCP-2066 is a humanoid entity 1.6 meters in height, with proportions approximating those of an adult male, though notably lacking a head. The entity does not appear to possess internal organs or clearly-defined skeletal structure; rather, it is composed entirely of an unidentified tar-like substance with a mottled surface. SCP-2066 remains visible regardless of any obstructions between itself and the observer, including fog, solid walls, terrain formations, or the viewer's eyelids.

After viewing SCP-2066 from close range,2 subjects' visual perception of SCP-2066 will diverge from its actual location. When turning their head to face away from SCP-2066, these subjects report that the entity reappears at a new location, causing it to remain visible at all times. Any subjects experiencing this secondary effect are designated SCP-2066-1.

Discovery: SCP-2066 was discovered by climatologists T████ N█████ and E███ F████ while conducting research on the Greenland ice sheet. Both witnesses fled the area before being affected by the object's secondary properties. N█████ proceeded to submit video of the anomaly to several news organizations, where it came to the attention of Foundation operatives. Class-C amnestics were administered to all non-Foundation personnel aware of the incident.

A containment team stationed at outpost GRL-12 was successful in containing the anomaly; however, all members of the containment team came under the influence of the entity's secondary effects. Each instance of SCP-2066-1 was monitored in individual holding cells and interviewed daily.

Subjects -2, -5, and -7 attempted to hide symptoms, -4 refused to speak with interviewers, and -1 and -3 provided only minimal details. The most informative interviews were with SCP-2066-1-6 (formerly containment specialist M██████ T███), and are reproduced below.

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