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A sample page from SCP-2053-2

Item #: SCP-2053

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2053-1 is kept in a standard containment locker at Site-██. SCP-2053-2 is to be stored on a 2 GB flash drive in the same containment locker as SCP-2053-1. Once a month, one Level-2 researcher is to remove SCP-2053-1 from this locker and attempt to rotate the object's faces. If unsuccessful, the object is to be returned to the locker. If rotation is successful, testing will resume under the direction of Dr. Boone.

Description: SCP-2053-1 is a puzzle cube measuring approximately 5.7cm along each exterior edge. It is physically identical to a standard Rubik's brand puzzle cube. SCP-2053-1 can be solved in the same way that a non-anomalous Rubik's Cube can be solved, by rotating its various faces until all the stickers on each distinct face of the cube are identical in color. The object shows signs of wear and tear, presumably an indication of heavy use; however, tests show that the stickers themselves have never been removed.

Occasionally, SCP-2053-1 will enter an active state, during which the object's faces will begin to rotate of their own accord at approximately three rotations per second. After the object has completed several of these rotations, it will enter a passive state for approximately twenty seconds, during which the faces will remain in this permutation. The object will then become active again, and return to its base "solved" state, at which point it will become dormant once more.

SCP-2053-2 is a computer file labeled "i_love_you_jake_please_read_this.pdf". The metadata associated with the file show that it is 1.21 MB in size, and it can be stored on any digital media with that amount of available storage; however, the number of pages contained within the document far surpasses the number that should be possible of a file this size. When opened by a PDF-capable program, the resulting document contains exactly 43252003274489856000 pages; Foundation analysts estimate that a non-anomalous PDF document of this length would occupy approximately 2.1 yottabytes (2.1 trillion terabytes) of storage space.

Each page of the document depicts a two-dimensional polyhedral net equivalent to a three-dimensional Rubik's Cube. The diagram on each page is colored in such a way that it corresponds to a possible permutation of SCP-2053-1. Displayed below each diagram is an English phrase or sentence in a nondescript black typeface. Using computing assets obtained from ██████ Inc., personnel assigned to SCP-2053 have created a digital database containing all of these diagrams and their corresponding phrases. Of note is the fact that the number of pages in SCP-2053-2 exactly matches the number of possible arrangements of SCP-2053-1. This implies that, for every possible permutation, there is a corresponding phrase. By physically rotating the faces of the cube to match a permutation contained within SCP-2053-2, communication with SCP-2053-1 is possible, using the phrases given in the document.

Addendum 2053-01: As of ██/██/████, no progress has been made on the search for the individual believed to be associated with SCP-2053.

Well, Jacob is a pretty common name, isn't it? We're going to need to modify our search parameters. Come at this from a different angle. Based on what the "father" has said, I think we have reason to believe that this "Jake" may have some type of social or developmental disorder. Let's start looking at orphanages, mental institutions, hospitals, etc. - Dr. Boone

Addendum 2053-02: The Foundation has located an individual in an extended care facility in ████████, SC who falls under the correct parameters; Jacob ████, age 31, suffering from [REDACTED]. When interviewed, his attending physician commented on Jacob's acute attachment to complex puzzles - specifically Rubik's Cubes - and his skill at solving them.

Well, looks like we found Jake. Due to his current condition, direct communication is impossible. Based on the information we gathered from SCP-2053-1 and Jacob's physician, it sounds like he's never actually spoken to anyone. I recommend we keep the son out of the equation, and continue interacting with SCP-2053-1 under this facade. We'll check in on him every month or so to see if his condition changes, but the way these things go, we're probably never going to hear his side of… whatever this is. - Dr. Boone

Addendum 2053-03: In all interviews thus far (see Interview Logs 2053-02 through 2053-08), SCP-2053-1 has been unwilling to reveal any information regarding the origin of its current condition to "Jake". In light of this, Dr. Boone has decided to communicate with SCP-2053-1 under the guise of a generic physician (see Interview Log 2053-09 below).

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