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Item #: SCP-2054

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2054 is quarantined at the maximum security wing of the humanoid detention center at Site-23. All nutritional and medical needs are to be provided by automated means, as are those necessary for interrogation. Under no circumstances are any personnel to have any physical contact with SCP-2054. Once a week, exercise is permitted under armed guard in the maximum security rehabilitation center. Standard amenities package EEF-115 are to be extended to SCP-2054 as long as it remains cooperative.

Description: SCP-2054 is a metamorphic entity capable of assuming the appearance of other human beings. No means have been discovered of distinguishing between SCP-2054 and its human target.

Recovery Log: SCP-2054's existence was first hypothesized using inferential statistical models developed to assess the possibility that the Foundation had been infiltrated by inimical agents. Developed by Dr. Martin F██████ with the cooperation of the Statistical Section in 2002, a non-zero probability was assigned to the contingency. A research team was empaneled to develop means of identifying said agents.

Shortly after the investigation began, Dr. F██████ alerted security that he was being accosted in his quarters. When security arrived, two identical copies of Dr. F██████ were discovered in the midst of a struggle. Both were tranquilized and quarantined pending further investigation.

During the subsequent security sweep, the whereabouts of Researcher Nancy Y█████ — a colleague of Dr. F██████ — could not be established. The operating assumption made was that Researcher Y█████ had been compromised by SCP-2054 sometime in the past, and that SCP-2054 had then sought to copy and dispose of Dr. F██████, thereby eliminating any chance of its being discovered.

Researcher Nancy Y█████, employed by the Foundation since 1977, had been responsible for the analysis and containment procedures of several Keter-class acquisitions. These acquisitions were immediately assigned priority-one reassessment. To date, no related containment breaches have occurred.

During questioning, no means of distinguishing between SCP-2054 and Dr. F██████ were discovered. Both possessed the same faculties, apparent memories, including classified information such as duress codes, encryption protocols etc. Physical, psychological and medical assays proved equally unproductive.

Coercive interrogation measures were sanctioned, including procedures 221-Crenshaw and 622-Atlantic, both to no avail. Out of humanitarian considerations, interrogations have been scaled back to once a week.

Unclassified Transcription Logs:

Unclassified Experimentation/Interrogation Methodology:

Addendum: Due to the effects of the situation on staff morale, amnestics were approved and prescribed to Dr. F██████'s colleagues. The cover story was released that Dr. F██████ was KIA.

In 2014, either SCP-2054 or Dr. F██████ committed suicide in quarantine during an unrelated containment breach. Autopsy results provided nothing definitive. The survivor has since been placed on suicide watch. Interrogation has been suspended indefinitely, given the impossibility of conclusively determining the identity of the authentic Dr. F██████. At such time as the survivor expires, Dr. F██████ will become eligible for the Thaumiel medal of honor.

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