1/2064 LEVEL 1/2064



Item #: SCP-2064

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2064-A, -B, -C, and -D are to be contained in separate standard humanoid containment chambers. Subjects are not allowed to be in contact or communication with one another outside of interrogations and/or testing. When subjects are together, they are to be physically restrained at all times, and accompanied by no fewer than 4 guards armed with non-lethal weaponry.

Description: SCP-2064 refers to four individual women, going by the names Mars (SCP-2064-A), Kit (SCP-2064-B), Ruth (SCP-2064-C), and Reese (SCP-2064-D). When grouped in mutual line of sight and/or sound, the women experience a shared delusion in which they believe themselves to be a band of robbers and mercenaries, guided by two fictitious individuals named "Frank" and "Andy".

As a group, the subjects are able to communicate complicated details and abstract concepts to one another non-verbally, and develop a higher tolerance for physical pain. Additionally, they demonstrate a sophisticated knowledge of skill sets essential to their "trade", including expert handling of firearms and improvised explosive devices, knowledge of American Sign Language, safe-cracking, vocal impersonation and ventriloquism.1

Discovery: SCP-2064 first came to local ██PD attention on 9/██/20██, during a botched robbery of a local bank which ended in a firefight. 13 officers were killed and 7 wounded in the exchange, and all four subjects escaped and managed to evade police detection. They re-surfaced in nearby ██████ County, California, where they stole a number of small arms and heavy ordnance from a National Guard depot. Federal authorities became involved at this point, as security footage showed the subjects wearing body armor and carrying illegal firearms prior to the theft.

Foundation personnel became involved on ██/██/20██, when the subjects successfully infiltrated Site-██. Security became alerted to their presence early on, and three of the subjects escaped in the ensuing firefight. SCP-2064-D was wounded attempting to escape and was taken into Foundation custody.

The three remaining subjects began to show a marked depreciation in skills as future incidents were more regularly botched, ultimately leading to the capture of SCP-2064-A on 11/10/20██. The two remaining subjects were arrested seven weeks later in a failed heist, and later remanded to Foundation custody. Under interrogation, subject claimed to have been an unwitting participant in the crimes, and could not identify the other subjects.

The arms taken from the subjects upon their respective arrests had no serial numbering, manufacturers' marks, nor any record of production that could be found. The armor used was similarly free from any identifying marks or source. None of the subjects' financial records showed purchases of firearms of any sort, nor any significant monetary withdrawals. As such, it is unknown where or when the equipment used by the subjects was acquired.

Interviewed separately, the subjects could provide no clear explanation for their actions, nor provide a coherent or accurate account of the events as they unfolded, including SCP-2064-C who outright denied the events having taken place.

When interviewed together, the subjects are able to faithfully and accurately recount the series of events as they occurred and show no signs of confusion, remorse, or uncertainty.

Interview Log G-03:

(Foreword: All subjects were present for the interview. This particular interview was the first to be completed without incident in the form of SCP-2064 subjects attempting to attack personnel and attempt escape)

(Begin Log)

Dr. Marlowe: So. Mars, Kit, Ruth, and Reese. Which one of you was the leader?

(None of the subjects responds)

Dr. Marlowe: None of you were in charge? You all worked and acted together without anyone giving orders?

Mars: We all knew what to do.

Reese: Where to be.

Dr. Marlowe: How about why did you do it?

Mars: Why does anyone do anything?

Dr. Marlowe: Most people don't pick up guns they've never fired before and kill dozens of people in the process of robbing a bank.

Kit: But we did.

Dr. Marlowe: How?

Kit: We just did.

Ruth: What kind of question is that?

Dr. Marlowe: According to your initial interviews, none of you ever met prior to the first bank. None of you lived anywhere close to each other. None of you even knew each others' names.

Reese: I'm Reese. She's Mars.

Kit: I'm Kit. The other's Ruth.

Dr. Marlowe: That's not what I meant.

Ruth: It's what you get, though.

Dr. Marlowe: How about these people, "Frank" and "Andy"?

Ruth: Frank was Frank. She talked to us on a radio. Sometimes Andy took over.

Dr. Marlowe: None of you had radios on you when you were caught.

Ruth: That's wrong.

Dr. Marlowe: Did you wear earpieces?

Reese: We heard them on a personal radio. Do you understand?

Dr. Marlowe: Yeah, and I'm asking what sort of radio.

Kit: [Addressing Ruth] "She?"

Dr. Marlowe: Frank's not a girl?

Ruth: Frank was Frank. She talked to us on radio. Sometimes Andy took over.

Kit: She talked to us on radio. Do you understand?

Dr. Marlowe: None of you were wearing personal radios when you were caught, and none of the eyewitnesses remembers any of you wearing an earpiece.

Mars: So?

Dr. Marlowe: So what's going on? You guys keep telling me what you did and how you did it, why can't you tell me anything about how you spoke to "Frank" and "Andy"?

Reese: Here's what I can tell you. One night I'm going to walk out of my cell and I'm going to find you in your office when you're working late, and I'm going to cut your throat.

Dr. Marlowe: Guards, would you kindly take them back to their chambers? We're done here.

(End Log)

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